5 Legitimate Data Entry Jobs You Can Do From Home

5 Work at Home Data Entry Jobs

There Really Are Data Entry Jobs Out There!

When you decide to work at home, it may seem like a huge task to try to decide which employment opportunity is the best fit for you and your skill set. There are many different choices, but if you enjoy doing data entry, then you may be interested to know that there are some options open to you even if you want to work at home instead of an office. Here are just a few of the many choices for legitimate data entry jobs that offer work from home.

Virtual Bee is a great place to start when searching for the perfect home based job doing data entry. The system that this company uses is easy for people of any skill level to use. This is a company that has been helping people just like you use their data entry skills to make money from home for the past ten years. The first thing that you need to do when you sign up with Virtual Bee is take a test so that they can understand your skills and strengths and connect you with a job that is a match.

Scribie is a site that offers work at home jobs to data entry specialists who prefer to do transcribing. Just like other data entry jobs, you must have a good understanding of English and be able to type quickly and accurately for this job to be a good fit. Consider also that since you will be working from home, you must have or be able to obtain the necessary equipment. This would include a headset, a laptop or desktop with an internet connection and specific browser. You should also have a paypal account before you register as this is way that you will receive payment for the work that you do for the company. (Want to see more data entry job options, click here.)

Zirtual is another company that will help you find at-home work as a data entry specialist. This seems to one of the top virtual companies that you can find on the internet. Because of this, they do not offer a lot of jobs at a time because they often receive more applicants than they need. This says something about how they work and if you can find a job with a company like and still be able to work from home, you will be in good shape.

Vitac is a communications company who is looking to hire people with a data entry background to join their team. Because data entry can mean a lot of things, there are many different types of data entry jobs at this company that will allow you to do your job from home. If you have thought about being a captioner or transcriber, then visit the site to apply.

SigTrack – Much busier and more work offered during elections and voter registration campaigns — but they do offer data entry work year-round if they have other projects. They pull from their pool of freelance data entry workers when projects come up, so you'll want to at least be in their database and check back periodically to see if they've announced a project. They pay workers via Paypal, so be sure to have an account.

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  1. Just a heads up to moms and other readers that come across this article.. Please please do further research into these sites listed before you decide to apply for them. Don’t expect to get a match right away…you will always get put on a waiting list that lasts for months. Some, even after a year, still have no opening. Just a word to the wise… don’t expect anything. Better to have other options.

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