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Selling Avon

Selling Avon Online and in Person

Selling Avon is Rewarding and Fun!

I first started selling Avon when I was in my early 20's. Way before I started doing my gig! I had just gotten married and thought it might be something I'd like to do. I am very much an entrepreneurial spirit and I've always liked the idea of being my own boss and making my own money.

However, selling Avon it just didn't work out for me at the time (But wait – keep reading!!!). I think I just didn't understand how to sell Avon successfully. I was pregnant shortly after I signed up and we were suddenly moving away from my hometown in Indiana to a town almost 600 miles away in North Carolina where my husband had just taken a job.

So I gave up the idea of selling Avon for myself at that point. I ended up becoming an office manager of a real estate company when I first moved to NC, but soon sent out radio tape resumes to get back into working on the air in radio and I was quickly hired by a local rock station and between work and my son – I didn't give Avon much thought. Plus there was a receptionist at the station I worked for that sold Avon and I could buy what I needed from her. Fast forward a few years….

Life Throws Wrenches… A Lot

In early 2002, the radio station (WZLS – 96.5) closed its doors and I had two kids now. One of them, a one-year-old baby. I did not want to go back into radio or work another office job. I was burnt out. I was all over the internet looking for work at home. I knew I needed to bring some kind of income in to be able to stay home. The saddest part of my whole situation was that when I figured out how much money I actually brought home each week from my radio job after daycare and commuting – I really only needed to make $400 a month. (This was a job I had experience and 4-year degree for? And I was really only making $400 a month! Wow!)

Started Selling Avon (again)

One of the first things I did was sign up to start selling Avon. I thought – I've always loved Avon products and I knew my NC town much better, had lots of neighbors – so I found the info for the local district manager and signed up. I have never looked back. I have a team of over 200 reps now and I make over $1100 a month. I know! That's well above the $400 I needed.

Yes – I Do Get – “But Selling Avon is Hard…”

It's not easy and you can't sell Avon for free either (Unless they have a special recruitment going on. Sometimes they will allow folks to sign up for free to become a rep — but there will be no kit included in that free sign up.) But it's not hard. You DO have to put in effort. You can go to a million different Avon rep sites and they'll all say…

OH, it's so easy – blah blah blah. I think they are just trying to get you to sign up. Me – I'm a little different. To be honest – I really DON'T want you to sign up if you're going to do absolutely nothing with your Avon business and then complain to me that you aren't making money. No thanks.  The ONLY way you're going to make money selling Avon is by working at it. You can't just throw a few brochures at the local laundromat and think you're going to make $1000 a month. It's *not* going to happen.

Perks (and more money!) When You Sell Avon

If you've not checked out an Avon brochure in years – you should – so many reasonably priced, awesome products. Huge variety!
You can earn 40-50% commission on all beauty products!

1. There are a ton of training topics and videos on Avon's site and you can earn rewards.
2. Having your own business is empowering.
3. In many cases there are tax savings for having a home business.
4. Opportunity to build your own team and earn 3 to 9% of their sales, recruiting is fun!
5. If you have an eRep Avon site, the customer can have products delivered straight from Avon.
6. Avon is about getting the products YOU want – so everyone gets to have a personal experience.
7. Avon now carries so much variety – you honestly will be shocked. Not just makeup and skincare. There are home decor items, toys, kids clothes, purses, electronics – so much!
8. All of Avon's products carry their well known money-back guarantee.

How Much Does It Cost to Become an Avon Rep

It's very easy to sign up as an Avon Rep. You can become an Avon Independent Sales Representative, and start your own business quickly. It only costs just $10 to start your own Avon business. And that $10 also includes 20 brochures (10 for each of your first two selling campaigns). After you sign up, you will receive a welcome e-mail. And then you'll be able to go online, explore all the great products, and start your training. You may also build your personal website to sell products and manage your business.

How Much Do You Make Selling Avon

You earn 40% on your sales of beauty products in your first order, regardless of the size, when your order is placed online. So, if you ever wanted to stock up for yourself too… this is the time. And side note — Avon now sells home cleaning products and laundry detergent too! While you are an Avon Representative, you can continue to earn as much as 50% on beauty products, depending on your order size. You can increase your earnings potential by recruiting, training, and mentoring new Representatives. And because Avon offers so much online training, your recruits don't need much mentoring! It's all right there for them! I love using all the guides, watching the videos and reading in the community.

If you check out, you'll see they have the info on what the average Avon rep makes:

“Average Avon Sales Representative yearly pay in the United States is approximately $34,387…”

Earnings go up with your sales rank:

Contender (C): A representative with Award Sales up to $4,999 in a given sales year.

Premier (P): A representative with Award Sales of $5,000 to $9,999 in a given sales year.

President’s Recognition Program (PRP): A representative with Award Sales of $10,000 or more in a given sales year.

Your Avon Kit Has Everything You Need to Get Started

Plus – You also get an Avon website for selling Avon online too!  And it costs you nothing! I find it's totally worth having my own eRep site. After all – my entire family is in Indiana – not here in North Carolina! So they can all buy from me and I still get the commissions. Granted – they pay some shipping (but a lot of times Avon offers FREE shipping on orders over $30!)  The eRep site you get is very professional and they do all the work of taking the order and shipping it etc.

There is also a free mobile app that allows you to sell on the go!

The free training from Avon U lets you train when it's convenient for you. And there is a wealth of knowledge to take advantage of there!

Social media butterfly? That's awesome — because Avon offers lots of free social media content for you to market with.

There are lots of benefits to becoming an Avon rep and Avon WANTS you to succeed. They've got an entire customer support team to help you when you need it.

Setting Goals for Your Avon Business and Commissions

Like I said before –

if you're not gonna work your Avon business - none of this matters.Click To Tweet But if you're smart about it, study the business structure and go into Leadership as well – there is money to be made. I am proof of that. I was sick right before Halloween last year and really couldn't do my Avon business the last two weeks of October. I STILL got a check for $514 in commissions from my team's sales and I got a check for $125 for reps I'd recruited prior to being sick that had placed their on time orders for $50.  So – I made almost $650 and I was sick! This was because I laid down the foundation prior to this – by having a customer base already in place for my eRep site and by going into Leadership and having a team in place. It didn't happen overnight – I worked on it step by step – but you see what I mean.
YOU set the pay scale.
For specifics…

What Else is Fabulous About Selling Avon?

If you get out there and really work on building your Avon business (and yes, this means SELLING AVON PRODUCTS!!!!!) – there are cool things that come with that beyond just commissions. Avon reps can earn very nice trips — and of course all the bonuses that they offer now too!

Get Signed Up and Start Selling Avon TODAY!

It's SO easy to get started – no matter where you live!  All you have to do is fill out Avon's online form

Hope you found our page on Selling Avon informative and helpful. And again… if you'd like to sign up online today – you sure can.

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