Medical Billing and Coding Jobs [Is Work at Home Possible?]

Medical Billing and Coding From Home
“Medical billing and coding jobs for those that want to work at home. Will you need training? What does it pay?”

A Complete Guide to Medical Billing and Coding Jobs at Home

If you’ve been searching for medical billing jobs at home that are either full time or part time, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a comprehensive look at everything you need to know to do medical billing from the comfort of your own home office. This includes those that want to be independent contractors in the healthcare industry.

Working in a medical office can be a tricky situation. Dealing with co-workers and patients generally isn’t as complicated as trying to navigate through the ever-changing world of medical billing. Many medical facilities have found they don’t have the time or resources available to handle the issue, at home medical billing jobs are on the rise.

Medical billing falls into the category of work from home jobs with no startup costs.  So, it can be a great way to start a new home-based business or supplement a traditional income.

How Does Medical Billing and Coding from Home Work?

Medical billing is taking a doctor’s or medical practice's expenses and making sure that both the insurance company and the patient know about the bill. This sounds simple enough. But professionals in the field will be quick to tell you that it's not. Even before the government stepped in and started making health care changes, medical billing and coding jobs at home can be quite complex.

Not only do you have to learn how to properly process the bills, but you also need to handle the coding process. This means you will need to be trained on the ins and outs of medical coding. Many times you will be looking over medical records as well and you'll need to have a grasp of the patient's previous services or history.

Are There Costs Involved with Medical Billing and Coding Jobs?

Even though medical billing is considered one of the work from home jobs with no startup cost, learning how to handle medical coding does carry some expense. These costs can range from minimal to monumental. There are companies available who manufacture and sell software programs which will not only teach you about medical coding but will also provide you with additional tools, including:

– Materials you can use to market your medical billing services to healthcare providers.
– Software that streamlines medical billing coding jobs home duties, allowing you to earn a maximum amount of money for each hour you work.
– Useful leads you can use to help you get your new at home business up and running.

Just remember to be aware of scams and promises of big money and instant careers in this field. Many at-home medical billers segued from working in a medical practice or medical center to working at home. This is much more common then landing a work at home medical billing job right out of the gate.

In order to earn a living doing medical billing coding jobs home, you will need to have a really good computer. Most work at home professionals advise that you have two computers. That way you don’t have to worry about how you’ll complete your professional duties if one computer breaks down. My own personal suggestion would be to have two monitors too. It makes working on a computer much easier.

How Much Can I Earn as a Medical Biller & Coder?

After researching a bit, it looks like the average medical billing salary is around $36,000. You can check on Glassdoor for current salary ranges. Also, you can check out Indeed's salary estimate for medical billers as well. They give an average of $15.30 per hour.

Medical Transcription Work Can Also be an Option

When you start to work from home medical billing work will sometimes turn into medical transcription work. This isn’t a bad thing. Taking reports that healthcare professionals have recorded orally, and turning them into documents can be both very interesting and very lucrative.

Before you can start to hire out your services, you need to have a solid understanding of the standard coding practices that medical facilities use. It is possible to learn a great deal about these codes by accepting a position as an entry-level staff member in a medical administration office. Another option is to seek formal training.

Don't Overlook Your Local Community College (Transcription & Medical Billing)

The best way to obtain the skills needed to be a successful medical transcriptionist will be taking some classes at your local community college. Not only will you learn how to correctly type up the dictated reports, but you’ll also gain some experience. And, you can hopefully make useful contacts while learning a great deal about medical terminology and coding. The fact that you’ve taken formal coursework will make your services appealing. Therefore, you'll to stand out to medical facilities searching for individuals interested in at home medical billing and coding jobs. This will ensure that you have a constant stream of work and be able to charge premium fees for your services.

When they start their home-based business, a majority of medical billing experts have earned an associate’s degree in the field. Some even go on to pursue a bachelors and master’s degree. There are perks to having an advanced degree(s). In addition to being able to charge a premium price for the work you do at home, you will also be able to accept teaching positions.  Help others earn a living by doing medical billing, transcription, and coding work.

