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Have You Heard the Buzz About BzzAgent?

If you’ve checked out many work at home reviews or browsed the thousands of mommy blogs, you have probably seen people talking about at least a few times. is a new craze that many bloggers are excited about and I decided to check into it and see if it was really as amazing as they claim. is basically a website where consumers do the marketing for various companies.  Consumers get to try tons of new products and services for free and then they review them or spread the word about them to friends and family.  The premise behind this company is “word of mouth” advertising as the ultimate way to build brand recognition.  BzzAgent relies on consumers and social networks to advertise the products they promote.  Here is how the website explains it…

“BzzAgent creates a deep connection between consumers and brands to activate word of mouth across social and offline media. Through the engagement of our network of passionate, vocal and connected consumers, we provide companies the ability to activate large-scale discussions, uncover hidden value, and drive measurable results. We believe in unpaid, unscripted ethical and authentic conversations (only!).”

When you become a member of, you get to try tons of great products for free.  The company will ship them to you and you don’t pay a dime!  In return for the free products, you are asked to provide your opinion… what you like, what you dislike, etc.
With each item, you receive a BzzAgent BzzKit.  This kit includes a full sized product, smaller samples, coupons, and information about the item.  It also provides details on how to submit your report after you review the item.

Who Can Become a BzzAgent?

Currently, works with consumers in the United States and Canada.  There is a separate website for those who live in the United Kingdom at  The company is rapidly growing in popularity so it is expected to spread to other countries in the future.

How Does It Work?

When you sign up with, you will answer a survey.  This allows BzzAgent to figure out which products you are best matched with.  The questions are simple.  They will ask for your gender, age, whether ou have children, and other similar questions.  Take time to really answer these questions accurately because they will use your answers to determine which products you can review.

Once you fill out the survey, you will be notified when a new campaign starts that you are eligible to participate in.  You may be matched with a campaign within hours after joining or it could take a couple of weeks.  It really just depends on what products BzzAgent is currently running campaigns for and your personal demographics.

When you are matched with a product, you will get an email inviting you to participate in the product’s campaign.  If you aren’t interested, you always have the option to decline and it BzzAgent won’t penalize you.  If you accept the invitation, then they will send you your kit with the products and information you need to get started.

How Do I Get More Invitations?

If you want to try more products, the best way to get offers is to build your rank.  There are six tiers of BzzAgents and the more products you try, the higher your rank will climb.  The people with higher rankings get more invitations.  Here are the rankings:

Tier 1 – Solitary Bee
Tier 2 – Carpenter Bee
Tier 3 – Busy Bee
Tier 4 – Honey Bee
Tier 5 – Social Bee
Tier 6 – Sweet Bee


To move up to the next tier, you will refer to your Honeycomb tracker.  Each task you complete allows you to move up one space on the honeycomb.  You can move up for submitting a report after you try a new product.  Reports are simple too!  You just write a quick paragraph sharing how you talked about the product you tried.  You submit your report to the “hive” which is just the other people trying products.  Keep in mind that they want your honest opinions.  Don’t feel obligated to sell something that you didn’t like by promoting it.  The whole concept is that they want your honest opinion.


Earn MyPoints With BzzAgent

After you submit your report, you will get an approval email.  Keep in mind that you can submit multiple reports if you talk about the product more than one time.  Each time you get an approved report, you get 50 MyPoints to use on  These points can be traded in for all kinds of rewards, from iPods to clothing to gift cards to great stores.  There is no limit to how many points you can earn so you can really rack up free gift cards if you work hard!

BzzAgent also awards you with MyPoints for doing a short 30-question survey when you finish a campaign.  You can even earn MyPoints for filling out a few questions on your profile. Get signed up for MyPoints now so you're already ahead of the game – takes just a minute to sign up.

Move Up Faster at the FrogPond

BzzAgent also offers an area called the FrogPond where you can check out new websites and review them through short surveys.  You can move up on your Honeycomb tracker by visiting three websites at the FrogPond each month.  You can always do more than three each month, but that is the minimum to move up on the Honeycomb.  You will probably have a lot of fun with FrogPond.  There are great websites represented there and I found several that I bookmarked to check out again in the future.

Connect With Other BzzAgent Reviews at BzzScapes

If you love social networking, BzzScapes will be your favorite aspect of  Basically, you get to interact with others who are trying new products and leave your own reviews as well.  Each month, you can add 10 reviews to BzzScapes to move up the honeycomb further.  You can choose any 10 products to review.  Each product will have its own BzzScape and you can choose the ones you like best.


Earn Golden Keys

As you move up the Honeycomb each month, you will automatically acquire golden keys.  This is a fun reward because you can use a golden key to unlock any campaign you want to participate in, even if you wouldn’t normally receive an invitation to it.  When you are checking out available campaigns, if you see the little golden key icon, you can use your golden key to unlock it and participate.


Make sure you save your golden keys for the products you really want to try.  Don’t waste them!

What Kinds of Products Can I Try at BzzAgent?

There are tons of products you can try through BzzAgent.  From make-up to pet food to toys, there is something for everyone.  Here is a list of some of the FREE items that have recently been available through BzzAgent campaigns:

•    Children’s Claritin Chewables – 10-count box
•    Island Breeze Bicardi – 1 bottle
•    Springhill Suites Hotel – 1 night
•    Purina ONE dog food – 1 bag
•    Take5 Candy Bars – Box of 20
• – 3 CDs
•    SoniCare Toothbrush – 1 kit
•    Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner – 1 Kit
•    Lawry’s Marinades & Seasoned Salt – Apron, 1 Salt, 4 Marinades
•    Aveeno Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner – 1 full size bottle of each

These are just a few examples of the many offers that are available at BzzAgent.

Bzzagent Samples

Is Worth My Time?

So here’s the verdict… you aren’t going to get rich using BzzAgent.  BUT you are going to get lots of free stuff and you can earn unlimited MyPoints which equal more free products or free gift cards.  This is a great addition to your work at home arsenal.  I highly recommend it!

Joining BzzAgent is free and easy. Get started today!
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