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If You Like the Idea of Flexibility – Being a Courthouse Researcher Might Be For You

Ever thought of being a courthouse researcher? If you like the idea of working at home, but also don't mind getting out and about, this might be a great way to earn extra cash. As a court researcher – you're basically tapping into a wealth of info for marketers. These marketers are willing to pay folks like you and me to gather that info. Because people buy and sell land and houses all the time — there is always a new batch of info to gather. So this work is ongoing for sure.

But what exactly are you gathering as a court researcher? Like I said — for this particular company it's deeds. They are wanting information on people that have bought or sold real estate in order to market products or services that might be of interest to them. (Here's another company that hires folks to do court research.)

So I Have to Go to the Courthouse in My Town or City?

Yes. So it's not “work at home” in the sense that you're literally at your home. BUT — you have a flexible schedule in that you can do your research whenever you like as long as the courthouse is open, of course. And the research can be anywhere from 2-4 hours or more if you like and are gathering info that you can be paid for.

So say you decide to sign up for this type of work and decide Mondays and Thursdays are going to be your research days — and you're going to allott 2-4 hours per day. In the end — you've only invested 4-8 hours and you've had to venture out only two days a week. That's not bad.

What is the Average Pay for a Courthouse Researcher?

First, let me say — you are not an employee. Though courthouse researchers are needed by the company, you are an independent contractor as a courthouse researcher for DeedCollector. So remember – when it comes to income taxes, you'll need to make sure you take care of any taxes you're responsible for. You're also responsible for any expenses you incur like parking. But there are no upfront fees or costs for getting started.

There are full-time opportunities with DeedCollector, but it's going to depend on your area and client needs.

So for the basic court research salary — here is the information example that DeedCollector has on their site:

Most independent courthouse researchers average $12-$18 dollars per hour. Your rate of pay is based on the number of records you collect, and the speed in which you collect them. For example:

New Researcher, John Doe collects 100 records in 4 hours at his local courthouse. 100 x $.30 = $30.00/ 4 hrs = $7.50 per hour
Not bad starting out, right? Let’s look down the road a month or so, and see how John Doe is doing.

Veteran Researcher, John Doe collects 100 records in 2 hours at his local courthouse. 100 x $.30 = $30.00/ 2 hrs = $15.00 per hour

Not bad money if you're looking for extra cash. I'm doubtful this could be a full-time income, but I suppose it's possible. Also – I noticed on their site the following:

Are there other ways of making money?
Yes. This will be discussed after you become proficient and have been collecting records for several months.

So maybe it could turn into a lot more money. I'm just not sure at this point. But maybe someone who's actually done this for awhile can comment below, or maybe we can get the folks at DeedCollector to chime in. They do have a nice FAQ section on their site that answers most questions.

They also pay via direct deposit, which is super convenient.

But I Have No Clue How to Do Courthouse Research!

I understand! I really do. Because honestly — I think I've been in a courthouse maybe 2-3 times in my entire life. But rest assured, DeedCollector offers training. It's all web based training, so you don't need to go anywhere.

You don't need any “special” equipment — but you will need a laptop or home computer. Of course — transportation to the courthouse is key as well.

Final Thoughts

So yes — being a courthouse researcher is a real thing. From what I've read, you're basically gathering people's names and addresses and those are compiled into a large database and sold to marketers. I remember when we put our house up for sale, we all of the sudden got tons of mail from moving companies, storage units and realtors. So it's probably somewhere along those lines.

I realize some people don't want to have to go anywhere for their work at home job or earnings, but for those that like getting out and about this is perfect. I think it would easy enough to get into a weekly routine and once doing the job just get faster and faster.

Applying is easy – you can do so here. As well — like I said earlier, they have a pretty informative FAQ page too and you can get to it here.

Alternatively, you can check for Courthouse Researcher Jobs too. They usually have some listed, though some may not be work at home.

Love the Idea of Getting OUT of the House?

Maybe being a courthouse researcher isn't your thing, but you love the idea of getting out of the house? Many have found success researching direct sales companies and finding one they love. This allows them to be their own boss and build their own business both online and offline.

Share Your Thoughts on Being a Courthouse Researcher

Ever been a courthouse researcher? Or have questions. Feel free to use the comments section below to share.

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