Sell Your Poop for Cash? (Yes… you can, $250 a week!)

“The truth is, you could earn $13,000 a year by selling your poop for research.”

Fecal Donations? Yep – Sell Your Poop in the Name of Science

OK – so I've been researching and writing about work at home since 1999. Yes… 1999 — and honestly, this is the first I have heard of this. And not to be gross, or crazy — it's a real thing. (See my post, Unusual or Weird Ways to Make Money from Home for more surprise cash makers.)

So my friend Beth works in the lab at one of our local hospitals. We were at the movies the other night and afterward, we were joking around about how movie theater popcorn always makes our stomach hurt, so why do we order it? Somehow, the conversation deteriorated and we're talking about poop, diarrhea, having babies…

And by NO means… am I making fun of anyone with a serious medical condition – but I was telling Beth about the time I had a stomach bug and had to take a poop sample to the lab. She was telling me it's no big deal… and the technicians think nothing of it and they see poop all day. And then… she says, “and you of all people should know that there are people making serious money at home donating fecal samples.”

Wait… what?

So obviously… I had to research the whole “sell your poop” topic to see if it was real. And yes… honestly, yes – you can, basically sell your poop.

Apparently, you can sell your poop for $250 a week if you're a good candidate and pass screening.

So let's get down to more details of why this is a thing. There are labs, like Open Biome that need stool samples. These samples are actually used for a treatment called fecal microbiota transplantation. Now, I can't tell you what this is – but I can tell you it helps to treat patients. (I won't go into all the details here of how… you can read up on that yourself.) So, ultimately you can make money and help someone else get well or at least treated for an illness/disease.

here Can I Sell My Poop for Money?

First and foremost, you need to be between the ages of 18 and 50 and have a BMI under 30 to sell your poop.

As well — Open Biome, works only with donors that work or live near Somerville or Medford, Massachusetts area. So there is that. And I've researched quite a bit, and this seems to be the only facility taking fecal samples. Now, if I'm wrong…. speak up in the comments section below.

If this is your area… then your first step is to join the Stool Donor Registry.

Once contacted after joining the registry — there is a pre-screening process. Obviously, donors would need to be super healthy to even be considered. Then there are sample tests and blood tests. Once these are passed, you're then tested every 60 days while donating. (Read about more ways to make cash from home here.)

How Much Money Can I Make Donating My Stool Samples?

Well – a lot actually. No joke. How does $250 a week sound? Yep – it's $40 per sample and you can donate five days a week. If you do donate five days a week, you'll get a $50 bonus.

And… I know this is getting weirder — but they actually have monthly contests with prizes for the BIGGEST, single donation.

Where can I sell my poop?

OK – I've Read This Post – Is It Real?

Yes – I promise. It is very real. And I do realize that with the limited location area and the requirements that need to be met, this is not open to all of us. But my goal is to help whomever I can earn extra cash and there just might be someone out there totally unaware that this is a “thing”. Hey, I didn't know!? And let me say this – I'm 48, healthy and have a BMI less than 30 — so, I would totally be on that donor registry list if I lived in that area! You're not only making money, but you could ultimately help someone out there get well. As weird and crazy as that is — it's not a bad thing.

So read up for yourself here or here.

And please… if you have done this or have more information, I personally would love for you to share in the comments section below and I think my readers would be interested as well.

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