Four Ways Any Business Can Appeal to New Employees

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Reaching Company Success

The only way a company can succeed in today's world is with an influx of new employees. While you can benefit from the experience and wisdom of the employees you already have, you also need to bring in new faces and new perspectives. Those new workers can offer you advice on how to run your business, lighten the mood around the office and even show you sides you never noticed or recognized before. Appealing to new workers, especially recent college graduates, often requires that you offer new bonuses and packages that those new employees desire.

Paid Time Off

One question that many job hunters have is about the amount of paid time off they receive after taking a job, but far too many companies try to keep that information secret until they offer applicants jobs. Companies like Google and Microsoft not only offer paid time off for vacations and sick days, but those companies also offer paid time off for those taking family leave. The federal government requires that employers give workers paternity and maternity leave after having a child or adopting a child. These companies give employees months of paid time off rather than just a few weeks.

Flex Time Opportunities

Cloud sourcing is one of the hottest trends in the world today. Cloud sourcing lets your employees work from home every day or a set number of days each week. You can use a system that lets them log in and perform the tasks you have listed for the day. One benefit of flex time work is that employees can set their own hours and develop the right schedules for them but still get the work done by the deadline that you impose. Some companies even let parents work part-time from home and only work in the office one or two days a week.

Drinks and Snacks

Offering drinks and snacks is another way you can appeal to new employees. While you might not need a keg in your office like some companies do, you can still offer workers a fully stocked area where they can find delicious snacks waiting for them. You might offer bottled water, cans or bottles of soda, energy drinks, small bags of chips and pretzels or sugary treats like brownies and cookies. Think of those options as your way of thanking and giving back to the employees who work so hard for you every day.

On-Site Activities

Hosting on-site activities in your place of business might appeal to Jason Hanold and other human resources professionals. You might bring in a teacher or instructor to offer yoga, Pilates or Thai Chi classes, or you might offer stress management classes to workers. On-site activities can also include pancake breakfasts, pizza Fridays or holiday parties. If you do offer holiday parties, make sure that you offer other activities a few times a year. Simple activities can help foster teamwork among employees and show potential employees that your office is a fun and exciting place to work.

Even if you think that you have the perfect team in place, you might find that your office could benefit from the breath of fresh air that comes with new workers. Appeal to recent college graduates and other new employees with paid time off and other benefits.

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