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eModeration Jobs That are Work at Home

Working for eModeration

One of the more interesting things I’ve noticed about the work at home community is that many people allow themselves to think that there are only a few different types of jobs available. Many of us fool ourselves into thinking that working at home means we have to write up website content, spend hours doing data entry work, or have to be willing to handle customer service issues and talk on the phone. In reality, there are all sorts of work at home opportunities available, including the moderation jobs you can find at eModeration.

What is eModeration

eModeration is a United Kingdom company that has recently started to work with independent contractors located in the United States.

If you’re interested in working for eModeration, great! I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to help supplement your work at home income, but I do have to warn you, right now eModeration is only interested in applicants who have some experience doing moderation work. If you don’t have this experience at the moment, you should volunteer to moderate a local Facebook page or discussion board you like. After a few months, you’ll be exactly the type of independent contractor eModeration is looking for.

How Does it Work

The nice thing about working as one of eModeration’s moderators is that you don’t have to really be worrying about interacting with many people. You’ll be assigned a message board and it’s up to you to keep an eye on the comments. You’re going to be in charge of watching to make sure that everyone plays by the rules. What those rules are generally varies from one discussion board to the next. Some have rules about the language that can be used, some about the topics that are allowed to be discussed, and most have guidelines regarding the posting of personal information. Becoming familiar with the rules is critical. Reading through lots of posts and member profiles help to get a good feel for what is allowed and what isn't as well.

In addition to removing posts that have content which could be considered offensive, as a moderator, you will also be responsible for warning individuals who frequently break the rules to behave properly, and deleting the accounts of individuals who simply can’t control themselves when they're posting online.

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eModeration works with several social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook, as well as competitions, discussion boards, and even blogs.

Can I make any Money Moderating?

Yes, you can make some money while doing moderation work for eModeration. How much is going to depend on how much effort you’re willing to put into your work. I wouldn’t expect to make enough to cover all of your bills, but you should be able to make enough to justify the amount of time you devote to the program, and you’ll be diversifying your income which is always a good idea!

Is it Legit?

Yes, eModeration is a legit company and one that I really like. I strongly urge those qualified to do moderation work to email the company and send in their resume. If the staff at eModeration like your resume, they’ll contact you about becoming one of their independent contractors.

eModeration has now rebranded as The Social Element.

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