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Postloop -Earn Money Online

Postloop Review: Flex Schedule Forum Posting for Cash

Postloop pays you to post your opinion in forums and to be social in forums. Simply, you get paid to comment. This might be something you're doing already. I know for myself personally – there are several forums I go to each day. And a number of them that I go to each week. It's kinda part of my online job description. I like talking with like-minded individuals – and I love being part of online communities that allow me to ask questions and learn from others, as well as answer questions and help others. Every day I am amazed by the world the internet has opened up to all of us. True… there is always bad with the good. But for the most part, I think the internet is a valuable resource. Being older, the internet hasn't been in my life always – only since I was about 28 years old. So I remember the “no ‘net” days.

But now with the internet, so many options for making money online. Just like PostLoop. And if you're someone that is surfing around on the internet daily anyway — then this might be some cash in your pocket with little effort.

Getting Started with PostLoop

You cannot just sign up with PostLoop and just start posting on forums like a crazy person. Nope. You have to put a little more effort into getting started than that. It IS free. So let's get that out of the way. And signing up is quick and easy.

You're going to click on the “Join” button at the top of the site: They are switching to a whole new updated site and dashboard, which are SO much better. So, at this time you can still see the old site which correlates with the image below. Once they move fully into the new site, I'll get this updated. You'll want to go to the new beta version.

I love the look of the new Postloop site. It's way more modern and long overdue. The new dashboard is much better too. It makes checking your stats, ratings and earnings easier. The interface is more user friendly and just a cleaner design.

Postloop Sign Up

By clicking the link above, you end up on the new beta version that looks like this.

New Postloop Sign Up

You'll see the Postloop sign up takes just a minute. You'll need to think of a username and password.

After you've signed up and confirmed your new account via email. You'll log in and fill out your profile. Again – basic info and then seven categories that are of interest to you.

There will be a link at the top of the page that says “forums” – you'll go here and see what forums are available for posting each day – BUT first you need to follow the “Instructions To Start Writing”. You must follow these instructions exactly as they state. They are simple – and you will not have any issues doing as they have asked. They've explained it really well and have an image to help you know where to go and what to click.

From that point – you're going to make 10 QUALITY posts on the forums provided. Now… for me – being a forum owner myself, my thoughts on quality are posts that actually say something. Not… “Hi… this is cool.”
NO no no no.
Come on. Be genuinely engaged in what you're reading and what you're posting. If you do that – you're golden. You'll have no issues at all. It's when you hurry and write quick, thoughtless blurbs — then the quality goes down.

Your 10 Posts Are Approved by Postloop – Now What?

If you're 10 posts are approved – then you've been emailed to let you know just that. This is why it's important to make good, quality, thoughtful posts. There are many that do not get approved.

But since you DID get approved – you're going to now go to the forums list (again – it's a link at the top), sign up for the forums that interest you and start making posts.


My advice is to create an email account JUST for your PostLoop work and use the same username and password for all the forums you sign up for. This is how I am doing it to keep confusion to a minimum. But, you could just make a different username and password for every forum and keep it all written down or somewhere handy. It's all about preference.

What Do I Earn? How Does PostLoop Pay Me?

Good question – because I'm not doing this for FREE. And I know you aren't either. The goal is to make money from home and keep building on that.

PostLoop rewards points for posts. Now – this won't be the same number of points for every post you make. Your point reward will vary depending on the post you made, where you made it and what your overall ranking is. So it will be worth your time to work on your rank. Of course – this goes hand in hand with posting great forum comments/posts.

Now, these points are accumulated and then they are turned in for cash. So far I am averaging about .07 cents a point. I keep my rating around 4.00 – but I am hoping it goes higher.

You can cash in your points when they equal at least $5.00 – that's the minimum withdrawal threshold. But your user rating needs to be 3.95 or higher to be paid as well. So keep this in mind as you're doing your work on PostLoop.

My Thoughts So Far on PostLoop

I worked my way through my first 10 posts. It took less than 48 hours for them to be approved. I posted honest, genuine comments. I didn't try and fake it – or write something “thin”. I used correct spelling and grammar – not “texting” shortcuts and abbreviations.

I started working my way through forums after I was approved and signing up for ones that interested me. Right now I am averaging about 20 posts a day. It's averaging around 40 points. If I continue to do 20 posts a day M-F, I should have about 200 points – which if I figured it right – would be about $10 a week. That's $40 a month for my efforts on 20 days out of the month. I'd say I'll average about 12 hours a month working on it – so I'm being paid $3.34 an hour for minimal effort.

When it's broke down like that – it may not seem like much. But at the end of the month – snagging $40, well – that's pretty good to me. If I add that to my other streams of income with survey sites that I do and apps that I use to save money and make money it really starts to make a difference.

…and there are other programs I do and I include my earnings from selling Avon ($800-$1100) a month – so it becomes a full-time income for me in the end. It's finding things you like to do and then sticking with it, referring others, building a team – whatever you're involved in. If a program fails… like recently, SuperPoints went under. I was so bummed. I was doing well. I had referred others and had cashed in my points for gift cards – and one day I go to the site and it's closed. Just like that. Ya gotta move on and find other things to do – just like PostLoop. I have a post you might want to check out if you're like me and get super stressed around the holidays. No more. This is how I earn $600 a year, online and at home. I stash that $600 away for holiday shopping.

Final Word on PostLoop

I'm going for it. I'm going to try and push my rating to 4.5 and try and do a few more posts. I'd like my earnings to be around $50 a month.

If PostLoop sounds like something you'd like to try as well – here's the sign up link: PostLoop
* And yes, the Postloop referral program allows you to earn more by sharing Postloop with others.

UPDATE: PostLoop is no longer active. I suggest taking a look at ForumCoin to find sites and opps similar to PostLoop.

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  2. Thank you so much for putting this up. It took me just under 12 hours to make my ten posts, get approved, and I’ve already made yet another ten posts. I’m so grateful for you putting this information out there. I’m so passionate about many of the forums PostLoop has listed, so this is probably the easiest and yet best way for me to pick up some extra cash.
    Thank you. :)

  3. Mac Jones says:

    I can understand earning money while studying is how much important for the students studying abroad.I am student from USA studying from last 1 year. I used to do completing surveys through Earn Honey in my free time and earn some money . Thanks for your motivational post sharing an amazing tips for students studying in abroad. Keep posting .

  4. You might email and ask. I haven’t been on in awhile and not sure if they have changed how they approve. I think they send you an email.

  5. Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me where I will be notified if my 10 starting posts have been approved. I’ve completed around 5-6 posts now and I have only gotten a trophy for my first post.

    Any help would be wonderful.

  6. Bridgette,

    I recently shut down my forum – so I haven’t been doing postloop very much. I have acquired enough points in the past to cash out for $6 – so I can see where it can earn money.

  7. Bridgette says:

    Any updates on how this is going?

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