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If You're Looking for Virtual Assistant Work – Here are Ideas

Being a virtual assistant used to sound like such a strange job 10 years ago. But now, it's not only more common, but considered normal. There are many places research for a job like this. I've listed as many as I could find on this page. Any time I come across one, I add it. Many times I will do a review to help you answer questions. Read more about becoming a virtual assistant here.

If this is the work at home job you're interested in, bookmark this page and come back often. If you know of friends or family that are looking for virtual assistant type work as well — please share this link with them.

List of Companies Hiring Virtual Assistants

These companies hiring virtual assistants who can work from home. There are several companies and some include beginner and entry level virtual assistant jobs that you can apply for.

1. OkayRelax
– Newer company. Flexible schedules and average pay is anywhere from $11-$18 an hour.
2. Gabbyville, INC
– Offers virtual assistant positions starting at $9 and hour. You have to use their contact form for more info.
3. Red Butler
– Newer virtual assistant employer that starts assistants off at $12-$15 an hour.
4. eaHELP
– Executive virtual assistant jobs and positions.
5. Assistant Match
– You need to have a fully equipped home office.
6. Care2Share
– They prefer experience and lean toward accounting/bookkeeping from what I can tell.
7. Zirtual
– All kinds of assignments – like scheduling, making reservations, research – even shopping.
8. SuperHuman
– Start up companies/jobs that need to hire help.
9. Contemporary Virtual Assistance
– You will need to completely fill out application to be considered.
10. Fancy Hands
-They offer a team of virtual assistants on demand for their clients. They offer good pay and benefits.
11. Virtual Gal Friday
– They require you to do phone work and have skype. Various assistant jobs.
12. Worldwide 101
– Looks like only real estate focused jobs.
13. Time Etc
– Hires freelance virtual assistants. You can work as little as 5 hours a week.

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If you currently work as a virtual assistant, we'd love for you to share experience below in the comments section. This helps everyone. As well — if there is a company I haven't mentioned that is hiring, let me know that too. Feel free to ask questions below — I will do my best to answer or find info. Thank you in advance.

If you’re still looking for work at home, please be sure to check out the entire Work at Home Directory for more job ideas.

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  2. @Denise
    That’s awesome for you! But some are making less than $10 and so it would be an increase for them :-)

  3. 10 an hour, seriously? I left $10 an hour long ago

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