Shop Your Way Personal Shopper Program

Shop Your Way Personal Shopper offers rewards
“Earn rewards and cashback using Sear's, Shop Your Way Personal Shopper program. Read this full review.”

Make Commissions Helping Others Shop

I used to think personal shoppers all worked in fancy-schmancy boutiques on Rodeo Drive helping celebrity clients. Only the creme da la creme could afford them — but I was way off. There are certainly many programs and retailers that offer personal shoppers and personal shopper rewards. I personally took a test drive on the personal shopping site Stitch Fix. I love the idea of having someone personally shop for me — the clothing styles and prices fit my budget not only financially — but my time budget too.

But enough about me and my fashion tales! Let's talk about making commissions as a personal shopper. The program I want to tell you about comes from no other than mega corp, Sears Holding Corporation. They are the 10th largest retailer in the USA. What does that have to do with personal shoppers and making money for you and me? Sears Holding Corporation covers a lot of well-known brands — Lands' End, Kenmore — and even includes well-known retailers like K-Mart. As a matter of fact — they operate over 4,000 retail stores here in the good ole USA.

Shop Your Way Program

Sears Holding Corp has created a way to allow people like you and I to take advantage of all their retail power. With the Shop Your Way Personal Shopper Program we can earn by helping others sign up for this rewards program. In doing so, each time one of your new referrals (clients) makes a purchase using their “shop your way” ID number — you'll earn 1%-5% back on any and all qualifying purchases! Once you've hit $20 — you guessed it, you can cash out! Pretty nice for just referring someone to stores they may already shop at, right?

Wielding the Power

Signing up is easy and of course, costs nothing (ever). The challenge is sharing this with others so that you can make a commission. My suggestion is to use the power of social media! Honestly — Facebook is like having your own advertising agency. Of course, if you use Twitter, Google+ and the bevy of other networks out there — that could be an awesome first foot forward in “building your clientele”. Just remember to never spam anyone.

Want More Information About the Shop Your Way Personal Shopper Program?

If you're interested – here's the link to get started. Or contact by email for questions at [email protected]

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