Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant – Flexible, Fun Career

Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest Lovers – This Might Be Your Dream Career

If you have not heard of Pinterest – please, by all means… leave my site right now and visit I promise you'll be amazed. If you're like millions of others… it will become a weekly, if not daily place to visit on the web. Inspiring, witty and ever-changing, Pinterest allows people just like you and me to pin things from the internet that we love. Recipes that we might want to try. Clothing ensembles we adore and hope to replicate. Do-It-Yourself craft projects, home projects and so much more.

One day I went to look for a recipe for monster peanut butter cookies — and guess what? I ended up with a board on Pinterest just for cookies. SO. MANY. COOKIES. I was delighted and addicted. There were cookie recipes I wanted to try and cookies I'd never heard of and even cookie art. My Cookies. More Cookies. Lots of Cookies board now boasts almost 400 cookie recipes and ideas.

I currently have over 40 boards — a few are “private” boards… which you can have as well. But most of them are public boards and a few of those are group boards. I get to share and read other's resources in my niche. Love that! But what I love most about Pinterest, is that it's become a great place for new readers and fans to find me. I currently have over 40,000 followers are Pinterest. I reach more than 750,000 viewers per month! That's just crazy. But it's real.

I only really got “into” Pinterest a year ago — so it's certainly been a whirlwind year. Pinterest changes a lot too. This is something I have learned and been able to keep up with. But as my fan base grows and my board popularity grows… it can be tough to stay on top of it all. Using Tailwind has helped immensely. Being able to schedule pins in advance is a lifesaver. I have cut my time in half with this amazing tool.

If I could do anything different though – I think having an assistant to help me out in the beginning when I was setting up my boards and very new to Pinterest — it would have saved me a lot more time. I would have learned things easier, had more time to create content and my pins if I'd had someone helping me along. And there are just so many out there beginning with Pinterest that need help. And the even bigger, more successful Pinners probably need a staff!

But what about those that are new…. small budgets — can't afford a staff? That's where a Pinterest Virtual Assistant would be amazing.

Helping Others with Their Pinterest Goals – Or Even Helping Yourself

Pinterest isn't going away any time soon. And because Pinterest is basically a search engine, it's algorithm and format change a lot. This leaves those relying on Pinterest for business exposure and those just starting out left to “figure it all out”. As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant – you'll help your clients keep up with these changes, appropriate image sizes (and maybe even creation), board setup and layout too. You'll help them find group boards to join, reaching out on their behalf and most of all – helping them build their follower base and brand.

But say… you love Pinterest, but you're not sure how to do all these things. Or maybe you feel like you know how, but want to really solidify what you know and maybe pick up even more ammo as a Pinterest Pro.

Well – you've heard me talk about Gina Horkey before. Last year I purchased Gina's course, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success — and I was blown away. Because I work full-time and my blog generates some extra income, I really felt I needed to pick up something more in order to move toward a retirement savings account. I didn't really save for retirement — thinking my husband's 401k would be sufficient. And he has a very nice 401k — but with a mortgage to still pay and another kid heading off to college in 2.5 years — it worries me. So I felt like maybe freelance writing was something I could “work in” with my already full schedule — but maybe eek out a few jobs here and there.

Following her guide, I was able to make $2,350 extra in 2016! Basically writing content for other websites. I could write on the weekends or in the evenings and many of the topics I enjoyed. And I know many might think — well honey, $2,350 won't be enough to retire on. Yes — I know that. But you have to start somewhere and something is better than nothing.

So back to Gina. She's a marvel and I have been very impressed with her courses. They are realistic and affordable. As well — I don't really purchase many classes per year. I just don't have the budget, so I have to be a little picky.

But now – she's just released her Pinterest Virtual Assistant Course!

Gina's Pinterest Virtual Assistant Course

I am signing up for this course myself. And no… I don't get a discount or a freebie on my course cost. I pay full price like everyone else. But because Pinterest has been so successful for me with what I've learned on my own — I know I can take it to another level if I just have some guidance. And though I have no intentions ( at this moment ) of being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant — I want to know more about being my OWN virtual assistant.

What Does the Pinterest Virtual Assistant Course Offer

On Gina's course page of her site – she gives a rundown of what the course offers. I've got a screenshot below for you to check out.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

I'm very excited about this course and I'm looking forward to learning more about Pinterest. If you are interested as well – this might be the guide that helps you reach goals with your own Pinterest account or building your Pinterest client base. More and more companies and bloggers and small business owners are scrambling to have a Pinterest presence. I feel the need for assistance and people to help them do that is only going to grow this year. Now is the time, in my opinion, to get established if this is the kind of career you'd like to move into.

Check out the Pinterest Virtual Assistant Course Page Today!

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  1. Hi Kelly. So I’ve found your information to be pretty helpful. I have a good idea of some stay at home jobs I can do. But my only problem is I live in Canada and having a hard time finding things. I use to work in the health care field but just had my son 6 months ago and could really use the extra income. Plus I really don’t think I want to go back to work in August. So is there any chance on you writing/finding work from home jobs that are available to Canadian citizens??

  2. @DJ
    That’s really weird — maybe her site was down? Or it was being redirected. I just checked the link and it worked fine. You might try it again — I think it was just some weird glitch.

  3. Hi Kelly,
    The link you gave is for a website called I couldn’t find anything there for the Pinterest Virtual Assistant Course.

  4. @Terri
    I hope you can find my site a great resource for your search. I post job leads and review companies all the time. I’ve got the site broken down into super easy and manageable categories to help you find what interests you easily. I wish you success and I hope my site can help you with your search :-)

  5. Kelli
    I am a stay at home mom. I do have a master’s degree but now a stay at home mom. Need help with finding legit opportunity to help me get a comfortable supplemental income. I need help finding something that does not require fees or start up costs. I have been burned and now really scared I need some help and direction. My family is what I love for. Need to be home and need supplemental income that’s really flexible. Please you are my hope. Help

  6. Toshia Martin says:

    SO I signed up to be on the waiting list for the spring roll out for this class. But what is the fee for this class? I don’t see it listed anywhere.

  7. Very informative, thank you. I can’t wait to read your blog!

  8. @Debb
    I would just read everything you can find and open social media accounts with all the main platforms to get the hang of them and use them regularly if you’re not already.

  9. debb naccari says:

    I also need a website. Any help there?

  10. debb naccari says:

    I would really like to supplement my social security, and have been wanting to learn the steps to becoming a virtual assistant. I believe I would be a great va if I knew all the skills. I will start with the course and work from there. Any tips on learning about social media?

  11. Mahesh Kumar says:

    Becoming a work from home virtual assistant is a popular job proposition for stay at home moms. And, becoming an Pinterest virtual assistant seems more interesting. It’s a very informative article. Thanks for sharing.

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