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Work at Home Chat Jobs with LivePerson

Websites that provide people with information have become wildly popular over the past few years. This is good news for those of us who work at home because most of this information providing websites, such as Live Person, rely on freelancers to provide the information.

What makes LivePerson unique from other sites is that curious customers can actually speak to a real live person, instead of getting answers from what sometimes feels like a mythical source. Talking to a real person makes it easy for the customer to ask follow up questions and really make sure they understand the information they have been provided. If you’re the freelancer who provides a customer with the answers they seek, you get paid. There are two ways to answer questions for Live Person: live chat and email.

Getting Paid

The first thing that really impressed me about Live Person was that they didn’t set the pay scale, they let the freelancers do that. This is great if you’re providing answers that are extensive and time-consuming. When you set your price, you do need to bear in mind that Live Person does take a portion of your payment and it’s a bit steep. If you answer religious/spiritual questions, the commission is 45%. It drops to 35% for all other categories, so plan ahead. Another thing you need to keep in mind: for questions answered via email, there’s a flat fee, if you’re live chatting with a customer, they pay by the minute. Once you have earned a minimum of $50, you can expect to get paid. The first payment is sent to you as a check and after that, Live Person deposits the money into your PayPal account. Payments are made monthly, provided you continuously meet the $50 minimum. (Read about more opportunities to answer questions for cash or online chat jobs.)

Getting Started with LivePerson

Live Person has done an excellent job keeping the application process simple. You just fill out a form, create your profile, set your price, and choose the categories. The hardest part of the process is listing your qualifications. The more impressive your qualifications are, the more likely it is customers will choose you to answer their questions, just make sure you can verify each of your qualifications in case you’re even asked.

Final Thoughts

I think that Live Person is a legit work at home site and I’ve heard many positive things about it, both from people who are experts and those who have used it to get information. I think if you set your prices just right and are an expert in a field that lots of people are looking for information about, you could earn a decent amount of money.
If you are looking for a way to make money at home, give Live Person a try! You might just find a fun new way to earn an extra income without ever leaving the comfort of your living room.

Update: LivePerson has gone to a 100% AI (artificial intelligence) platform. Basically – they don't need humans to answer questions. BUT — that being said… they do have several remote positions open. So, you'll want to at least check those out to see if anything fits your skill set and interests. Here is a link to their career page — on location – scroll down and select “United States Remote”.

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