Freelance Proofreading Jobs (and Editing Work Too)

Freelance Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading and Editing Jobs That Can Be Done from Home

A lot of times, I think people think that proofreading is a simple task. You get to read books and look for punctuation errors. But there is so much more to proofreading and editing. Stellar grammatical skills are needed that include spelling, punctuation, proper sentence structure and more.

But, that being said – there are many online or home-based proofreading jobs out there to be had. Below are companies hire proofreaders and allow telecommuting. Not all of them are always hiring, but it allows you a place to start and check back to see when they are hiring.

This is a page that I am always trying to find additional freelance proofreading jobs and resources for because I know you want as many options as possible. So bookmark this page, and I will do my best to continually add new websites and companies offering proofreading positions. Please share the site with others that might be interested – I am sure they'd appreciate it.

WANNA-BE PROOFREADERS: I want to note as well — that if you're really interested in a proofreading career, but feel intimidated by lack of education or training ( I understand! ) — there is a wonderful person named Caitlin Pyle that works full time as a proofreader. She works from all over the world on her iPad! She makes a full time income of $3000 a month or more doing proofreading for court reporters. The best part – she is offering a course on proofreading. I know many that have taken the course (and I want to take it too when I've set aside the money!) — that are actually on the path to having their own successful proofreading career too. Caitlin is very hands on and really wants to help others. Please read my interview with her here to find out more. She offers a FREE proofreading workshop/webinar too if you want to just jump right in and get your questions answered.

Proofreading and Editing Websites and Companies

Cactus Communications
– Freelance work for proofreaders and editors. There always seems to be a lot of opportunities for work.
– Hiring freelance editors, subjects: Medical and Clinical Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering, Economics and Business Management, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
– Need to hold at least a bachelors degree to apply.
– They hire off and on – but most be qualified.
– They are in need of more editors right now due to a growth in writers.
Proofread Now
– They are not hiring right now – but check back often.
– They are looking for professional editors.
Demand Media Copy Editor
– They are hiring copy editors right now to edit proofread and edit articles. Lots of flexibility.
– FICTION COPY EDITORS/PROOFREADERS (mainstream and genre). You will need to pass their testing.
American Journal Experts
– Contract positions for consulting editors, translators and manuscript formatters.
Proofreading Services
– They are not hiring at the moment, but follow them on facebook if you want notices of when they are hiring.
Proofreading from Home Jobs for Beginners with No Experience
– I wrote this post specifically for those that are just starting out in proofreading.
Scribe Writing
– You'll be paid a flat fee for your work. Last reported this could be as much as $3000.

Do you work at home as a proofreader right now? Keep reading…

If you could share your experience below, or if you know of a company that hires proofreaders and allows them to work remotely, please let me know in the comment section below. This helps everyone and it also builds a stronger and more informative page that helps everyone that comes to the page. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section below too. I may not have the answer, but hopefully, we can work together to get more information. Thanks so much!

If you’re still looking for work at home, please be sure to check out the entire Work at Home Directory for more job ideas.

Proofreading Jobs

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