UHaul Jobs [Work at Home Either Full-time or Part-time]

UHaul Jobs That are Work from Home
“If you're looking for work at home, don't miss out on checking out the UHaul jobs that offer virtual positions.”

Check Out U-Haul Jobs for a Work at Home Option

Everyone who has ever earned a living while working at home has shared the same feeling of panic as they accept a new work assignment. It’s impossible to start working for someone new and not find yourself wondering whether or not they’re legit.

The best way to avoid the worry is to work for a company whose name you’re already familiar with, such as UHaul.

Yes, this is the same company that owns all the familiar orange and white trailers and trucks you see zipping down the road. Here are times when the company finds that they need some additional help and are willing to work with freelance contractors. U Haul uses the freelance contractors to help handle phone calls as well as some other stuff a virtual assistant generally handles.

What Do UHaul Jobs Pay?

You won’t get rich working for U Haul Work at Home. The low end of the base pay is about $7.50 an hour, but the company does have bonuses and most people feel that when those are added in, the rate is actually closer to $14 an hour. The easiest way to get a bonus is booking a rental. The more rentals you’re able to book, the more you’ll earn.

What I’ve really liked about this opportunity is that unlike most other companies, U Haul doesn’t treat you like a freelance contractor. They consider this a salaried position and as such, you’re entitled to paid training, health benefits, and 401K. If you and the company get along well enough, you could even be offered a full-time position. (Check out more work at home customer service jobs here.)

What Your Work Would be Like

The nice thing about this type of work is that it’s fairly low key. You’ll answer calls from customers and a supply answers to their questions, and you’ll book reservations. Since you’ll need some basic knowledge of the company, you will go through a 4 week training period. In addition to being paid for the time you spend training, once you’ve completed the program, you’ll earn an additional $50.
UHaul’s Expectations
• The company does have some really basic requirements which include:
• A minimum typing speed of 25 words per minute
• An ability to communicate well with others
• A high school diploma
• Be 16 or older
• A reliable computer
• DSL or a high-quality
• A high-quality headset

This is a legit work at home opportunity that you should investigate. Click Here for more info. You can also check out more online customer service jobs here.

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