Ipsos Survey Review [Earn Amazon Gift Cards with I-Say Points]

Ipsos Survey Review

Ipsos Survey Review to Help You Decide

Ipsos is a company is best known for offering surveys, though some people have reported that they were able to make additional money by writing product reviews for the company.

How it Works

Ipsos works for companies that need feedback from customers. In exchange for taking the survey, a small amount of money gets deposited into your account. Lots of people like to earn money this way because they can complete a survey in just one or two minutes, and the surveys provide a pleasant break from other, occasionally tedious, projects. In addition to making a little cash from each survey you take, sometimes the company sponsoring the survey will throw in some free products.

How Many Surveys Are Available

I’ve worked for similar sites that only seem to ever have one or two surveys available every few months. That’s not the case with Ipsos. They have a huge client base which means I can take a few new surveys every single week. (You might want to check out Mintvine too. I've already earned over $1500 doing surveys with them.)

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Be Realistic About How Much Money You’ll Make

Although working for Ipsos and taking their surveys is one way to pad your work at home income, you shouldn’t rely on it. At most, you can use it to supplement what you make, but it shouldn’t be the bulk of your income. The average amount of money you’ll make per survey is only about $0.20, which means it will take a lot of surveys before you make any real cash. On the other hand, the surveys can be completed in a few minutes while standing in line at the grocery store, or waiting for in line to get fuel, and eventually the amount of money you have in your account will add up and you can use it to treat yourself to a nice dinner or pay off a chunk of your credit card.

Getting Paid

One of the things I really like about Ipsos is that I don’t have to wait until my account reaches $100 before I can collect my earnings. If I’m willing to accept a gift card, I can collect my earnings when my balance reaches $10. If I want cash, I have to wait until I’ve earned $15.

Even though I don’t think Ipsos can be considered a steady source of work at home income, I also don’t think you should write it off. I think everyone should sign up and take a few surveys a month.

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  1. Money Making Mommy says:

    It does seem to have a feast or famine type of flow. I just stick with it — and jump to other surveys.

  2. athanasia vagias says:

    i have been on ipsos isay for about 3 weeks now. the first couple of days it seemed great but now i keep getting the same message “there are no surveys available that fit you.”. it is pretty frustrating. i have been at the same amount of points for 3 weeks now.

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