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“ParaMeds offers a great way to work from home. Learn more about this opportunity, including job description and pay.”

Is ParaMeds a Reasonable Source of Work at Home Income

ParaMeds is a US-based company that has been recently generating a lot of buzz in the work at home community. Although the information provided on the company’s official website is a little vague, basically what ParaMeds does is work with insurance companies to retrieve all sorts of information. A lot of this information is retrieved via the phone, which is where freelance contractors come into play. (See my post, List of Genuine Work at Home Data Entry Jobs – Updated for more great jobs like this one that are home-based too!)

What You’d be Doing

According to the ParaMeds website they currently have openings for people who are interested in;
• Requirements Retrieval Specialist
• Risk Management Specialist
• Outsourced Remote Underwriter
Most of the work you would do would be on the phone, though the company does give you the option to use Skype. Most of the calls would be to medical facilities where you would request information that pertains to a specific case involving one of their patients. ParaMeds prefers to work with freelance contractors who have experience working in customer relations, but the experience isn’t required.


Since I haven’t done any actual work for ParaMeds, and the company has opted to keep mum about how much they’re willing to pay freelance contractors, I have to rely on what others have told me. As far as I can tell, the company provides contractors with cases, and then pays about $5 for each case. As long as you can do a minimum of 3 cases an hour, the pay would actually be pretty good. The company has a policy that states they hold on to money you make during the first month, but after that period, you will be paid, via a mailed check, every two weeks. My sources report that ParaMeds is very good about mailing the checks on time.


The people I’ve spoken to who work for ParaMeds report that the company’s work schedule is very flexible, making it a great way to earn a little extra money when other freelancing opportunities are slow. However, I’ve also been told that some of the supervisors are very difficult to get along with.

Final Thoughts

While I find the fact that ParaMeds holds back payment for 30 days troublesome, as far as I can tell, it’s a legit company and I have spoken to people who seem to enjoy working there. While I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t turn in your application, I will mention that some people who have applied to the company have found that a substantial amount of time passed between the application being submitted and the company responding. Other have complained that there really isn’t much work available.

If you would like to learn more about Parameds – the following link should take you to their current “hiring” page. If this link is broke for any reason – I suggest just trying to go to their homepage and look for a careers link from there.

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