Apps to Sell Clothes – Big List to Help You Start Selling Right Now!

Apps to Sell Clothes
“Apps to sell clothes make it super easy to cash in on those unwanted items. Here's a big list of all the apps you can use to cash in!”

Apps to Sell Clothes Make it Easy to Cash In

It's funny that it seems only yesterday that a yard sale was the only way to make some money off your used clothes. If you were lucky… you had things nice enough to take to a consignment shop and maybe make some cash there. Now- with the internet in FULL swing, there are so many ways to sell your clothes online, it's mind-blowing.

There are many out there making serious cash selling their gently used purses, shoes, accessories and of course, clothes. Some that jump in “just to see what happens” are amazed at how they make money within a few hours. Not everyone has this kind of success, but a steady stream of cash is certainly attainable.

I personally cleaned out my closet recently and I finally got rid of a few things I've held on to for a very long time and I am not even sure why. I had a dress I bought back in 1997 to wear to an event. It was black with red flowers, flow-y, sleeveless. I've maybe worn it 10 times in the past 18 years. The dress was in very good shape and originally cost me, maybe $70 or $80. I can't imagine me paying more for a dress ( my weakness is purses to be honest!). Anyway – I was able to sell the dress on my Mom's Poshmark account for $47! Yep, a 15-year-old dress for more than half of what I paid. I am now addicted. I own several Dooney and Burke purses and I'm actively selling those now.

If you not aware of sites that allow you to sell your clothes online, this list will keep you in the know and give you lots of options to get started. I'm always looking for new apps and sites that let you snag cash or barter clothes online – so bookmark this page and come back often.

List of Sites and Apps to Sell Your Clothes On

– Send them a pic and description of your item for review. Be aware, they have a specific designer list that they accept from. They pay cash upfront. *They do have a refer a friend program – I'd be thrilled if you would input my name on the quote form. (Kelly Land)

– This app/site is addictive. Sellers are allowed to place free listings. Pre-paid mailing labels are sent for items that have sold. They take a 20% cut. The online party feature is a lot of fun in my option and can really boost sales. (My referral code, if you feel so inclined: BVZIJ) App is on Google Play or Apple App store.

– Members only (sigh). They use virtual money – you're basically just trading/bartering – so it's not actually “making cash”. But you might be able to trade for something you REALLY want.

– Another high-end type online reseller. Though you get 60% or 70% of their sales – but they are very selective as to what they will take.

– I love that this site allows you to set up your own little store. It's also international. They offering tracking too – which as a website owner, I love. They allow you to sell not only used items, but new ones too.

-They do have a list of brands they will take (ie: J. Crew, Marc Jacobs), so it's limited. They also allow the sale of kids clothes too.

– This is for not only designer, but vintage items as well (you retro lovers!). This is invite only though.

– Sell clothes or even swap clothes. A great way to give clothes you've “saved” over the years. They could be in style once again!

– Lets you sell all kinds of clothes: mens, womens, kids. You can also sell other things like electronics, home decor and more.

– Though it's total focus is not clothes, I do see lots of shoes and handbags being sold on there. They have an easy to use app.

-Offers a fashion-forward consignment marketplace. As one of the largest designer pre-owned luxury boutiques in the world, Couture large inventory includes designer fashion such as, clothing, handbags, jewelry, and accessories. Couture sells items on their website and retail store.

– This isn't just for clothes — so when you're organizing and going through everything, grab those old video games, toys and other things you can sell too.

– Another app that lets you sell more than clothes AND buyers and sellers can both leave feedback which is nice.

**Speaking of clothes… read my Stitchfix review and experience with their service — did I hate it? Or love it?

If I've missed an online resale site, please let me know using the contact form and I'll do my best to get it added. If you have experience (good or bad) with any of the sites or apps mentioned above, please don't hesitate to comment below. Sharing experiences and information helps everyone that comes to this page looking for ways to sell clothes online. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Andrew German says:

    These are very cool ideas! Try myyook.com it’s easy to list, and the fees are not that bad, or if you want to sell things in your area, you can use the Facebook marketplace and people can come and collect your goods and pay in cash.

  2. Ava Hinson says:

    Love your blog /Pinterest post to your blog /wealth of information and DIFFERENT INFORMATION THAN EVERY OTHER BLOG OUT THERE ! Was so dang refreshing to read and TRULY interested!! Yay I feel like I just hit the jackpot haha! I’ve only hear of 2/3 of this entire list and I bet I’ve read 10 and skimmed 10 more than all said the same darn thing ! I’m actually excited to explore and try out these NEW(to me ) platforms!

  3. Hi! I’m Lynnette and I sell (and buy) on Poshmark!! I’ve been actively selling on there since April of 2018. I had terrible luck selling anything on there for a couple months and got discouraged and almost said to **** with this but as time went on I started selling things! I made over $130 this past week selling some new with tags clothing and some gently used clothing!! Typically I don’t make that much in a week but point is I’m making sales regularly. Wanted to put this out there for people in case it’s slow going selling stuff at first, keep with it and things will eventually start selling! I love Poshmark!

  4. I am retired and have boxes of scrubs and clothes all in good condition. I also have boxes of Big Mens clothes from my son.
    Can someone suggest site for me? I’m just starting out.
    A Newbie

  5. Linda Thompson says:

    Kelly, I love your blogs as well. You have so much information to give it out, it is awesome. I could read them all day. I don’t have a website as of yet, still trying to figure out what I want to do or can do. I only know that it would be good to bring in some extra cash to pay off some bills that we are struggling with. I am 71 years of age and don’t want to go back into an office. My husband is an Indiependent Financial Advisor and having a hard time finding new prospects to build up his practice. So he needs a little help while the business is slow.Thanks again for listing so much information. I am sure I will find something.

  6. Hi!
    That’s a shame about letgo! I assumed they were everywhere because it’s an app. But yes, selling online has been successful for me. I struggle to sell furniture – but clothes, games and toys go pretty easy.

  7. MsUndrstood says:

    In order to use LetGo it has to be in your area. so I’m not able to use it because we don’t have it where I’m from I guess. :/ thanks for this blog! Very helpful. I’m trying to come up with anyway possible to bring in extra cash right now trying to get up $ to get the kids new school cloths. Wish they weren’t so hard on their cloths or I could sell their old cloths from last year to get new ones for this year but you know how that goes. My kids great grandpa always tells them they’re to rough on there belongings and lectures them to take care of things that cost money. He will say “you boys are to Wreckless with your things! heck you could rub holes in steel toed boots!” :D

  8. There are so many options that people can explore when they’re looking to get rid of old clothes, and a lot of them allow for compensation! Resale stores are always a good route to go because you can receive cash on the spot for things that would otherwise just be sitting in your closet so it is definitely a topic useful to those who would love a little extra cash! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Love your blog! I check it every day for new opportunities. I sell on Tradesy. I absolutely love this site! I’ve tried selling on Etsy and ShopEnvy and didn’t have half the luck I’ve had selling on Tradesy. On Tradesy your store front is called your Closet….for example my closet is called Well Bred Threds. The site is huge though and getting bigger by the day. Sellers discount their items as much as 80% so it can be fiercely competitive but its worth it. I buy new high end handbags from Coach, Michael Kors etc. from trusted wholesalers so when I list my bags they are upward of 60-70% off retail. Its not going to make you rich overnight but it can be good side money to start. Its all in what you want to put into it. If you want it to be a full time gig it certainly could be. I recommend it. Thanks for the work at home leads. Your effort to find these leads for us is appreciated more than you know! Take care.

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