Sigtrack: Flexible, Home Based Data Entry Work Available

Sigtrack - Work at Home

SigTrack Offers a Flexible Work at Home Option

Sigtrack offers a no phones, data entry job that allows you to make money online. Is Sigtrack legit? Yes. The only downside is that work and projects are not always available on their platform.

When they do have projects, they typically need a large number of freelancers. Checking their site often will keep you on top of when this side hustle is taking applications.

What is Sigtrack?

Sigtrack is a data processing company that primarily handles information connected to various campaigns. They provide a variety of information that gets passed on to candidates. In order to keep expenses low, they use a team of freelancers for database maintenance and upkeep.

Most of the information or data the company tends to gather:

• Affidavits and Petitions
• Petition signatures
• Voter registration information

The closer a big campaign is, the more work Sigtrack has available.

In order to make the job easier, you'll want to have a dual monitor setup, because a second monitor makes it 10 times easier and remember this is repetitive work, so an ergonomic keyboard would be helpful as well.

The Positives of Working on Sigtrack

There are two things I really like about Sigtrack. One, when there’s work available, there’s a lot of work, sometimes enough to keep you working steadily for a few months in a row. Second, you’re truly allowed to set your own hours, making it a great source of income when you’re in between other work at home jobs. (See even more jobs like this, I have a big list of Data Entry and Clerical type work.)

There is also a lot of flexibility schedule-wise. You'll choose when you want to work and how much you want to work. Having that flexibility is super important to many people, especially those with kids. I honestly think that's why Amazon Flex Jobs and working for Instacart are becoming crazy popular.

The Negatives

Because all of the information you’ll be working with is connected to voter data, Sigtrack is required to hire citizens of the United States and you will be required to show proof of your citizenship. I strongly suspect that the company will only consider the application of individuals currently living in the United States, though I’ve yet to confirm this information.

The biggest drawback I’ve encountered is that the work can be tedious and repetitious. I know lots of people who are fine with this type of work, but if you’re someone who gets bored and distracted easily, you may want to look for another source of income.

Before Sigtrack will consider your application, you’ll need a newer computer (Windows 10 or more recent), dual monitors, and a reliable, high speed, broadband internet connection.

The biggest problem with Sigtrack is that although there are times when there’s more work than you can keep up with, there are also times when nothing will be available.

How Much Does Sigtrack Pay

Sigtrack is a reliable platform for data entry and pays a steady rate, which varies according to the type of work performed. Specifically, completing signature entries pays about 3.7¢ per signature while registrations increase to 15¢ per entry. Accuracy is imperative since payment reflects the quality of the work completed.

As of 2023, the payment schedule is every Wednesday, with earnings deposited directly into a PayPal account. Fast typists can earn a favorable hourly wage completing tasks that are deemed easy. It's worth mentioning that Sigtrack has received positive feedback for its punctual payments and general commercial viability.

Final Thoughts

Although I don’t think the work is steady enough to be a main source of income, I do think that as long as you’re able to meet all the basic requirements, you’ll find this is a great way to supplement your income. It’s also a great opportunity for anyone who is just starting to test the work at home waters.

You could read a little more on both reddit and Glassdoor.

How to Apply at SigTrack

The application process for joining Sigtrack is simple. It really is a 5-10 minute process. I did it myself. You'll need your state ID for verification and you'll need to just call the Skype ID they provide. (You can use Skype on your smartphone too.) They've improved training a lot since the began to make it more intuitive as well.

(For those that are data entry beasts – there is money to be made and a flexible schedule to be had.)
** They are not always accepting applications.

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  1. Kelly Land says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your Sigtrack experience. That is not much money at all. I don’t know if anything would speed that up? Even having a high wpm — you still have to read the signature to type it fast.

  2. I started working for Sigtrack about a week ago. The work is very important detail work but the pay is horrible. I’m pretty sure the owner is getting paid very well by the clients but he pays the freelancers pennies for every signature to be tagged. I would think for all the requirements Sigtrack has and the amount of information you have to know in order to do the job that the pay would be better. So I’m not going to be wasting anymore more of my precious time with Sigtrack to work for pennies.

