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Humanatic Review [Listen & Review Calls]

Humanatic Review

The Non-Phone/Phone Call Job That Lets You Work at Home

So here I am with another exciting work at home option for those of you that despise “phone jobs”. I know, I get it. Trust me. I've done customer service and receptionist type work. And I would do it again, but it's not my favorite. There always seems to be a grouchy person or two every shift. AND — all those screens you need to have up. When I did roadside assistance (for California – and I live in NC!), I had to have 12 screens up or more. And it's not that it isn't humanly possible — but when people are stranded or have car issues and they're on the side of the road and need help right away and you're 2,000 miles away in another state trying to figure out where the heck they are, and the closest tow company on the roster… oh my goodness. It's stressful.

So — then I go to a non-phone job like Uber, and I'm loving it. It's all tickets and email. Nice! Of course, Uber has sent the majority of their customer support over to Manila last I heard. So that's a tough gig to snag at this point.

Which takes me right back to a non-phone job that I want to tell you about.

You'll Be Paid to Listen to Phone Calls for Humanatic

Yes – a company called Humanatic will pay you to listen to phone calls. Now — I'm going to tell you right off the bat so that there are no starry-eyed visions of HUGE Paychecks — this is not the best paying work at home job. It's… okay, at best. BUT — for those needing to make money NOW and needing it to be non-phone for whatever reason, here's your chance.

So as a phone call reviewer, you are an independent contractor. This is not an “employment” position. However, it is very important that you take your time and listen to the call closely. The reason being is that you have to tag each call so that it's put in the proper category. How you tag calls, and how correct you are at it will reflect directly on your accuracy score. You want this to be high — so if you end up liking this type of work, take it seriously and do your best so that you can continue.

From what I've read, calls can be easily categorized and fairly quickly too. But the hard part is call quality. This can make just hearing the call well a struggle which in turn makes the job a little tougher. You might need to listen to some calls over and over before you can tag it correctly. BUT — many, many calls will be extremely quick to categorize. It's just a click and then next.

So now you're excited and want to get started? Wait, I need to let you in on another detail. There aren't always tons of calls to review. Yeah… that's the sucky part. If you had hundreds of calls waiting for review, it could really add up for you cash-wise. But this is rarely the case. It doesn't mean you can't check in several times a day to see if there are any calls waiting. As a matter of fact, the more you can refresh the page and check for new calls – the better chance you have of making more money.

Pay and Payments from Humanatic

Like I said earlier, this isn't going to be your $15+ an hour job from home with benefits. BUT, sometimes we're just trying to supplement our income or just need a paycheck without tons of schedule hassles.

You'll need to earn at least $10 before you can cash out too. You'll receive your payments via PayPal ever Monday. BUT — looking through forums, I've seen posts where there are some folks making around $80-$100 a week. That's not bad for listening and clicking. I doubt this is the norm – but even if it's $40-50 a week, I'd be game. In my life, $200 a month can be dramatic. As a matter of fact, we're doing the snowball debt program for our massive credit card debt and we apply an extra $200 a month to a credit card — so yeah, it could mean day and night for me and my family. Or ya know…. play money?! Vacation money? Starbucks? Pedicures? Yep.

What Do I Have To Do To Get Started?

So – first the good. It's not awful. Of course, before even thinking about this type of work, I want to mention you'll need an internet connection and you'll need a decent headset. The headset will make it MUCH easier to hear the calls. I have a gaming headset made by Turtle Beach and even that would be okay. You're also going to need a PayPal account. This is how they pay you. I remember back when PayPal first came out and everyone thought it was weird or hadn't heard of it. This day and age — you NEED a PayPal account. It's painless, super secure and just soooooo damn easy. Trust me.

Make sure you have a reliable email address too.

Humanatic has a self-guided process for onboarding. It's pretty easy. You'll need to verify your PayPal account and input some basic info about your location and your previous job experience. Nothing major. Once you've submitted that info they will be in touch. Easy peasy. You should hear back from them in 3-5 business days.

Is It Worth Working for Humanatic?

So… the “real real” as I like to call it — is cut and dry, is this worth your time? I've gone on several forums, I've read articles…and there seems to be a general pendulum that swings between frustration and acceptance. What I mean is that many are unhappy with the low pay, the low amount of calls, the wait time between calls. While others seem perfectly accepting of these frustrations because in their eyes it's easy money. I think ultimately you just have to give it a try to really know. This is exactly the route I am personally taking and I will certainly be back to post about my experience once I have actually done it for a few days.

In my mind, it's like this…
Sometimes jobs like these are absolutely maddening. And a person's perspective or financial situation can weigh in a great deal. I get that. If you don't “really” need the money then I have a feeling this is the kind of work and pay you'd easily walk away from. If however, you're in a tight spot and a little bit of money is world changing for you, the challenges of it are not so monumental or exasperating.

