A Respondent Survey Pays $140 an Hour Average. Is This Legit?

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“Respondent survey review, including how to sign up, earnings and being a beta tester/participant for them.”

Respondent Review – Is It Legit?

What is Respondent?

Respondent was created in 2018 and their mission statement is to “make high-quality respondents universally accessible, so anyone can conduct market research”. What does that mean to you and me? The ones wanting to make extra cash? Basically Respondent is a legitimate marketing research company. Marketing research has been used forever by companies before they launch a product or service. Tapping into the “response” of real humans and getting real feedback is important.

But a lot of times, the average Joe doesn't get to participate in these high paying market research surveys and questionnaires because they are done mainly in big cities. So if we're not locations like LA or New York City, we're out of luck. Respondent hopes to bridge that gap with “remote” participation. Sometimes it's via video or on the phone — but it allows all of us to participate no matter where we live.

Respondent surveys are conducted in person too. You can choose remote or in-person or both.

How to Get Started with Respondent

First and foremost, it's free. You'll need to be at least 18 and most opportunities are for residents of the USA, but I noticed on a reddit thread that Canadians had luck as well.

In order to get paid, you'll need a PayPal account. I don't many these days that don't have a PayPal account, but if you don't, it's free and easy to get one.

You can create a Respondent account easily. You can sign up via Facebook, Google Gmail or your LinkedIn account. But you can also use an email address of your choosing. You will need to enter a bit of personal info, but that helps them categorize you into a specific demo. Most companies doing market research are gearing their product or service toward a certain demographic. It's fairly basic info like name, birth date, your home address, phone number, and contact email address.

They will ask more defining info like gender, your education level and ethnicity too. It's still very minimal information and it shouldn't take very long to fill out the information needed to get started.

Once Your Respondent Account is Active

Now that your account is verified and active – you'll be able to log in and see all the surveys currently being offered. Below, you can see what a portion of my survey dashboard looks like to give you an idea.

Types of Respondent Surveys

They give you all the details you need to make an informed decision as to whether or not a survey if right for you and what it pays. You'll also see how long the survey takes to complete. When I log in, I always go to the left sidebar and select “remote”. That way I can only see the surveys I can do from home.

Respondent Remote Survey Selection Option

I've seen surveys anywhere from $20 up to $400 so far. The $400 one was geared toward medical professionals — so obviously, I couldn't participate. But, I have participated in three surveys so far and have earned $195 total. My goal was to use Respondent to add 1.) Another stream of income. 2.) Something that earned at least $50 a month. It's absolutely surpassed this goal for me – and that's why I am sharing it. The survey I enjoyed the most was for a user interface on a new website. They wanted me to explore the site and let them know how I liked the colors, the layout, the logo and most importantly, how easy was it to navigate to the places they wanted me to go to within their survey.

Respondent Tips, Observations and Heads Up Info to Know

I've read where others have earned $200 or more doing IN PERSON surveys and focus groups – so don't limit yourself to remote options if you can do in-person ones.

Respondent does take a 5% (or $1 – whichever is higher) fee for payment processing and rounding up all these great surveys and presenting them to you. Seems fair.

Though Respondent is extremely legit — I did read on a Reddit thread that a survey or two didn't seem “quite right”. Like they were asking for some personal banking information. IF you get into a survey and they are asking for some very personal info — you need to report that to Respondent. I've never had this happen to me personally, but you can read the Respondent thread I'm speaking about here. This same thread has many other saying it's safe, and one person that has earned $5000 using Respondent. Like I said, none of the Respondent surveys I've done so far have been even remotely fishy or weird. And I have been paid each and every time.

Earn Even More with Respondent

I was completely happy just earning money doing the surveys I qualified for with Respondent, but they offer another way to earn. You can refer friends and family and earn that way as well. You'll be given your very own referral link. If/when they complete a study or survey – guess what? You pocket $20-$50!! Yep — no joke. I've referred 27 people so far and out of those 9 completed surveys/studies. My earnings from that? $210! I encourage you to share and earn!

Making the Most Out of Respondent Surveys

Because Respondent can be a very lucrative opportunity, you're not going to want to miss out. So, here are some tips that I personally use to help me make the most that I can.

Keep Your Respondent Survey Login Link Bookmarked

I not only have my bookmarked, but I have it on my browser bar. All my important “visit every day” links are on my browser bar. You better believe Respondent is one of them. Keep the link somewhere that you'll remember to visit often to see what new opps are there.

Be Ready to Jump Into a Survey

Respondent has grown so much over the past year, via word of mouth, that surveys get snatched up fast. When you log in, be ready to snap up what interests you! Ponder too long and it will be gone. I've learned this all too well. I actually missed out on a survey that I was perfect for because I decided to go make coffee first. NO joke.

Be Yourself and Be Genuine

Respondent is all about helping you and I earn, but also helping companies get HONEST feedback. When you're participating in a Respondent survey, even if you feel like it might be negative, you've got to be honest. This is exactly the feedback they need. If you find something horrid… tell them… “Whoa, this is super bad and this is why…”

Final Thoughts on Respondent

So far, so good. I don't have any complaints from my own personal experience. My only regret is that I didn't bother to sign up a long time ago! I'd love to hear your experience with Respondent. Feel free to comment below.


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