    As the video explains you have to read other peoples handwriting verifying information like names, address, and D.O.B so it takes a little time to tag a signature plus you have to be accurate because accuracy is a must.
    Example of pay: So my first day i did 165 signatures at $0.04 for about 4 hours which was like 41 signatures per hour. My total pay for 4 hours was $6.60 which is $1.65 and hour. So basically to me $0.04 for every signature to be tagged isn’t worth the pay or the time a person but towards the work.

  3. Has anyone had any luck contacting Sigtrack? You get a 45 day free trial when you get “hired” and after that you’re supposed to contact them to let them know it’s ending so that they can review your account and decide whether or not to give you a license key. I have 2 days left and I have no clue who to email. They don’t mention anywhere where you can contact anyone. I’d really love to keep working here but I have no idea how to do so

  4. I have been doing Sigtracks for sometime now and doing really well, so I thought. Then one day my account got suspended with no explanation? I still receive updates on jobs via emails. Has this happened to anyone else?

  5. Kelly Land says:

    If they don’t have any current projects going on, I’m not sure. If they do have a project going on, I would think 3-5 business days.

  6. How long does it take for them to give you a response after you sent them your info.

  7. Ms. Carol says:

    Do you have to pay for training? Or do you have any up front fees to pay?

  8. I would like to know if the work slows down a lot when it is not an election year?

  9. @Kay
    I actually did the Skype application two years ago and I have never had any issues. I haven’t seen any complaints about SigTrack — but I know a lot of people that are super thankful for the work. But what’s a good fit for one person, isn’t always for another. I tried this work and I just was not fast enough — but I never had any issues with pay or software.

  10. Kay Bennett says:

    Good luck with downloading the FilePro. They give information for downloading 14, but what actually downloads is 15 and it is nothing like 14 at all. I say a company that does not even keep up with the software that they use in order to give adequate instructions, probably isn’t going to keep up with much else. I would steer clear of this company. If you want to see my ID just allow me to fax it and then again, if you have my ID and SS there is just no telling what havoc these people could wreak.

  11. I’ve tried to contact Sigtrack through Skype with no luck. They want me to leave a video message with my ID shown on the video. Has anyone else done this? I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not.


  12. Help. I am having no luck with finding any at home employment.

  13. @Cristi
    Yes – I talked to the project manager and the BIG client project they were working on pulled it a week early! So now they have more workers than they need — BUT, he did tell me the Sigtrack has projects throughout the year and he will let me know so I can update this page.

  14. @Carrie
    Thanks for stopping by Carrie and for telling others! I appreciate it! Lets me know I’m not working in vain – lol

  15. Cristi wilburn says:

    Just went to the site and wanted to let you know went to the site just now and got this message. Sigtrack is not currently enrolling new users.
    If more work comes online, we will update this page. guess will try at a later date. oh well. That’s what I get for waiting. lol

  16. Carrie Medford says:

    Great information to be found here. Thanks for sharing. I know several data entry whizzes who would be perfect for this!

  17. @Jeannie
    I really don’t know the ins and outs of monitors in order to troubleshoot each scenario. I would think you could google the question maybe — or ask a local computer shop. You might even go into Best Buy and see if they have cords/splitters for your situation that would work. I’d hate to guess on something and lead you down the wrong path. Wish I could be more help. My desktop is only a year old… and I had it built with more than one monitor port because my son is in college and his major is computers and he told me I would love going dual monitors if I would just try it. He was right — it’s awesome. I highly recommend it.

  18. @mommyduwal
    Oh no! I’m sorry to here that. I think you can still do it with one monitor, it just slows you down some.

  19. Jeannie Fusselman says:

    I was wondering if a laptop monitor and another monitor that I had hooked up to a desktop that crashed would work? This setup kept me from getting another job. It would be great if it would work for this. I think the big monitor is 24 inches and my laptop has a 14.5 inch monitor. I would like to try for this job but after wasting all my time with the other job only to find out I didn’t qualify because of my monitor was really disappointing. Thanks!

  20. mommyduwal says:

    Sounds great Kelly,
    Problem is I don’t have the funds to invest in a video card for an adapter for the dual monitor. Seeing such a large obstacle, tells me that it’s not for me maybe.
    It really sounds great though.

  21. @mommyduwal
    I’ve heard that people can make $1000-$2000 a month doing it if they are are super fast. Even college kids in their spare time between classes are making money — so it’s certainly something flexible and “decent” paying if you have the time.

  22. mommyduwal says:

    I do US monitor 8 years…tedious is my middle name….thanks Kelly.

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