Be a Product Tester from Home for Free – Large List of Opps

Love the Idea of Being a Product Tester? You're in Luck!

So most everything on the list below is not an actual product testing JOB – but there are lots and lots of great opportunities to do some product testing and the perk is that you get to keep most everything you test.

This list is being updated often, because I am pleasantly surprised by how many new opportunities are out there for us to be product testers and snag some freebies. This is ever changing too – so one day you might be trying out candles and the next it might be gourmet nuts and candy. You just never know. And though the chance for actual cash or employment is small with product testing opportunities — there are lovely and exciting “gifts” for participating.

Sites and Companies Looking for Product Testers

– Absolutely free sample service that ships subscribers 3-7 (or more) samples each month. Many are name brands. No catch – they just want feedback.

Chatterbox or House Party

– Newer site that sends you a party pack to try new products with friends and family. Keep the products!

In-Home Product Testing

– You can sign up to be a panel member and if chosen, you'll do product testing for a variety of products. (18 years old and USA only)


(Details and Review)
– This one is very new, but so far I am really liking it. Not just products, but services too! So many items to test – toilet paper, razors, cold remedies and more.

Product Evaluators Needed

– Boots carries out studies and in-use tests on healthy volunteers to ensure our cosmetics, toiletries and skincare products meet the required standards before they go on the shelves in store.

She Speaks

– Everything from beauty products to shoes.


(Details and Review)
– I absolutely LOVE this site. Free to join and you get free stuff. I've gotten to be a product tester for kindle books, shampoo, olive oil and more.

InStyle Trendsetters

– InStyle Magazine

Nintendo Game Testers

– I know! Yes – they need game testers (but only in Redmond Washington area)

Centercode Online Beta

– They have a large group of beta testers – so opps to become one are there.


– Modems, telephone and tablet accessories – their site doesn't actually say.

Expo TV

– This one is a little different and one that those that have a youtube channel will love. They want video reviews of products.

Franklin Foods

– Be a product tester for their cream cheese products from what I can tell.

Microsoft Playtest Gamers

– You don't have to be a hardcore gamer to sign up. They match you with your gaming likes.

Vindale Research

– Pays you to review products. Evaluation payments can range from $5 to $75.

– They select product testers according to location and age of children. Free homeschooling products to boot!

L’Oreal Product Testing

– Beauty buffs will love this – opps to try new L'Oreal products.

product tester

Lets find even more product testing opportunities together. Keep reading…

Is there another product testing company or free sample site that you don't see in the list above? Please contact me and let me know. I'd be happy to research it and maybe even write a review about it. I'd like to create the best product testing resource possible so that everyone benefits and you can help me! Thank you in advance.


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