I've read as well, where those that put in the time and take the crappy jobs and pay their dues — can work into better paying and more calls to review. I can't confirm that from personal experience — but it seems plausible.

If you're interested, then jump in. There really is nothing to lose (well time I guess) — you can get signed up here.

Tell US All About Humanatic

Yeah… we're nosy. We want to hear from those of you that have done this type of work. Is it worth the time? The money? Tell us the good, the bad and the ugly because it helps everyone. Please share in the comments section below. Maybe we could even get someone from Humanatics to drop a post in the comments section below to shed some light on things for us.


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  1. Dominique Robinson says:

    This was a job lead on July 23 2019. When I clicked to fill out the application, the website said they were not currently accepting anyone new.

  2. How can I get start it

  3. Ashish Kohli says:

    I tried to get a job on humanatic , to be a call reviewer but then they declined my proposal , I dont why , I have a work experience of 4.5 years in customer services in an English Call center , what would I do , cant I apply again or what vest would you suggest , I have a lot of debt on me , I facing lot of difficulties to pay them , I am already doing job of 10 hours but looking for some extra work to earn more to manage my expenses.please advise me the best.

  4. I currently review calla for humanatic and I make over $15/day which amounts to over $90/week. The pay is really not comeasurable with the effort you put into it but it helps settle some bills. Iveybeen with the company since 2016 and I hope another company with higher pay show up.

  5. Sue Atkins says:

    I still do work for Humanatic, pay is terrible for the amount of time you put in. I make more money doing surverys…cashed out over $100 last month but I think it took me months to make $12.00 with Humanatic. I feel like I’m wasting time doing that type of work.

  6. Humanatic no longer cares about accessibility, and they’ve made that quite clear.

  7. @Trish
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your Humanatic experience. Personal experience is so helpful to everyone! Much appreciated.

  8. Trish Leonard says:

    i have been with Humanatic since Nov 2014. You don’t make a lot of money.. I’m sure if I was more consistent then I would make more. But the more accurate you are the more opportunity for higher paying categories. The downfall is that if you tag a call incorrectly you can be deducted double the payout incentive. after my first week I was 3 dollars in the hole. If you are good enough to get to the point where you are invited to the summary categories then they pay 22 cents per summary. I have not had my summaries reviewed so that must be where the people make their big bucks.. as they are not being penalized double,

  9. i am looking for more sites like Humantic

  10. I have worked for humanatic they pay you 0.01-0.05 cent per call the people who review your calls review them incorrectly and reduce your earnings by double and the staff does not care so if you like wasting time this is the spot for you

  11. I know this is an old article, I just wanted to tell my experience with humanistic. I did humanistic in 2012 for a month, at the end of the month I banked about $6. Although I liked the work, it is doesn’t bring you any closer to leaving the rat race. I am not sure how people were making $10-$50 a day or $5- $10 an hour with them. I did this back in 2012, so I don’t know if they changed in regards to the pay.

  12. I went to Humantic on Facebook and it looks like it’s 9 kinds of complaints regarding Humantic…server slow and errors comments and slow process in making money. I will keep an eye on their Facebook page to see if it gets better before I join…Some of the post were so hilarious but I also felt sorry for so many.

  13. goldenlady says:

    I always had trouble signing up with HUMANastic now my profile needs to be updated %100 in Paypal it’s been more than 5 tries I just plain give up!

  14. I have tried humanatic….i would like if they paid more per call, it takes a lot of calls to actually make any money. I think I would enjoy it more if each call was worth more.

  15. Hi. I’ve been reviewing calls for about a month. You can actually make a few dollars here and there. You will not get rich off of this, but it is actually easy and pleasant work. As long as you are accurate in tagging the calls you will be fine. The speed will come, but they really want you to be accurate. Anyway the work is not difficult and it is actually pleasant (at least for me). If you are looking to make tons of money, this is not it, but if you are looking for a few dollars here and there, this could be a good starting point. It’s legit work and real.

  16. @Calyie
    Thanks for the insight on Humanatic! I know everyone is grateful for feedback on jobs we’re thinking about doing. So this is awesome!

  17. I’ve doe some work at Humanatic, and in my first week made over $5. There is definitely a learning curve to it. My biggest suggestion is to not rush the calls and to listen to them to make sure that they have actually been resolved or have reached the right person.

    This is where I have been dinged. And if you would normally make 2 cents per call if you are wrong they penalize you 4 cents a call. On the other side of things if you are right when audited you get a bonus of usually double the pay. So it can really add up if you’re paying attention.

    Each call goes through a series of levels, depending on the nature of the call. The higher up the chain you go the more you are paid per call. You need to keep your score on the lower levels at a 90% or higher to keep these higher paying jobs

    So the long and short of it is, if you stick with it you can make some money, but find a section you like and stick with it so you can be a pro at it.

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