Sell Your Stuff …or Services Online! Big List of Sites.

Sell Your Stuff Online

Make Cash Online – Sell Your Stuff or Really Anything!

I envy those that are super crafty! I've never been very good at assembling things or art. I loved scrapbooking, but as far as sewing or creating something amazing – well, I'm don't have the skills to pay the bills. BUT, even so – there is money to be made selling things you've made, or bought. Some sell makeup hauls, some sell collectibles and yet some sell things they've made themselves. There are sites dedicated to this, and hopefully if you're interested, one that fits what you're looking for.

But hey — not only can the crafty earn online – you and I can too. Yep… there are so many sites that allow us to sell. And not just THINGS. You can sell services too. Like graphic design, writing, SEO, voice overs, videos…. honestly – the list goes on and on. So think about it. What are you good at? Or what do you have right now in your basement or garage that you can sell?

I am working through $1200 worth of scrapbooking supplies that I've had in storage. Listing it on eBay little by little and using the money to pay off credit card debt. We all have stuff and we all have talents – so there are options for everyone.

Sell Your Stuff (or services) BIG List

Prepare to SELL YOUR STUFF! Yep… below is my mega list, broke down to help you maneuver to exactly where and what you're interested in selling. And maybe even some new ideas for things to sell!

Sell Your Services or Gigs

I actually used to have a few gigs on Fiverr myself making Pinterest images for clients. But, in the end — I just got so overwhelmed between my blog, my full-time job and my family that I just couldn't justify the time commitment to Fiverr. I'm not saying I couldn't have made it work — especially if it were the only thing I had going on. In the end for me — the time spent wasn't averaging enough for me to continue down that path. BUT — Fiverr isn't the only show in town… or er, online. There are many places to sell your gigs. And MANY people seeing HUGE success. Below are some of the sites to sell gigs and services.

– Services for small fees and bigger fees can find a home here. They also charge no commissions for the smaller gigs – NICE!

– Everything from voice work to SEO work. Start your store front and run with it!

– Some say SEO is dead – but Search Engine Optimization is alive and well on SEOClerks. Many are making a nice income selling their SEO type services.

– Probably the site that came right on the heels of Fiverr and is super similar – but… as you've probably guessed – services sell for $4!

Auction Sites to Sell Your Stuff

Probably auctioning is the most popular and most well known way to sell things online. Many of us have been eBay-ers since “back in the day”. But there are other sites to that have cropped up.

– The daddy of all selling sites, eBay has paved the way for all others. You can re-sell your yard sale finds, wholesale lots, even your house!

– Very popular among those that just do not like eBay or are looking for an eBay alternative.

– Though not an auction site, many are selling on Amazon and making a killing.

– Not heard of it? It's like eBay only it's international. It's former name was – that might ring a bell.

– Becoming more and more popular and might ultimately give eBay a run for their money.

Sell Your Handmade, Homemade Designs and Products

I adore artists. Not just painters… but jewelry designers, logo designers and crocheters that can craft an adorable Murloc (from World of Warcraft). There should be a special place for talented folks like this to sell their items and for people like me to find them!

– “Kinda” like Cafepress – only it's more than tshirts. It's also mugs, artwork and more.

– Fabric lovers – this one is for you. The focus of buying and selling on this site centers around fabrics.

– More of a “craft” site to sell your goods. This can be everything from baked goods to logo design.

– Sell your own patterns. Not just patterns for clothes, but other craft-y things as well.

– I've personally bought lots of cool gamer tshirts off CafePress. I love the variety and uniqueness it offers.

– Handmade items only.

– Cute, newer site that wants to not only help artists, but help communities as well.

– Great site for those wanting to list their products for free. You can pay to upgrade though if you wish.

Sell Your New and Used Clothes Online (Including Accessories and Shoes)

Don't we all have clothes we'd love to just sell? And I don't mean the old way… as in yard sales? Many of us never get organized enough to have a yard sale. And then what happens? Everything gets donated. And donating isn't a bad thing – don't get me wrong. But it's nice to make a little cash too. You'll find my big list of places to sell clothes online a great tool if you're wanting to start selling online.

Sell Those Gift Cards You Don't Want

I received a gift card for Chili's and I just knew I'd never use it. I think it's because I got a super horrendous night of stomach hell after I ate there once. I've sworn it off every since. So – what to do? Just give the card away? Nah — how about I make some cash off it and take that cash and eat somewhere like Carrabba's or Long Horn (which I LOVE!!!)

If you find yourself in a similar situation (minus the stomach issues, I hope!!!) — you can sell those gift cards and cash in as well!


– Thier site states, “CardCash is the largest gift card exchange in the world. Turn unused gift cards into cash or buy discount gift cards with the safety and security of our 45 day card balance guarantee.”

Other Places to Consider Selling Online

Here are a couple of better known places to sell and advertise online — but just in case you haven't thought about them or perhaps weren't aware – check them out as an option.

Facebook MarketPlace

– I've read many raves about selling items on Facebook. I've never personally tried it – but it could very well be a nice tool to add to your online selling arsenal.


– I'm sure this is one you've heard of. I've actually sold several things on Craigslist and advertise my yard sales there as well. Just be careful – and never meet anyone alone of be alone at your house when someone is coming to view your items. Better to be safe than sorry.

Is There a Great Site to Sell Your Stuff Online That I Don't Have Listed?

Let me know if there is a site I don't have listed. You can use my contact form and give me a holler. I appreciate it and I am sure other visitors and readers would love to know of more sites too.


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