Get Paid to be a Pokémon Go Expert

Be a Pokemon Go Expert and Earn

Love Pokemon Go? Wanna Help Others Play?

I'm the first to admit… that at 49 years old, I LOVE Pokemon Go. Yeah… I was a gamer girl LONG before the XBox, PS4, Twitch, or hell… even cellphones! And that gamer spirit in me has never waned really. I'm an avid World of Warcraft player (….a mythic raider, thank you kindly!), I've played Black Ops and DayZ…. and long, long, long ago… I played Legend of Zelda on a Nintendo.

I've had two kids over the years. One ended up being a gamer like me. Actually… much better than me (youth has its advantages!) When he was younger, around 5 or 6, he was VERY much into Pokemon. The kid had so many Pokemon cards. All were neatly arranged in albums for safe keeping. He's still got these Pokemon cards, all these years later. Thank goodness for attic space, eh?

So Many are Loving Pokemon Go

Though my son's Pokemon passion was years ago — we both jumped on the Pokemon Go wagon immediately. And let me tell you, we've had nothing but fun! Even my youngest is playing. So at 49, 21 and 15 — you can see where Pokemon Go is covering a WIDE demographic. And though we caught on super fast (I did 10 battles yesterday at an outlet mall gym while my daughter and her friend shopped) and loved every minute of it, others are new to the game or slower at picking up the jest of the game or more of the advanced stuff.

This is where people like YOU and me can lend our expertise. And not just lend it… we can get paid for it.

Getting Paid to be a Pokemon Go Expert

There is a new company called, Thumbtack. Think of Thumbtack as a virtual expertise market. All kinds of people, with all kinds of “tech-y” knowledge offer their services to those less “tech-y”. It's sort of a mash-up between Fiverr, Expert123, Craigslist and TaskRabbit.

Thumbtack has just added a new section of experts to their round up — and these are Pokemon Go experts. Yep… all you Pokemon Go knowledge monsters can offer up help to others that are learning the game, have questions… or heck, be their own personal Pokemon Go “uber” by taking them around to Pokestops and Gyms.

Probably Not a Full-Time Job or Riches

No, you're probably not going to become filthy rich being a Pokemon Go Expert at Thumbtack. It's not going to rival a full-time income either (at least not that I can realistically see happening). BUT… you can have tons of fun and earn cash sharing your love for Pokemon Go or just helping others.

As always — keep safety in mind. Pokemon Go has become a way for scammers and unsavory types to take advantage of others. So stay aware and always keep safety your #1 priority.

You can find out more info on being a Pokemon Go Expert or hiring one here.

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