Work from Home as a Background Investigator at CACI International

CACI Background Investigator

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Have Nothing on You!

Do you love doing research, compiling data, and creating reports? If so, you could be the perfect candidate for a work at home job with CACI International. This company offers technology, business, and communications solutions to a variety of federal government agencies. Since its beginning in 1962, CACI International has been recognized as a top-rated employer on many occasions. The Washington Post listed this company among the “Top Workplaces” in 2016 and Forbes called it one of the “Top Employers for Veterans”. Most recently, CACI International was recognized among the “Top Companies with Remote Jobs”.

Working for CACI International is possible from practically anywhere in the United States. While they are based out of Arlington, Virginia, there are more than 120 offices across North America and Europe and thousands of employees work from home-based locations. There are currently nearly 17,000 people working for CACI International around the world and the company rewards their employees with incredible benefits like medical insurance, paid time off, and even reimbursement for college tuition.

What is a Background Investigator?

If you are dreaming of working at home, CACI International has openings for Background Investigators. This position is available in both full-time and part-time hours and it’s open to residents of all 50 states. As an investigator, you will conduct interviews, run reference checks, compile data, and create reports. You’ll be running background checks to insure national security, an important job that provides critical services to the federal government. (See a list of unusual or uncommon ways to make money from home.)

Who is Eligible?

In order to work for CACI International as a background investigator, you will need a bachelor’s degree or have documented equivalent experience. You will also need a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. Background investigators must have a current driver’s license and a reliable vehicle. You should be willing to travel within 100 miles to support your assignments. Since most of your work will be done from home, you will need a home office set up with high-speed internet and a LAN line.

Your computer should be compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel. You’ll need to be an exceptional communicator with the ability to write detailed reports up to 20 pages long. Background investigators will also be required to pass a drug test before employment. If you are selected as an investigator, you will have to complete eight weeks of training, including a minimum of three weeks on location.

How to Apply to be a Background Investigator

You can browse current openings at CACI International online here. CACI makes it simple to search by location or position. You can also upload a resume and create a profile where CACI recruiters can find you and match you with job openings that could be a good match for your skills. CACI also hosts hiring events and career fairs on a regular basis. They post these upcoming dates on the website so keep an eye out for one of these events in your area.

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