Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Hiring Right NOW!

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs
I need a work at home job right now. Please help me!”

Sometimes Circumstances Can Be Tough and You Just Need A Job

Oh how well I understand this. Honestly. There have been times where I thought, “How am I going to make this house payment happen this month?” It's terrifying, stressful and can make you feel helpless. BUT — listen, it doesn't have to be like that. If you really want to work at home and you're thinking any of the following:

1. I don't have any experience.
2. There aren't any real work at home jobs.
3. Any job I can get right away must absolutely suck.

…. you need to get those thoughts right out of your head. And I'm about to tell you why.

You Feel You Don't Have Any Experience

I felt like this when I applied for a tech-y app company that used a customer support platform I had never used. Their job description stated that the applicant must KNOW this platform. Dammit. But you know what? I applied anyway. I honestly felt in my heart I could do the job. What I needed was for them to take a chance on me. But I knew at $15 an hour there was going to be huge competition. I also knew that I was MUCH older than those applying. Actually much older than the managers of the company that would be interviewing me! This was intimidating, to say the least. Here I was falling short of their qualifications and I was a dinosaur. At least that's what I was telling myself.

I decided, I REALLY wanted this job. Tech-y, start-up, youthful, skype-interviewing be damned. So, I sat down and wrote an honest, genuine cover letter telling them exactly why I thought I was perfect for their company. I focused on what aspects of their qualifications I did meet or surpass. And I focused on my fully equipped home office, years on the internet…

Lo and behold, I got an interview. Not only that, I landed the job.

You've got to sell yourself. You've got to ABSOLUTELY shine. And this goes further than your resume and cover letter content too. Let me explain…


1. ….just send your resume. ALWAYS send a cover letter even if they don't ask for it.
2. ….send a resume or cover letter riddled with typos, grammatical errors, slang or “texting” lingo/abbreviations. (Holy cow! WHY???)
3. ….be without a webcam. Many, many virtual job interviews are not just phone — they wanna see you and talk to you “face to face” just like a brick and mortar job interview.

Most, if Not All Work at Home Jobs are Scams

Nope. You're wrong. Really wrong. The world of virtual work is booming and technology is making it so much easier for HUGE companies to tap into the work at home workforce. (Big companies like Apple and American Express) Honestly, I feel like so many companies are moving toward cutting costs and allowing people to work at home is one big way they can do this.

Let me give you an example story. I saw a job on Craigslist in early 2013. It was for part-time, virtual customer support for an online retailer. So, I thought to myself… hmmmmm, other than working with advertisers for my blog, I don't really have any customer support experience. Before my blog, I was in radio full time. My second thought, ewww… it's Craigslist. Maybe it's some kind of scam or nut job wanting to find me and kill me. I kind of say that last part in jest – but let's get real serious here… don't ever give anyone your personal info right from the get-go. As well — never meet someone alone in person that you've “met' through the internet. I know this goes without saying… you're much smarter than that. But I'd be remiss not to say something.

So, I reached out to the person with a cover letter first. Basically, I told them I was very interested and had worked at home for years and I would love to explore their company further. They were happy to oblige. I researched it, researched the owner and was content with what I found. And I followed up with my resume. I landed the job, and though it was a short-term type gig, the pay was $20 an hour and I really enjoyed it. The owner and I still speak often and I consider her a dear friend.

Be careful. Be smart. Research.

Jobs That Hire You Out Right Means the Job Sucks

In the “real” world and in the “virtual” world there are jobs that suck. Just like anything else. And just because a company will hire you quickly, doesn't mean it's the suckiest job on the planet. It may not be the premier swag-a-doodle job of the century, but it could very well pay your mortgage this month. And that's the goal… a paycheck that helps you make ends meet. A paycheck earned legitimately and via your hard work.

I found myself in late 2013 REALLY needing a job to help cover holiday costs. I was basically at a point where if I didn't pick up some kind of gig, I would be without a dime to buy gifts for my kids. Yes… I could have charged up my emergency credit card — but I wanted to play this situation smarter. I dug my heels in and started applying for EVERYTHING I could find. Ultimately, ended up with a job taking pizza orders. The pay was minimum wage and my weekends were consumed by working peak hours for this job. BUT — it paid for Christmas. I learned a lesson there though – and now I have a way to earn $600 online throughout the year that I use for holiday shopping.

So Ok… You Need a Job Right NOW – What's Out There?

There are actually some options for you to find work right away. And… that was the point of this article. I know what it's like to need work now. I hate for anyone out there to feel like that… Or to feel hopeless.

So here we go…

Work at Home Companies That Seem to Always Be Hiring

These companies seem to always be offering legitimate customer service work from home jobs. I realize not everyone LOVES customer support – but if you really need a job, do not dismiss these opportunities.

American Support
– Customer support that involves both making and receiving calls. Pay range is $8-$10 an hour. Benefits.

Alpine Access
– Customer Support. Various clients. Pay can range from $7.25 to $9.25 an hour.

– Customer support. One of the better paying jobs in this work at home field ranging from $9 to $20 per hour.

– Typically cellphone customer support, coming in around $9 an hour.

– Another company with various clients. Known to hire outside the USA (United Kingdom and Canada). Pay can start out a tad low for some clients, coming in at $7 an hour, but the good news is that you can earn $12 or more an hour by putting in the time or landing a higher paying client.

Final Thoughts

There are so many opportunities to work at home. And yes, many of them are customer service. And I know for some that just seems like an absolute no, but if you REALLY need the job and REALLY want to work at home — consider it. You can see a larger list of customer service companies here.

And of course — there is an entire Work at Home Directory here at MoneyMakingMommy.com to let you explore so many companies and possiblities for working from your home. As well — check out the ways to make a little extra cash online using the Extra Cash Directory. There are some great ideas and programs. Just like Mintvine, where I cashed in for $95 recently and continue to cash in $30 and $40 each month.

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  1. Kelly Land @MoneyMakingMommy.com says:

    You might check out LiveOps — I think sometimes they have clients along those lines.

  2. Looking for a work home job haven experience in debt collection,office work,and a people s person good listener, accurate typing and good advisor also good in motivational messages

  3. shiva sahadeva says:

    Looking for a chance to supplement my income.
    customer care and Hospitality knowledge and services. willing to tutor.
    Any ideas?

  4. I have recently had an injury that left me bedridden for two months. I am now able to walk but not able to return to a job standing on my feet. I need to be making some sort of income. Any advice???

  5. Thanks, Kelly. I’m still in search of an online job, working from home, Internationally(Caribbean). Not giving up though. Blessings.

  6. Kelly Land @MoneyMakingMommy.com says:

    Absolutely — I would never knowingly post anything that was sketchy.

  7. I’m sure that if Kelly didn’t feel that they weren’t legitimate she wouldn’t have mentioned them in the article above.

  8. Judy Lokinski says:

    I LOVE doing research and would enjoy being a court researcher but in my area our courts will not allow us to get much of any information without being a paralegal or working for or being an attorney as I have tried before by looking for judgments and searching for those who owed the judgments, I was stopped in my tracks and this was after taking a course to do so. I found at this point and also by researching our family genealogy, I was pretty good at doing research.

  9. Would love to be customer care agent (live chat) know any company that are hiring for that?

  10. In list , will any of those companies hire any person from India?

  11. For alpine access do u need to have a landline phone

  12. Are these legitimate companies? I would love to work from home but, I carry the insurance for my family! Need something good!!

  13. I must say I love Alpine access, I am an actually employee there and have great benefits including inexpensive medical ins. And the pay is whatever your minimum wage is in your area for most contracts. Love them!

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