PaidViewPoint Review – Real Survey Money?

PaidViewPoint Review

My PaidViewPoint Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

PaidViewPoint is a sister company of Instant Cash Sweepstakes and a definite legitimate opportunity for those looking to work from home. PaidViewPoint’s purpose is to gather information from people and then give that information to businesses so they can improve their products, services, advertisements, websites and whatever else they want to better. Why do businesses want this information? Your feedback means better products and services which translate into more business and more money.

Is different than any other company conducting the same research?

Their philosophy is based on four main principles:

1.    They will pay you cash for every market research survey you complete.
2.    Once you are invited to take a survey, you are never screened out.
3.    They have found a way to make taking surveys interesting rather than boring.
4.    Privacy is very important and you will never be asked to divulge your real name or your home address.

It is these four business practices that set above many other online survey companies. They have found a way to target the biggest complaints people have and turn them around to their benefit.

Lifetime earnings so far:

How does PaidViewPoint work?

Once you are registered with them, you will get e-mail invitations to take a survey. You may get them every few days or you could possibly get them every day. If you notice that you are not receiving any e-mails from them, you might want to check your spam folder. Often, they get flagged and end up there so be sure to read your spam folder as well as your inbox.

When your invitation comes, you will have to log in and answer some brief questions—usually multiple choice. After you answer the questions, you have pretty much earned your money.

How much do the surveys pay?

Most of the quick ten question surveys will pay about ten cents each. However, there are some surveys that can pay up to two dollars each, but those are offered with a limited time to complete them so as soon as you see an invitation to those surveys, you want to complete them as soon as possible. But regardless of the pay amount, you will get paid for every survey you complete.

Ten cents may not seem like a lot, but over time, it does add up. And considering many other online survey companies put you through screening questions before you take a survey and then you may not even qualify to take the survey, ten cents for ten questions seems like a great deal. You would spend more time doing something you will never get paid for. After all, these surveys take all of five minutes of time—maybe even less.

When and how is payment made?

The current threshold for payment is fifteen dollars. Once you hit that magic number, you can get your money, but only through PayPal so make sure you have a PayPal account before you begin with PaidViewPoint. (See my post, How I Make $325 or More a Month Doing Online Surveys for similar ways to earn cash just like this one.)

Is making more money possible?

PaidViewPoint demands a level of trust from its participants. They want to make sure that the answers you provide on their surveys are honest. If you are not answering honestly, the companies that hire them will not get the feedback they need, hence, they will not be able to make better products and services. Once that does not happen, these companies may be inclined to no longer use for getting the information they need so it is up to to ensure that survey takers are answering accurately.

So how do they know if you are answering accurately or not? They have a trust score that they use based on the answers you give. If you consistently have the same answer to similar questions, your score goes up. If your score goes up, you will be invited to answer some of those higher paying surveys. So this is one way you can earn more money, but it will take time to get your trust score to the highest level so you need to have patience.

Another way to earn more money is through, no surprise, referrals. If you refer someone to them, you will earn one dollar for every six or more surveys that person takes. One caveat to this is that the person must be active in order for you to get paid.

The Cons

Even a great company like PaidViewPoint has its negatives.

1.    The fifteen dollar payment threshold might not seem like a lot but it is when you consider you are only getting paid ten cents per survey on average. When you break it down, that is 150 surveys. People may get frustrated after completing survey after survey and not seeing a dime, literally, for it.

Even if you are filling out one survey a day, you still will not reach those fifteen dollars for several months. That is a long time. Lowering the threshold might be a better way to retain people and not think their time is not worth anything. Also, for those who do not have a PayPal account and do not want one, this could be a nuisance since it is their only method of paying you.

2.    Most referral programs are to the point—you refer someone, they register with the company and you make some money. requires more than that. They do not simply want people signing up and then never being an active member of the survey community.

They rely on these survey answers for their business so they need people to participate. This is perfectly understandable; however, you should get a little something for the initial referral and then maybe some type of bonus if they become active and answer surveys.

3.    The trust score they have can work against you. Your opinions and feelings on things are likely to change over time and that is normal for anyone. But if their score catches you with these inconsistent answers that can end up hurting you. Your trust score will go down and your chances of earning more money go down with it. It appears that you will be punished for answering honestly because it looks like you are lying. A bit confusing and unfair.

Is PaidViewPoint Legit?

Yes, they are a real company paying real money. Their threshold is a bit high considering how much you earn per survey, but they do pay you—and on time. A revamping of the referral program would also be helpful, but again, it does not make them less legit. If you do not mind spending a few minutes each day answering some questions, then go ahead and register with

It certainly will not replace a regular income, but since many of you probably spend so much time on the computer each day, what is a few more minutes earning a little extra something?

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