ICUC Social Moderation Jobs

ICUC Social Moderation Jobs
“ICUC social and moderation jobs offers work at home. These are non-phone jobs too.”

ICUC Social Jobs and Moderation Jobs

I was once a chat room moderator and host for chat rooms for Martha Stewart fans. The company I worked for was out of New York and it was one of the very first virtual jobs I ever had. I believe I worked for them from 1999-2000. Yep – way back before it was super common to work virtually. Just goes to show you that the jobs are out there if you look hard enough!

I really liked the job and now it seems moderation has evolved into all kinds of virtual positions. There are chat moderators like I was in a chat room. But there are also forum moderators, social media moderators and online community moderators. What does that mean for work at home job seekers like you and I? Well, a paycheck of course, but also… the ever coveted NON-PHONE work at home job!

So who offers this type of work? There are several companies – but today I want to talk about ICUC. (See other non-phone jobs here.)

Who is ICUC Social and Why Should We Care?

ICUC Social is a Canadian company founded in 2002 – but don't fret, they hire folks from the United States (and other countries!) too. What do they do exactly? Here's info from their site:

ICUC Moderation Services is the global leader in online content and community moderation services. Our team of multi-lingual content and community specialists manage, moderate and monitor millions of social media conversations, comments, photographs and videos and work inside some of the largest online communities in the world.

So if you like the idea of monitoring social media or even moderator photos — this might be a perfect fit for you.

ICUC Social is no small fry in the area of work at home. Nor do they deal with small fry clients.

600+ people | 40+ countries | 50+ languages | 24/7/365 operation | 200+ clients

Coca-Cola, Disney, Starbucks, JPMC, Sony, L’Oreal, IKEA, BBC, and The New York Times are just some of the brands that trust us to manage their social media activity.

Are They Hiring? What Do They Pay?

I see jobs on Indeed.com every day for ICUC. A quick search and I see 11 positions open.

I've seen positions for things like moderation run anywhere between $10 and $13 an hour.

What are the Requirements or Qualifications?

Most positions ask that you be internet savvy. As well — they'd like you to be active in social media. Particularly, Facebook and Twitter. This only makes sense since they are a social media servicing company.

Almost every position I've seen posted asks for a background check too.

Of course a newer computer and an internet connection are an absolute must. Of course… to be super precise and give you a real view of what they are looking for and to see if it interests you – here is the job posting they recently listed for a Content Specialist – US:

Do you love social media & social networking? Are you Internet savvy? Would you like to help manage the online reputation for some of the world’s largest brands? If so, ICUC Moderation Services is looking for an Engagement Content Specialist to work remotely. Applicants must be prepared for a fast-paced, self-motivated, entrepreneurial lifestyle. You will be given the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people and a variety of clients in an ever changing industry. We look for team players with strong social networks that are able to work independently and collectively in a unique virtual environment.

As an ICUC Content Specialist your primary focus is to:

Enforce the online community's safety and usage policies across multiple content areas.
Monitor the activities & responses to posts on client's social media profiles to ensure that guidelines & rules are adhered to.
Develop & post interactive content that encourages participation & the development of member-generated content to ensure that the community is achieving its objectives.
Identify behavioral & technical issues, patterns, & trends in the community.
Pro-actively escalate issues, observations, opportunities, & insights through the relevant channels.

Your primary ICUC day-to-day tasks will focus on one or more of the following:

Monitoring, moderating, tracking, analyzing content online on various platforms for one or more clients
Interacting with fans/users across different social media platforms
Creating and posting content online for either one or several clients
Completing moderation and escalation guidelines specific to each client
Compiling moderation data to create simple tables and/or reports.
Identifying and escalate trends, observations, opportunities, changes, etc. through the appropriate channels
And other tasks that will come up on a young, fun, entrepreneurial company.

Skills Required:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills with engaging presentation skills.
High level of accuracy and attention to detail.
Problem analysis and problem-solving
A strong sense of account ownership and pride in work.
Time management skills with the ability to plan, prioritize, monitor, and respond to changes quickly.
Strong decision making skills coupled with good judgment.
Ability to multitask in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment.
Good sense of decorum and brand appropriateness.
Friendly, diplomatic, and imperturbable self-starter with the willingness and desire to take initiative and get the job done.



Acting with freedom
Deciding with speed
Keeping it simple


Being constantly curious
Taking risks to succeed
Passionate about thought leadership


Going the extra mile
Eyes on the prize
Rapid and ruthless focus


Taking ownership
Promoting good citizenship
Being transparent


Collaborating across the network
Sharing success models
Attraction, development, and mobilization of the best talent


Must have a Twitter and Facebook account and be a regular user of these and other social media sites.
Adequate computer and headset/mic, and subscribe to high speed internet.
Proficient computer literacy proven through work experience in software applications, spreadsheet tabulations, social media coordination, etc.
Awareness of current social media trends.
Proficient both speaking and writing in English and at least one other language.
Must be able to demonstrate experience with social media tools & interact with online community tools such as forums, blogs, user-generated content, etc.
The candidate will be required to successfully undergo a Criminal Record Check.

Final Thoughts on ICUC and Working for Them

Listen… I'm gonna get real…
I have applied and tried to get on with ICUC Social. That's how much of a great job I think it would be. I have a huge social media presence, but I have yet to score an interview. I realize that having that presence isn't the only thing they are looking for. I assume there is a lot of competition — so keep that in mind when applying. As well, I know this is frustrating, but I don't think they contact you either way when you apply.

There is no… “thanks, but no thanks”. You're left kind of wondering what the heck?! I hate that. A company with such awesome communication and reach should be better about that. But I've noticed a lot of the time when it comes to virtual jobs, the employers are very….hmmm… looking for a word, I guess – DISMISSIVE with their applicants. You just have to roll with it.

Search for current ICUC openings on Indeed.com here.

Or check out their company site here. There are Glassdoor reviews here too.

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