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International Resources for Work at Home JobSeekers

I realize not all my readers live in the United States. And though my focus is primarily the USA. I do want my international readers to know I am thinking about them and trying my best to offer a genuine resource page for them too. (I post job leads every day here – though most are USA based.)

In all my searches, whenever I come across any sites that offer other countries employment opportunities, I post it here. So please bookmark this page and share it with your friends and family abroad that might be needing to find work they can do from home.

Companies Known to Hire Internationally with Work at Home Positions

WorldWide 101
– North America and Europe. Virtual assistant type positions.
– Web search evaluations, social media evaluations and other search engine related tasks. Most positions are part-time, but pay decent. They do have testing before you will be considered and a quality/quantity matrix.
– They are open worldwide! Average pay is $9-$10 an hour. Virtual assistant type work/assignments. Can work at little as 5 hours a week.
– Similar to Appen, these are part-time positions revolving around search engines that include search results, evaluation, social media and more. They are open globally.

Freelance Sites for Finding International Work at Home:

(some might involve a fee….but typically they do not)
* MediaJobSearch (Canada)
* UpWork
* – This is now

Customer Service Companies That Hire Globally

Working Solutions
Upwork (used to be oDesk)
VIP Desk

Freelance Writing Opportunities That Can Be Done From Anywhere


Here are some more sites that aren't necessarily freelance – but do offer international work at home:

1. Freelance – India

2. Freelancermap – Germany

3. XPlace Isreal – Isreal

4. – South America

5. – Latin America

6. Joobs – Romania

7. Motamot – France

8. Projekurdu – Turkey (search for home based jobs)

9. Circa – Italy – Site seems to be down right now. Might be temporary.

10. IrishJobs – Ireland

international work from home

Do you currently live outside the USA and work at home? Keep reading…

Please share your international home based employment with our other readers in the comment section below. Or feel free to ask questions below (however, all the job information I have, is posted here on this page – so please do not ask me for hiring info). By working together we can provide more resources for those still looking for work and we can build a much better resource page for everyone that comes here looking for work. Thank you very much.

If you’re still looking for work at home, please be sure to check out the entire Work at Home Directory for more job ideas.

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