Where to Sell Feet Pics in America (or anywhere!)

Selling Your Feet Pics Online

There are many unique ways to earn an income online. There's overwhelming information on side hustles of every kind. Selling feet pics is no different. After reading about a woman that makes $90,000 a year selling her feet photos, I was intrigued on exactly how to sell feet pics to a buyer. And where do you sell these feet pics?

There are many online platforms that allow you to sell feet pictures. Many of them offer anonymity and safety.  They typically do take a percentage of your commissions, but are typically worth it for the security. You can venture on your own as well using social media platforms like Snapchat and Twitter, or an Only Fans-type business model with a monthly subscription fee.

And if you're thinking, no way, who would buy feet pics? Think again. I felt the same way, but then I read articles in the news like this one from British GQ,How having a foot fetish has gone mainstream“. I'd like to note, this post speaks to an audience of 18 years or older.  And to all — I recommend NEVER, ever show your face!

Who Buys Feet Pics?

Instead of conjuring images in your mind of seedy people in dark rooms trying to feed their foot fetish, instead think of normal every day people just like you and I that happen to love feet.

And not just individuals are looking for feet pictures and photos, but also modeling companies and stock photos sites.

How To Sell Feet Pics Online in America

The process is relatively simple. And just a side note for those wondering if it's legal to sell feet pics… selling feet photos is legal. You can sell feet photos in countries like United States, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. I'm going to cover Instafeet thoroughly, but you'll see reading further I cover MANY online marketplace options below where you can make money online with your tootsies. But feet pics on Instafeet seemed like a logical starting point.

Step 1: Create or Join a Site.
You have two main choices. You can:
Opt to go it alone. You can create your own website and market your feet through social media or post listings on free marketplace sites like Craigslist. This gives you more freedom to run your operation as you see fit, but it can be hard to gain customers and may not be as secure.

Take the fast train. Joining a free foot pic platform like Instafeet takes the guesswork out of much of the process. Though sites like these generally take a commission out of your earnings, they provide protection and security while handling all the transactions for you with potential buyers. Is Instafeet safe? They strive to be both personally and for when you're receiving payment.

You could also, theoretically, try to become a real foot model with an agency. However, we’re assuming you’re not in the market for a major career change. Since the road to becoming a professional foot model typically requires professional level photos, takes a long time to book a meeting and sign with a company who may or may not find work for you, and generally requires much more effort, we’re going to focus on the first two options.

If you are trying to break into the professional foot model industry, gaining an impressive foot pic following is a great way to impress professional modeling agencies.

Step 2: Take Pictures of Your Feet.
Be sure you have a decent camera and good lighting. You might want to check out the Canon Rebel, which is a recommended choice as a beginner camera.  If you have a friend who is willing to take some photos for you, it widens the range of different angles you’re able to shoot from. We suggest googling foot pictures to get some ideas. Find more help on photo shoot ideas below.

Step 3: Post the Pictures and Earn Money
You want to offer a sample of your photo aesthetic and foot type without giving away the goods you want your customers to pay for. This can be done by featuring a few pictures that blur out the foot a bit while showing off the style of the photos and the general appearance of your feet. Figure out how much to charge for feet pictures that is both reasonable and allows profit for you.

If you’re doing this through your own website, you’ll want to set up a separate account with a secure payment platform like Venmo, PayPal, or Google Pay. If you’ve chosen to create a profile on an existing foot photo marketplace, they will generally take care of that process for you.

Step 4: Stay Abreast of Foot Trends
Periodically peruse the profiles and sites or a blog of the most popular and trending foot models so you can stay on top of new and emerging foot trends and ideas for photos of your feet. Keeping relevant in the market and making sure you’re offering a good selection is key to long-term success…if that’s something you want to have. Update your ads often with the latest trends to catch potential buyer's attention.

How Much to Charge for Feet Pictures

If you opt to create your own website or listing, (instead of a social media site) you set your own prices and all the money you earn is yours. You can try different rates, packages, and subscriptions to see that works and how much people are willing to pay.

However, as mentioned above, unless you’re a niche-marketing genius, creating a following for a specific and somewhat taboo fetish is going to be an uphill battle. We’ve been told that Pinterest is a good place to begin marketing foot pics.

If you’re joining a foot pic platform, most of them are free to join and still allow you to set your own rates, but take a commission out of your earnings. Some sites charge per picture or bundle, while others offer their customers monthly subscriptions to individual accounts. Foot models typically charge around $20 per month per customer for access to their pics.

At that rate, you can see how gaining a following with multiple subscribers could become quite lucrative. However, this also means you may have to post new pictures and try out different techniques each month so your customers stick with you.

You can see that there are a lot of variables to how much you can make selling feet pictures — but there are definitely people out there making a full-time income. As I mentioned earlier, one woman made $90k with her feet!

Is selling feet pics legal? Yes!

Is It Safe to Sell Feet Pics?

Long story short, it can be… as long as you’re smart about it.

Creeps are everywhere on the internet, and I’m sure it’s not surprising to hear the foot fetish world boasts its fair share of them. The last thing you need in your life is a stalker who is obsessed with your feet.

Using common sense online practices goes a long way here. Make sure you never give out personal information or post clues about where you’re located and only use secure payment methods. If you are marketing through social media, we suggest not using your personal profile, as that can provide easy access to family and friends who may not be careful about remaining anonymous.

