Online Clerical Work at Home: Where are These Jobs?

Online Clerical Work

Clerical Work at Home Jobs

Online Clerical Work at Home Jobs and Where to Find Them

In the beginning — back in early 2000, I had made it very clear that online clerical work at home and/ or data processing/ typing or any type of administrative assistant type work was VERY hard to find in a “telecommuting” or “work at home” format. These jobs were limited and fill quickly. But a lot has changed over the years — and there is much more out there. And jobs that weren't even thought of back then — are now being created. Just think of all the jobs that social media has created!

But — keep in mind… If you think you're going to find some super easy, HIGH PAYING, type-a-little-bit every day with little typing skills or real qualifications you need to check in with reality. Most true data entry or clerical jobs that can be done online and at home (that pay well) will involve resumes, interviews and a lot of competition. So where does this leave you? Someone without the training or the resume with all the accolades?

Or maybe you're working on your training and education so that you can go after those high paying home based clerical jobs – but just aren't there yet…

In the meantime — you CAN earn extra cash online by signing up for other offers that are free and easy. I have received checks from many survey companies and other reward programs. It's not BIG cash — but if your bottom line is getting tight, sometimes these little money makers can help. This is just my humble opinion, for what it's worth.

Below are a few companies that I've heard of that hire for online clerical work positions. When applying make sure you meet their qualifications. If you happen to need more training — then do so, and come back later and apply. It's better than applying and not having the clerical skills. Your resume will go into the trash more than likely. And if you waste the employers time – it might leave a lasting bad impression.

Don't ever stop trying to obtain more knowledge in the arena you want to work in. If it's transcription – then you should be reading everything you can get your hands on about it! Find message boards, forums, articles… there are even free online transcription courses to check out to learn about transcription work. If your local tech college offers classes – fit one or two into your schedule. Companies are more open to “off site” workers these days if it actually saves them money.


ClicknWork – Various clerical positions.

Alorica At Home -Customer Service


ACD Direct – Call center agents.

ARO – Customer Service Reps

Medical Transcription (Typing)- Transcriptionist (Training May Be Needed)

Ubiqus – At Home Transcribers Wanted

More Clerical Work at Home Job Options

Though this list is a nice start, you might want to look over a few more lists that I have created in order to help those looking for clerical work. I have a List of Genuine Work at Home Data Entry Jobs and you might also want to look at, Be a Courthouse Researcher and Work From Home.

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