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Data Entry Jobs

Find Out Where to Actually Find Work at Home Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are always a hot topic here at I think it’s because data entry “seems” like it would be easy work, but I think it’s much harder than just sitting and typing at your leisure. That’s probably not how a “real” job in data entry goes. There are criteria to be met I am sure in order to get a data entry job and to keep a data entry job. I’ll talk about that more below.

I’ve talked to a few ladies that currently have data entry jobs. Out of the 4-5 I’ve talked to, most of them do this type of work seasonally “around” their “real” job. I did talk to one woman that said she works for several data entry companies because the work fluctuates so much that working for several keeps her busy year round. (And though everyone I talked to was a woman — by no means is this just “women’s work”. I know way too many guys that can type circles around me and one of them if my son!

And I don’t want to discourage anyone out there researching data entry jobs by saying that most that I have talked to do this just seasonally. That doesn’t mean you can’t find work year round with one company. People do what works for them and with the work they find or are offered. So remember — nothing is ever set into stone — that includes data entry jobs!

Job Requirements and Skills for Data Entry Jobs

As I mentioned above – there are skills you want to consider having before you start investing gobs of time researching and looking for data entry jobs that are open. You want to make sure that time isn’t wasted when you might not meet the requirements for the job.

Typing Speed:
-If typing for you is a “hunt and peck” process — I urge you to take some time taking a few typing courses or practicing your typing to work your way up to a minimum of 35-40 wpm. And that is a minimum!

Know Your Way Around a Computer/OS/Software:
-Whether you’re on a PC or a MAC, you’ll want to make sure you’re keen to the operating system. It’s good to know shortcuts and how to access basics. Plus, this only makes your job easier. I *could not* type and knew little about Microsoft Office when I was starting out. So, I looked online and at the local community college for a “basics” class. I ended up taking a class one night a week at my local tech college. It’s was affordable, worked with my schedule and it was money well spent. I was floored by how much I didn’t know. Ultimately this class was priceless for me.

Have a Decent Computer or Laptop:
-You’ve snagged a free laptop! Great! But it’s 12 years old and runs an operating system no one uses anymore and it’s really S L O W…. in my opinion, you’d be better off with one of these $250 Dell laptops than using something outdated. There seem to always be sales at Best Buy or NewEgg too. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration — but don’t put yourself in debt to get a new computer. Save up the money and save yourself the stress. You’re looking for data entry jobs to make money, not to spend money.

You Have The Skills & Computer:
You’re already a typing aficionado and have a swank computer? Good. Now you Just need to make sure you’ve got a great resume spotlighting all of this greatness and reliable phone line and email address that employers can get in touch with you with. The better you spotlight your skills, experience and enthusiasm, the more potential those having data entry jobs to fill are going to notice you. Don’t be shy, brag about yourself!

List of Companies Known to Hire for Data Entry Jobs

I’ll be updating this list of data entry jobs often. If I see anything out there that’s legitimate, I will add it.

– Hires freelancers as medical fact checkers and data entry for their patients. Flexible schedule.
1 888 Type It Up
– They pay VERY well. Starting at $36hr. Anyone can take their typing to test to apply. All work is remote.
– I post work at home jobs every day on my job board, and I see Xerox quite often. I have seen a few data entry positions as well. The link is for and shows you their current openings that they’ve got posted there.
– Hiring data entry workers to verify signatures for voter registrations, petitions and more. It’s mostly political data in nature, so look for them to ramp up hiring during election years. Both local and national elections.
– A lot of competition, but this is a great place to throw your hat in the ring. The work is freelance – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing when you’re wanting to do you own thing and work from home. Over a basic data entry gig and then build your services up with add-ons when you can.
– Hires virtual assistants – varies, but includes data entry jobs.
Fancy Hands
– Virtual assistant type jobs – all work at home.
– Virtual jobs, home based work for qualified applicants.
– The work is ever-changing, but there always seems to be data entry jobs listed.
Cloud Crowd
– Virtual work. Typically piece work – so if you’re super fast, it could mean decent pay.
Virtual Bee
– I’ve seen great reviews for this company. The offer data entry jobs that are project based.
Vitac Review
– Captioning work. The projects will vary.
Capital Typing
– Word processing and data entry.
Smart Locating
– They keep a massive database of apartment information updated and growing. They need typists to make sure this happens in a timely fashion.

Do you currently do a data entry job from home? Do you know whose hiring or have questions? Keep reading…

The list above is a good start for someone wanting to try and find a data entry job. However, making it the very best page means asking others for help. I do my best to post everything I find, but if you know of other companies that offer home based data entry jobs or careers, please post in the comments below. Have questions? You can post those as well below. Together we can all help each other. Thanks so much.

If you’re still looking for work at home, please be sure to check out the entire Work at Home Directory for more job ideas.

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