Test Products for Chatterbox

Woman testing cosmetic products.

Test Products for Chatterbox

I always feel a little funny when I start talking about companies that offer product testing deals to freelance contractors. Since most of these places don’t pay, they just let the contractors keep the product they tested, it never actually feels like work to me.

That being said, good product testers can score some pretty sweet stuff. I know people who have gotten several different computers and tablets. Not only did they get to use these products before anyone else, but they were also allowed to keep them. (You might also want to check out Crowdtap and Pinchme for more free product testing offers!)

One company that has created an excellent product testing program is Chatterbox.

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The types of products that Chatterbox deals with includes:
• Health/wellness products
• Clothing
• Toys
• Pet supplies
• Food
• Over the counter medications
• Food
• Products to be used in the house
• Etc.

Get Started

To become involved in Chatterbox’s product testing program, you’ll have to fill out an application be accepted into the program. Space is limited since there’s a set number of products that need to be tested. Once you have completed the application process and log into your account, you’ll see a chat box. You want to pay careful attention to the chat box since that’s were information about products in need of testers will be listed. Chatterbox works hard to match products and testers so each person’s account will show a different set of available products.
Not only will you be able to access your account on your computer, but you can also use an app that’s compatible with Android-powered devices.

What I Love About Chatterbox

I don’t think a single month goes by when I’m not testing some product for Chatterbox. I love getting my hands on products that haven’t hit the market and each time I blog about one of the products I’ve tested through the Chatterbox program, my page view numbers double.

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Not only does the company have a ton of great products, but they also have a wonderful service department and have always been great whenever I’ve had questions. They’re a pleasant company to be associated with.


Unlike some product testing companies that charge their testers a small fee, you can sign up for Chatterbox and not have any expenses.

Final Thoughts

I should point out that right now, Chatterbox is not accepting new applications. My best advice is to keep an eye on the website and send in your application as soon as they say they’re looking for product testers. The slots fill up quickly so you don’t want to dawdle.


**UPDATE: Looks like Chatterbox has been rebranded to Ripple Street. You’re still able to try and test new products. Sign up is here: Ripple Street

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