Zapier Is Searching for Tech Lovers to Work From Home


Zapier Offers Work at Home

If you’re like most, you probably have several dozen apps on your cell phone, ranging from social media to work functionality to communications. Zapier gives you the ability to connect all of your apps in one streamlined process, which they call a “zap.” A zap is a specified link that you set up between the apps that you have connected. For instance, each time you get a new email you could create a link where you will also get a text notifying you of the email. This is an example of a Zap. A zap includes a trigger and an action. In this example, the email would be considered the trigger and the SMS would be the action. Easy!

Digging Deeper into Zapier

Zapier allows customers to build layered Zaps, which include only one trigger but multiple actions. Once an action has been completed this is referred to as a task. This is important to remember later when we talk about pricing. This could really have the potential to simplify the technology in our lives. As a customer, you can put filters in place so that only certain communication gets through your zap. If a filter stops a zap that is not considered a task.

Zapier also allows customers to set intervals at which the trigger will be checked for new data. These can range anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the plan you choose to purchase from the company. Overall this company seems to have a great concept that is simple and user-friendly.

Work at Home for Zapier

Zapier is a new company and currently hiring remote customer service representatives. As of now it only has employees in four states but is open to global employment. This company requires amazing service skills. Basically, you have to love dealing with people, the good and the bad, without losing your cool!

Good News

These positions are not phone based jobs! Yes, moms with 3 loud kids running around can manage this job and not stress over the noise level. If you take a job with Zapier you are most likely to be dealing with tech support issues with clients over email and chat. This is a huge advantage. (See a huge list of NON PHONE work at home jobs here.)

The positions they are currently looking to fill are tech support type positions, but they may expect you to cover other areas as well. Good typing skills and efficient computer technology experience would be essential to one of those positions.

What About Salary?

Zapier doesn’t have any information about pay on their website so I gather that is explained once you are in the application process with the company. They do, however, offer benefits for full-time employees, and two weeks of vacation each year
For those looking for solid work, from home without dealing with phone calls all day Zapier may be the best choice. Without knowing what they pay it's hard to be sure, but it might be worth sending in a resume.

As unusual as it is they say no credentials are needed, but it’s always good to list any experience on your resume.

If you are looking for a great stay at home job that offers benefits and vacation send your resume to [email protected] and get started! You can also read more about working at Zapier and the company itself here.

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