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Work at Home for Directly

Online Customer Service Jobs with Flexibility

Directly is a company based out of California. Although I’m just now hearing about Directly, from what I can tell, it looks like it has been around for quite a while and seems to be well-liked by many freelance contractors who use the company to add to their work at home income.

What you’ll be Doing

The Directly website really doesn’t provide much information about what freelance contractors can expect, however, I did find some information on the WAHM forums. It looks like freelancers will do very small projects that can be completed in a very short period of time.

It looks like if you get brought into the Directly freelance team you’ll get a message whenever there’s a task available that you can complete. You can use your smartphone to respond to the alert and accept it.

What You’ll Need

The nice thing about Directly, is that it provides an opportunity for individuals who don’t have strong writing skills or who are just getting started with an opportunity to add another egg to their work at home income basket. What applicants do need to have includes;

  • A Smartphone
  • An ability to get email


From what I can tell, the pay isn’t bad. Directly says that freelancers should be able to complete a shift in approximately 50 minutes and you’ll be paid $25 for the shift. The same source also said that it’s possible to earn up to $150 a week, though I have to wonder how frequently that happens. (You can see many more home-based customer service jobs here.)

One of the things I really like about Directly is that you can cash out as soon as you’ve earned $2. I really wish more companies would adapt to this procedure. Directly uses PayPal to distribute payments to its freelance contractors.

What I Like about Directly

As far as I can tell, Directly is truly a flexible work opportunity. It doesn’t look like they have any rules about how much work you have to complete each week. If this is true, it means that Directly is a job that you can do when other sources of work at home income have dried up and let slide when higher paying opportunities come along.

Final Thoughts

Online Customer Service Jobs

I’m not sure that Directly will appeal to individuals who have already established steady streams of income, however, if you’re just starting out, I think that Directly is program you should check out. It will help you gain some experience and earn a little extra money. All you have to do is fill out the application posted on the Directly website.

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