Here are some general feet pic selling guidelines to follow:

Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Foot Pics

Don’t Be Afraid To:
Create a foot “brand” to sell pictures of feet.  Foot fetishists tend to pay more for specific subgenres and types of foot poses. You can even offer a selection of albums, each featuring a different style. And remember to watermark your pics. Examples include:

* ‘Classic Vamp’ with red nails, high heels, fishnets, and lipstick marks
* ‘Tree Hugger’ with outdoor nature pics of your toes flexing in the dirt, sand, grass, leaves, snow, or water
*‘Foodie’ where you dip your feet into syruppy liquids like chocolate sauce, or mush them in squishy solids like peanut butter or even mashed potatoes or guacamole.

Embrace Your Inner Artist to sell feet images online. Shoot from unexpected angles using various poses or only shoot part of the foot with an artsy background. As mentioned above, enlisting a friend interested in photography or even a professional photographer to shoot your feet allows you to vary your offerings.

Remember Not to:

-Include your face in the shots
-Leave any clues about where you live! Your privacy is of the utmost importance!
-Engage in private messaging other than to confirm transactional or business specifics. Things can get creepy. This is not Tinder. If a customer tries to engage you, shut it down. This a main reason why many choose to go through a foot pic site.
-Use your personal profile on social media accounts that may provide clues about who you are and where you live.

Put Your Best Foot Forward…or Not?

If you are under the impression that only small, cute, delicate tootsies with nails neatly painted can be profitable in the foot pic business, think again. Sure, there is a market for that, but it’s not the only market.

There are also people interested in big feet, short feet, narrow feet, wide feet, hairy feet, and even dry scaly feet with blisters, corns, bunions, hangnails or fungus-y yellowed nails.
Some customers will pay extra if you ship a pair of your smelly well-worn shoes to them…but that’s part of another industry altogether.

The internet is home to a vast freakshow of foot fetishists, so if your feet aren’t exactly summer-ready, you could get a pedicure first, or you could try your luck as is. But no matter what, I must implore you to take good care of your feet whether you sell feet pictures online or not!

Where to Sell Feet Pics America safely and anonymously

More Websites Where You Can Sell Feet Pics

I mentioned Pinterest above as another website to consider for selling feet pics – but here's even more websites to check out when looking for places to sell your feet images as your side hustle. The more places you focus your advertising, the better chance you have of selling your feet pics.
Fun with Feet (UK based site)
– Has become more and more popular with over 100,000 foot models. You earn by traffic generated from your content.
– Lets females sell feet pics under a nickname for anonymity.
FeetFinder – Trusted Platform for Selling Feet Pics
– They have a great Trust Pilot rating and go out of the way to prevent scammers. It's easy to get started too.
– Yep, you can sell feet pics on eBay.
–  Selling feet photos on Etsy is allowed. You could even sell mugs or t-shirts with your feet pics on them. (This guide is amazing for selling Etsy: “Easy Etsy Profits Guide
Tik Tok – Building Your Feet Pic Audience
-Use this popular social media platform to deliver “feet” content and make sure that in your profile you have all the info watchers need to find your feet pic website.
– I'm giving this one a mention because they do have subreddits regarding selling feet pics. You might find some good information there on the topic too. Be warned, it's not all rated PG.
– Selling feet pictures on an Instagram account is already a successful venture for some creators. Instagram shopping is a thing after all! And though your first question might be, “How to start selling feet pics on Instagram…” it's easier than you think. You'll create an Instagram account as usual, build a following and then move to a business account. TIP: Be sure to use hashtags for your feet pics in order to get more exposure!

Facebook Groups
– As long as the feet pics are indeed yours, and no one else's, it's completely legal and ok to sell your feet pics to interested buyers in a Facebook group the last time I checked. You'll want to stay current on Facebook's group ToS. Maybe create sales page on your Facebook business page for your feet photo biz!

Stock Photo Websites to Consider for Selling Feet/Foot Pictures

– They have a contributor program that you can join. You can also purchase images through them as well.
– Popular stock photo site that accepts contributors. Some photos are taken with just a smartphone!

Honorable Mentions and Ideas for Places to Sell Feet Pics


Manage Your Feet Pic OnlyFans

FanCentro -Helping Manage Your Feet Pic Fans
– They take 25% of your subscription fee, BUT — they make handling all those subscriptions much easier. It will no longer be your headache and you can focus on creating more, cool feet pics for your fans.

Feet Pic Seller Success Stories

February 1, 2018
Foot fetishes are a big, sexy business on Instagram

April 7, 2022
Woman, 20, makes £600 a day selling pictures of her feet but trolls question her toes

October 24th, 2017
Woman Earns Over $70,000 a Year Showing Her Feet on Instagram

Feet pic poses and niche foot photo ideas

Have You Tried to Sell Pictures of Your Feet?

Personally, I've never attempted to sell pics of my feet as a side hustle. After researching for this post… I do feel the urge to make a pedicure appointment and buy some cute toe rings. There is no shame as far as I'm concerned in making cash selling pictures of your feet. And who knows… maybe I'll eventually be sharing my own feet pic selling success story.

If the idea of selling feet pics is a definite no for you, remember, there are lots of other ways to make money. Check out my post, 12 Everyday Items to Sell for Quick. You might have some of these items sitting around collecting dust in your home, attic or garage right now. Or consider starting a blog like me!


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