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Worldpay Has 4,500 Working From Home!

Worldpay was recently recognized by Forbes as one of the top companies offering remote jobs in 2017. This company is the world’s leading payment processor and processes an average of 35.8 million transactions every single day. An estimated 41 percent of those transactions happen online. While the company is based out of London, there is also a United States office in Atlanta. Worldpay offers thousands of work at home jobs each year and they currently have 4,500 remote workers across 11 countries. If you’ve been searching for a new job opportunity that you can do from home, Worldpay might be a great option.

This company doesn’t just offer jobs… they offer careers. Worldpay actually invests into employees, helping them progress in the company and build a long-term career in a remote position. This has quickly bolstered Worldpay to the top of the financial processing industry and they are one of the preferred employers among telecommuters in 2017. (See other great online customer service jobs here.)

What Kind of Jobs are Available?

Worldpay offers a variety of job, ranging from account executives to social media managers to sales. Most sales jobs are focused on using a variety of marketing efforts to target new merchants to use Worldpay payment processing services. This company offers a lucrative compensation plan for sales executives and there are limitless opportunities for advancement. Sales executives represent the company and build lasting relationships with clientele. If you are results-driven, motivated, and have excellent people skills, this is a fantastic job opportunity that gives you the flexibility of setting your own hours and working from home.

Who can Apply?

The application process is simple and starts online. You can browse current job opportunities on their website and look at requirements for each unique position. The most common job listing is for sales executives. For this job, you will need to have some experience in sales, client relations, and/or contract negotiations. It will help you to have a basic understanding of card services and point of sales systems, although prior experience in this sector isn’t required. (Need help sprucing up your resume or creating a resume? Read Telecommuting Job Resume Help 101.)

Why Work for Worldpay?

If job security is one of your top priorities, you can feel safe working for Worldpay. This company is solid and it is a global powerhouse in the financial sector. In fact, if you’ve ever paid for something with a credit card or used your debit card to grab groceries or gas, chances are that you’ve used Worldpay services and technology. As a leader in the financial processing world, this company is a safe bet when you want to build a career. Check out current job openings at Worldpay here.

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  2. Hi Kelly, I read your articles all the time, but the honest truth is that though they may be of help to many people in the US, they are not very helpful to me. Do you have any information on companies who hire people who live in the Caribbean for work at home jobs? And I’m not talking about Jamaica or the Dominican Republic, I’m referring to islands such as Trinidad, Grenada, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Montserrat, just to name a few. This information would be extremely helpful. Thanks.

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