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Making Money with Pinterest Just Became a Reality

** Pinbooster is now loop88

Don’t you just love Pinterest? Oh the fun you can have! There are thousands of pin boards to explore and millions of ideas to try! What if you could turn all of those hours you spend browsing Pinterest into some cold, hard cash? Guess what? You can!

There is a brand new beta program called Pinbooster that allows you to pin for cash. Since Pinbooster is a Beta program there will be changes between now and the official public launch. But since it is in the early stages, now is the perfect time to get in on the pinning profits!

What is Pinbooster?

Pinbooster connects Pinterest users and advertisers. The advertisers pay Pinterest users to pin specific images to help drive traffic to their site. The advertisers can be from small hometown businesses to large corporations. You will know just whom you are pinning for up front so there are no surprises for you. The only catch is that you will have to disclose that your pin is an ad. It’s a matter of being honest; you want your followers to know why you’re pinning a product and what you truly think about it.

Another huge bonus with Pinbooster is the fact that you can select which companies you pin for. You will never be forced to pin something you wish not to. Your advertiser will provide you the image and pin description you can use or tweak. Using a guide from Pinbooster, you can set the prices you want to charge per pin. You will automatically receive a notification after you have accepted an offer with detailed instructions. All you have to do is pin it and Pinbooster will take care of everything else. Payment will be made using

How To Start Earning Money With Pinbooster

You will first need to go to and request an invitation. You will provide your email address and wait for a reply from Pinbooster. The amount of time may vary between your requests and when you receive your email but most times it is within a day or so. The first email from Pinbooster is an email conformation so you will need to click the link provided in your email.

Once you have confirmed your subscription you will be able to set up your account by clicking manage your preferences. This will update your preferences as well. You will be asked if you are a Pinterest user or Advertiser and you will be a user, of course.

Once you’re in, you will be sent another email to then set up your account profile. This email may take a little while to get. You will need to write a short summary about yourself including your location and you will need to set what your charge rate will be per pin.

Pinbooster will give you a suggested rate for you to charge based off the number of Pinterest followers you have. You do not have to go with this number, it is only a suggestion. If you have a following of around 200, a rate of $1 a pin is typical.

Once you have completed your profile and pin rate then all you do is sit back and wait for offers from advertisers.

Getting Offers on Pinbooster

You will receive offers from advertisers through your email address you submitted to Pinbooster. Next, you need to log in and review the offer and decide if you are interested. If so, you accept the offer and await instructions.

The pin description is up to you to choose. You can write your own description or you can use the one the advertiser has in place. Either way, you have to disclose that the pinned image is an advertisement. Placed automatically in the description will be the hashtag #ad and you will not be allowed to remove it.

The advertiser will tell you when the ad needs to be pinned on your board. After pinning your pin you will have some time that you will wait for Pinbooster to verify the pin. This is manually done by Pinbooster to check the fact you did pin for this advertiser.

How Do I Get Paid?

After your pin has been verified, the payment is credited to your account. It’s all pretty easy! Once your account has reached $100 you can request your earnings. Pinbooster uses for collecting payments from advertisers as well as distributing funds to pinners. You will be asked to set up an account with and your funds will be deposited into your account.

Tips for Using Pinbooster

Make clear who you are and what you are about. Think about developing a brand. Post images that fit within that brand. You will have more followers the clearer you are with what you like and who you are. This also helps advertisers that fall within your brand.

Get out and collaborate with other pinners. Create boards that other pinners can pin to as well. You will be visible to their followers and hopefully grow the number of people who follow you. Be active and spend time to increase your followers. The more active you are on Pinterest the better chance you have to gain followers.

The Bottom Line on Pinbooster

Pinterest is a place where so many of us are spending a great deal of time. It’s fun and relaxing and maybe a little addictive… Why not make some extra cash in the process?

Update: Their site seems to be down or no longer functioning.

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  1. Just found out today after receiving an e-mail from Pinbooster that the company name changed. They rank pretty well on Alexa too. Where do you predict will be in the next 3 to 5 years from now? :-)

  2. Dave,

    Thanks for coming by! I always appreciate it when company-folk stop over and let us know that what they are doing is real and that there are actual humans behind the scenes :-)

  3. Dave Weinberg says:


    Now almost a year later, I wanted to reach out and say thanks for including us in your list. I read it day of, but never wanted to “pounce”. With the passing of time, I hope you still find our site useful and hopefully made some money from it too

    Please feel free to reach out any time to chat – we sincerely appreciate your writing about us and sharing what we have built.

    Thanks again!

    Dave Weinberg

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