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iRazoo: Search, Find, Get Paid

Just like Google, iRazoo is a search engine. You get rewarded when you conduct searches. It is that simple. But They've also added many other ways to earn as well. This includes watching videos, taking surveys, answering questions and giving your opinion. I would liken iRazoo com to Swagbucks, where you can use all your points for a generous selection of gift cards and more.

How Does it Work? Is There an iRazoo Sign Up?

Signing up for iRazoo is very easy. I did it using my Facebook account because it's just fast and convenient. But you don't have to do it that way. You can just use an email address.
There are three basic steps to follow when joining the iRazoo search community.

Once you're signed up you're ready to earn points. I got 25 points just for having a profile picture on my account. When you're logged into your iRazoo Dashboard, you'll see all the options and ways you can earn on the left-hand side.

iRazoo Search Dashboard

Searn and Earn Feature

This is pretty self-explanatory, but iRazoo has its own search engine that's powered by By simply using their search feature you can earn points. This is one of the easiest ways to grab some points. Just like any other search engine, you simply use it to look up info. If you make this your default search engine you'll likely use it more and in turn earn more.

iRazoo Search Engine

I use it quite often and just find it the most simple way to get my point count up.

Earn Doing Other Tasks

As I said earlier – there are many ways to earn. The more points you have, the more fun you'll have redeeming them.

Redeem Your iRazoo Points

Go to your iRazoo account and then to the RAZOO Rewards Catalog. Here you will find a list of prizes that you can redeem according to the total points you have accumulated. Such prizes include iPods, video game systems, cameras and memory sticks. However, the cash seems to be the most popular reward, as it requires fewer points. For example, three thousand points will get you a five-dollar Amazon gift card. Or just have the cash sent to your PayPal account.

Points Rewarded for Referrals?

It should be no surprise that iRazoo has a referral/affiliate program. You cannot seem to escape affiliate marketing no matter how hard you try. The good news is that their referral program is free and pretty simple.

You are given a personalized (and free) url/website by iRazoo. This site is nearly identical to the iRazoo site except that it is coded so they know to pay you for any referrals that come through on your site. There is no technical know-how required and you cannot change anything on your site—as long as you get referrals, you will get paid. (See a list of sites like iRazoo, Get Paid for Reading Email, Doing Searches & Watching Ads that I put together.)

To get the referrals you need to spread the word to family, friends, coworkers—anyone you can think of who may want to join. This should be fairly easy considering everyone is on the Internet these days doing searches for anything and everything. So why not get paid for it?

For every referral that signs up and joins iRazoo through your site, you earn fifty points. Your referral even gets fifty points simply for joining. What is nice about the iRazoo referral program is that there are no limits on how many points you can earn through referrals or daily limits on referring new people. You can refer an endless amount of people on any given day.

Referrals Will Help Your Earnings – BIG TIME

If this was not enough good news, here is something that many will find very enticing about iRazoo—if your referral happens to be the random winner of the seventy-five points, you get seventy-five points as well. This, however, is where there is a limit as you can only get up to fifteen hundred points per referral. If he or she earns more than fifteen hundred, you will not be getting any further points beyond that threshold.

There is also a way to keep track on your referrals and how many points each has earned. When you go to “Refer Friends” there is a “Referral Statistics” section at the bottom. That will keep you updated on how much each of your referrals has earned so far. As of now, iRazoo is only offered to residents in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Helpful Hints for iRazoo Users

Be sure to use the referral program to your advantage. You do not want to simply rely on winning the seventy-five points for conducting searches. The referral program is a better way to earn points.

And because the concept of iRazoo is easy and simple, you should not have too much trouble getting people on board. Once they realize how easy it is and how they can earn some extra cash, your website will be flooded with referrals.

Who says you cannot use iRazoo for all your Internet activities? Instead of going directly to your Yahoo or Hotmail e-mail, conduct a search for them through iRazoo. You up your chances of earning more points this way.

The Cons

As much as you may not like it, even a company as highly regarded as iRazoo has some negatives. Among them are:

1.    Average Search Results: Search and win sites are famous for this as many of them make their money when you click on ads or fill out an offer. As a result, many of the search results have ads mixed in with them. The best way around some of this is to use iRazoo with whatever you use as your usual search engine.
2.    Not Quite Global: The fact that iRazoo is only open to three countries can leave other countries with some ill will. Administrative costs and fraud are the two main reasons companies like iRazoo shy away from offering their program in other countries, but it still seems a bit unfair to those who want in on this opportunity.

In Conclusion

I'm enjoying using iRazoo and always redeem my points for Amazon gift cards. I just stockpile it for gift buying and my Subscribe and Save orders. Because it's free to join and the interface user intuitive, it's a win for me.

iRazoo is a legitimate company who does not skimp their users. They pay and they pay well which is not always the case with these types of at-home opportunities. If you are looking to make some extra income that is quick and easy, consider joining iRazoo.

Update: It appears they have closed their website.

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