Getting Started

For many people, the hardest part of working out of their home office is finding work from home jobs with no startup cost. Now that you’ve taken some classes and have all the office equipment you need you can begin job searching. Sites that medical facilities frequently use when they’re in need of someone willing to handle medical transcription, medical billing, and coding from home, include;

Craigslist.com (Always be cautious!)

… I'll mention Flexjobs, but they do charge a membership fee. It's reasonable and they are very reputable, but nonetheless, I do want to mention there is a cost. I'll also mention, Careerstep for training because they often offer a free laptop to new students. They offer a medical billing/coding course.

You might also want to look over the list here on the site, Medical Work From Home Jobs. It might have something of interest for you to check out. I also have a page on my site where I list, Medical Billing and Coding Jobs [Including Entry Level & Home Based]. So be sure to look that over too.

Forums That You'll Find Helpful

While those websites are a great place to start looking for work from home medical billing positions, you shouldn’t rely exclusively on them for your income. There are several medical billing and coding forums on the internet. These can be a great source of information about medical billing and coding jobs at home and will also help you make some great contacts in the field. As a member of these forums you’ll be able to stay current. Including, learning about new software programs, changes in the laws/regulations that could affect your medical billing coding jobs home business. As well, get informed answers to any questions you might have. Here is a forums to check out: AAPC

Memberships Worth Noting

One of the first things you should do after you have decided that you’re going to earn a living medical billing and coding from home will be becoming a member of either the American Medical Billing Association or The American Association of Medical Billers. Some medical facilities won’t even consider hiring your services if you’re not connected to these organizations. Your membership helps give your home-based medical billing office a reputable feel that physicians expect.

In addition to giving your home-based medical billing and coding business a reputable air, membership in the organizations also means several useful perks, including;

• Online training programs
• Job boards
• Assistance getting your home-based medical billing services up and running
• Marketing help

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If you’re still looking for work at home, please be sure to check out the entire Work at Home Directory for more job ideas.

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  1. Sheila d fregis says:

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    Gratz! I wish you success!

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    I am taking medical coding and billing. I’m starting in one week.

  4. Medical coding is a great career to get into, since there is so much demand for these jobs. HOWEVER, what a lot of schools do not tell prospective students is that it is very difficult to land that new job right after graduation. Many practitioners and medical facilities are very reluctant to hire new coding graduates. At the hospital I worked at, they would not hire any new graduates, unless they were desperate to fill a position and they were willing to train a new hire (but this was few and far between).

    Typically in my department, the only way to get into a coding position was you either had to have a minimum of 2 years prior coding experience or you were currently working for the hospital, but in another position and you had your coding certification and credentials. Smaller physician practices may be willing to hire new coding graduates with no prior medical experience, but I think this is on a case by case basis.

    I do wish that schools would be a little more upfront with students and tell them what to expect and plan for prior to graduating. My suggestion to anyone that does not have any prior medical work experience and you are going into the coding field, do whatever you can to get a job in a hospital or maybe a large physician practice where you know they need coders. It’s okay if you are not doing a job that is not related to coding. It will be much easier to land that coding position, if you are already have your foot in the door!

  5. Jessica Avelar says:

    I want to learn more to work from home as a biller and coder. Worked at a DME ffice for a year and 2 months and haven’t worked since I had my baby. I’d love to start back up again but working from home.

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    I have a degree in medical administrative assistant and a certified in billing and coding would like to know how to get a job working at home any ideas?

  7. I have graduated from school for medical coding and billing a few years ago with honors and it also came with a 2yr experience but I been finding it hard to find a job working from home because I hate working in an office for long hours. this article has helped a lil on getting the perfect job.

  8. I love to work from home as medical billing and coding

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    Great article! It’s refreshing to read a straightforward article that realistically discusses what medical billing from home requires. I’ve found that many people wanting to get into this field don’t understand that a physician isn’t going to just turn over such an important function to someone who is not experienced. They need someone that really understands what’s involved in getting claims paid. JoAnna also makes an excellent point that networking is the best way to get work in this field. That’s how I’ve gotten just about all of my clients in 10+ years.

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