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Question: What happened to Swaggable? 
Answer: Sadly the company Swaggable, founded in 2012 has closed it's doors. 

Swaggable is a company that matches manufactures with product reviewers. Many of the products the company works with are brand new and several months away from being available to the general public. Swaggable than collect feedback from the product testers and uses it to help launch a consumer-driven marketing campaign.

Getting Started with Swaggable

Swaggable really has made the application process as easy as possible. If you decide that it’s a program you’re interested in joining, all you have to do is sign up. Once you’ve done that, you provide the company with a little background information about yourself and the types of products your routinely use and they’ll start matching you with the products they have available. You’ll able to test products within a few days.

Finding Products to Test

One of the things I like about the Swaggable product testing opportunity is that they do most of the work for me. They don’t expect me to spend hours perusing their client list, looking for something I want to try out. If they find a product that they think will be a good match for me, they send me an email. At this point, it becomes my responsibility to decide if I want to take the opportunity or not. If it sounds interesting, I’ve learned to sign up quickly. Swaggable has a limited number of products they’ll send out and they operate on a first come first serve basis. The demand for some of the products is quite high. (You might also want to check out Smiley360 for awesome product testing opportunities too.)

At the end of the product testing period, I have to write a review which gets used as promotional material. In addition to being placed on the consumer website, my review can also be shared on my social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook. (You can see more product testing opportunities by reading my post on how to become a product tester.)

product testing opportunity

And though product testing is fun and a way to earn cash, reward points or even free stuff — don't forget that paid focus group opportunities can mean being paid $50 or more!

Final Thoughts

I don’t use Swaggable as much as I should because although they have some really great products, they don’t have any financial compensation for their product testers. I get to keep the product includes, which include a high number of food products, and Swaggable usually sends me several coupons, but that’s the extent of the compensation. And right now I’m not in a position where I can provide the time needed to test a product and write a review when there are no financial benefits.

That being said, I do think Swaggable is a great company. They’re fun to work with, organized, and truly want to know what their product testers think. It’s a great place for anyone who has always been intrigued by the idea of product testing but didn’t know how to go about it to get started. Get details here.

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