Pinchme Review [Testing Free Products Just Got Super Fun & Easy]

PinchMe Review
“My Pinchme review! Take a look at what I received and how Pinchme works. See if it's worth your time.”

My Pinchme Review – With Pics!

Absolutely! When I get free samples just to try them – I literally do a happy dance. Honestly. I just ate a Kashi GoLean FREE granola bar. Free. And the world is filled with FREE-NESS if you know where to look. And that's what I want to talk to you about today. I've discovered an awesome FREE-NESS find. I'm so excited — so let's get to it.

Product Tester vs Free Stuff

I get a lot of emails about being a product tester. And yes… I have a full resource page on becoming a product tester for various companies and such. But actually landing a “product tester” JOB — is hard. Very hard. Not impossible, but not easy. So what's the next best thing? Free stuff. Free stuff that you get to try at no cost to you. And not crappy stuff. Everything is delightful, interesting or awesome. I've snapped two pics for my Pinchme review below. These are of the first box I've ever received – and I tried to make sure you could clearly see everything that was in it.

PinchMe Review Unboxing

Here's another pic — to see more of what's inside — I guess I could have taken it all out and snapped it that way — but the box was just so darn cute, I wanted to leave it all in there to give you a good idea of exactly what to expect. And honestly — I really wasn't expecting such a nice little package. Everything was packed neatly, nothing was broken or damaged. And the number of samples. Wow — so many! Now I do want to note as well — this is a premium sample box. It was sent to me to share with my readers some of the past, present and future samples. A normal box will have 3-8 samples. Box Contents

Pretty cool, right? And like I said… I just ate the granola bar and it was yummy!

So What Gives? Is it REALLY Free?

Yep. Free. Now… let me be completely honest here — because that's how I roll. is a monthly subscription site. They let people like you and me try products from all different kinds of companies, many are leading brands. Month after month you can look forward to your free box of goodies from All they ask in return is your feedback on the products. Just like I just told you that the Kashi GoLean Peanut Hemp Crunch Bar was DELICIOUS (and satisfying). That bar went so well with my afternoon coffee! (You might also want to check out Crowdtap, they offer free products to test too!)

Pinchme Review: Kashi GoLean Peanut Butter Hemp

I love this granola bar so much — I'll be picking up a box the next time I go to the store. I might have never done that if I hadn't gotten this free sample. So it's win-win. I get something awesome to try and Kashi just got me to try their product and…. fall in love. New customer. (See my post, Be a Product Tester from Home for Free – Large List of Opps for more ideas like this one!)

You're thinking… ok, ok… so I get free stuff and just have to review it? Yep – just offer some feedback. Companies really want it. And it's not just granola bars.. although I know I'm raving on about it. You can see in my pics above there was so much more in the box. And not for just the humans in my house! Nope… I have two cats and a dog too and I received cat treats, dog treats and canned cat food!

Here is a list of the samples on offer next Sample Tuesday, 23rd February:

For your home and personal care:

· Sundown Naturals Co Q10 Gummy Vitamins
· Unisom Sleep-Aid
· ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep-Aid
· Method Products Coupon

For your pet:
· Beyond Dry Cat Food
· Muse Cat Food
· Iams Proactive Health Hairball Care
· Dentastix Original Treats

For your little one:
· Boon SNUG Spout Universal Sippy Lid

I know right?? Pretty sweet.

I Bet You Have to Pay Shipping Right?

Heck no. You do not pay shipping with — It's FREE! Let me just put it in super simple terms:

· Try products from leading brands for FREE, all in exchange for your feedback
· 100% FREE to join, no credit card required
· Free shipping on all box orders
· New products each and every month
· Join over 2 Million+ happy PINCHers nationwide
· Products include grocery, baby, pet, beauty, home and personal care

How Do I Sign Up?

I hope you enjoyed my Pinchme review. Now, what are you waiting for? Get over to, sign up and start enjoying all these freebies. The next sample Tuesday is SOON!! In return… share what you think. That's it.

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  1. Dorva Harbur says:

    I have done reviews for other companies and I love doing this. You get see new things that go on the market and know first hand if it is something you would like to try.

  2. I love to try new stuff and provide my opinion

  3. Ruby J Jones says:

    This is a great opportunity for me to be a tester for different products. Product reviewer is the perfect home job for me. How can I sign up? I would love to learn more about this type of work.

  4. I would love to try your products and give my honest reviews. Im a stay at home mother with 2 children.

  5. Amanda Blackwell says:

    do you have a referral code that I can use when signing up?

  6. its free to sample these things, I love trying new things out, just hate to pay for everything new. I would love to be a tester for some of these products.

  7. tammy stuart says:

    i want to do this

  8. Thank you so much.

  9. It’s really useful.I wanna try this to save my time and make some money out of it.

  10. Does this work international because I’m in South Africa

  11. scholastikayana Jani says:

    Hello, Thank you for sharing your knowledge work from home. I really appreciate it. Now I receive many email for survey and coming soon product tester. I really thank you because the thing to start with 0 investment. Until now I still wondering there is some advice that we should listen. I will be hope that I still continues to follow your blog. Thank you..

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