List of Companies Offering Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

What is a Search Engine Evaluator?

The short answer, a person that uses guidelines and criteria to evaluate search engine results in order to produce more quality, user-friendly search results. These positions typically don't require a degree, but do require testing to make sure these guidelines and criteria are understood before performing them.

How Do You Become a Search Engine Evaluator

There are several companies hiring for search engine evaluation or online data analyst positions. Typically there is no training, however, you are given lengthy “grading” or “rating” guidelines to go over and study. As you will be tested on not only the guidelines, but on using the companies platform for “rating”. Most companies give you two weeks to study and then you'll be given a link to take the test.
If you pass, you'll be given further instructions on how to submit paper work and get started.

Search Engine Evaluator Schedules and Pay

Depending on the company, pay can range from $10 to $15 an hour for search engine evaluators. Most companies will require at least a 10 hour commitment per week. But will allow you to work up to (and over, sometimes) 20 hours a week. You can work at any time of day or night, as long as you meet your weekly hour quota.

Search Engine Evaluation Jobs and Companies Hiring for Search Engines

I actually worked as a search engine evaluator for six months. There was good and bad to the job. I loved the flexibility. As long as I worked my four hours each day, it didn't matter what time I did them. The pay was decent. The job was a blessing at the time and I would have loved to moved into a training position or something else with the company, which I heard was a possibility.

It seems all of the companies below are hiring almost constantly. I think there is a high turnover, but I can't be positive. There are many, that love the work, so my experience is just one person's opinion. If you can pass the training and testing, you will more than likely be happy with the job, because you get a good idea of what you'll be doing.

It seems lately too, that more of these types of companies and tasks are cropping up, so be sure to bookmark this page to view and apply with the newest companies. Also, please share this page with friends and family members that are looking for a decent paying, flexible, non-phone job that they can from home.

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs and Quality Rater Companies


– They are almost always hiring native English and fluent Spanish speaking Online Data Analysts. They offer flexible, part-time schedules.

2. Lionbridge

– Testing required. Pays well and is flexible.

3. LeapForce

– Flexible hours

4. Appen Butler Hill

– Minimum of four hours a day. Good pay, paid monthly. Extra hours available often. Testing required.

5. Crowdsource

– Little mini tasks that are needed for search engine quality.

search engine evaluator jobs

Are you a search engine evaluator or quality rater right now? Keep reading…

Most of these companies ask you fill out a non-disclosure, but if you can share any details about your job – like if you like it, does it pay well? Do you know if they are hiring? Please share if you will with other readers that come to this page. (But please don't jeopardize you job by offering anything that breaks your non-disclosure). The comment section below is for sharing and questions – hope you'll help make this page an incredible resource for those looking for search engine evaluation and quality rater jobs. I appreciate all of your help.

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