Medical Work From Home Jobs

Medical Jobs or Jobs Within the Medical Profession That Can Be Done From Home

The medical profession is such an honorable career – and I mean that from elite surgeons, down to the janitors that clean hospitals. Healthcare is something we all need throughout our lives and it takes thousands and thousands of people to keep it all going. Including those that do medical billing, coding, transcription, phone triage and more.

Any home based job I find that deals with the medical profession, I post here. Not JUST transcription jobs, but all medical work from home jobs that would fall under this umbrella. And there seems to be more and more jobs in the medical field opening up in the virtual world all the time. So please bookmark this page and share with friends and family that you know might be looking in this area of work. Please see my section on Medical Billing for info on that if you're interested.

Medical Work at Home Jobs

Phone and Follow Up
CSI Companies
– They hire for various work at home positions, but one of them is medical coding.
UnitedHealth Group
– Jobs vary – but there are many. These fall in area like insurance, transcription, RN reviews/training and much more.
– Care follow up, nursing triage calls, insurance and more.
– Care coordinators/remote call center type work.
Pleio (Good Start)
-Call patients and follow up on medication etc.
-Always hiring tons of openings in healthcare – therapists, transcription, nursing, clerical.

– Hire RNs to take triage calls.
– RNs can work at home taking healthcare calls.
– Hire RNs for healthcare calls.


– 3 years experience, medical specialties.
– Insurance claims and customer service.
Cobb Medical Transcription
– Requires 2 years acute care hospital experience.
Code Busters
– Requires qualification testing before applying.
Conifer Health
– Hiring remote workers, offers flexible hours. ICD-9-CM, ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS or any other designated coding.
Diversified Reporting Services
– Verbatim tape transcription.
– Transcription.
Fantastic Transcripts
– Hiring experienced transcriptionists, able to work from home.
– Medical coding.
MT Jobs
– Lists medical transcription jobs.
National Telecommuting Institute
– Helping those with disabilities find work.
Phoenix MedCom
– 3 years acute care and 2 years transcribing experience needed.
Pyramid Healthcare Solutions
– Coding and transcription.
– Medical transcription.

– Medical transcription.
Ubiqus Transcription and Translation
– Verbatim transcription, medical transcription, translators and medical summary writers.

Do you work at home in the medical field? Do you know of a company offering medical type jobs from home? Keep reading…

This is a popular field of work for those seeking work at home. If you currently doing a medical work from home job – please share your experience with us. As well, if you know of a company not listed here that falls under the medical profession, please let me know below in the comments section. I would love to make this the best resource possible for those seeking work at home as a nurse, transcriber and all other types of jobs too. Thank you in advance.

If you’re still looking for work at home, please be sure to check out the entire Work at Home Directory for more job ideas.

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  1. Any entry level for job any non experienced work. I was a front desk for medical practices

  2. I am a medical assistant graduate 20 yes ago and worked at an ob-gyn office till 2004 and can do transcription or been trained on that what job and where could I get since being outta the profession so many years

  3. Any part time flexible hours. I have a bachelors in health science

  4. Sharon Lucille Johnson says:

    I am an RN in Virginia, former (retired) CRNA -Nurse Anesthetist/Nurse Practitioner) looking for a REMOTE position (not TRIAGE)..I have been in touch with several Nurse TRIAGE companies who require expensive start up costs. (land line, double monitors, FAST internet (non-satellite)

  5. Kelly Land says:

    I’m not sure if I know of any free certification classes. If I find anything I will post it though.

  6. I have a diploma in medical billing and coding but I never went to get my certification I am wanting to get it but I’m wanting to do some refreshing before taking it. I wanted to see if there might be some free classes to do that. Thank you in advance

  7. yavonne m relyea says:

    I have my MAA from Bryant and Stratton, but don’t have medical coding. I’m also an EMT-B.

  8. @Yvonne
    Most are probably USA based since that’s where I live. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they ONLY offer USA based positions.

  9. Yvonne Underwood says:

    Are any of these job area for Canadian based nurses?

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