Become a Secret Shopper and Earn $5 per Phone Call

Call Center QA Jobs

CallCenterQA Offers Phone Mystery Shops

I think that one of the fastest ways to start earning a decent living while working at home is by becoming involved with call centers. This type of work is something that can be picked up on easily and provided you’re working for a company that offers fair wages, you can earn a decent living. is one of the many companies currently looking for freelance contractors, and I think it’s a good choice. They make it easy to become a secret shopper.

Who Can Apply

Unlike some call centers that hire just about anyone who fills out an application, CallCenterQA is very picky about the personality of the freelance contractors they add to their team. Traits they’re looking for include:

• An ability to pay attention to even the smallest details
• Strong writing skills
• The ability to stay quiet and really listen to what the person on the other end of the line is saying
• An ability to remain objective and calm, no matter what the circumstances
• Strong language skills
• The ability to sound confident and charismatic while speaking on the phone.

The Calls

Most of the calls that you’ll handle while working for CallCenterQA are quite short. The average length is about ten minutes. In addition to taking the call, after hanging up, you’ll spend a few additional moments filling out a short feedback sheet which will have to be turned in. Most of the calls you make will be the mystery shopper variety, and are almost always lots of fun. The business connected with CallCenterQA use the information you collect during the call to determine how they can improve their customer service. CallCenterQA has set things up so you can work with the organization to come up with the number of hours you can work each week. You’re free to take shifts at night, during the day, and on weekends.
Everyone associated with the company is friendly and works hard to keep your working hours pleasant and stress free.

Scheduling Requirements

I’ve checked out companies similar to CallCenterQA which expected freelance contractors to dedicate up to 40 hours a week. That’s a lot of hours, especially when you consider that many of these companies also paid a really low wage.

The Pay

The reason I’m so quick to recommend this company over some other companies that offer similar positions to freelance contractors is the pay. They pay more than most other companies I've checked out. Each time you take a call, you’ll earn $5, even if the call is very short.
While most of your work will involve working on the phone, CallCenterQA does have some forms that freelance contractors can fill out and earn extra money. Each of these forms only takes a few minutes to complete, making it an easy way to make an additional $2-$4 per form.

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    I’m not familiar with companies that are similar to CallCenterQA…how would I find these others as I might be interested in learning more about them as well?

  4. I am interested in being a secret shopper.

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    I am looking for a work from home job. I am currently without a vehicle, I need an income to help get my truck back on the road. I like being at home, as long as I have something to do.

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