Home Based Telephone Interviewer Jobs

Home Based Telephone Interviewer Jobs

Telephone Interviewer Jobs That Can Be Done Working at Home

This type of work appeals to many. It's not as stressful as customer service and typically very enjoyable. Interviewer jobs cover a wide variety and can include mystery shopping over the phone or calling folks with health issues to follow up.

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Telephone Interviewer Jobs


– They need mystery shoppers to do “phone shops”. Calling on businesses and asking questions about services/products.


telephone interviewer jobs

– You would be doing medical history reviews for the most part.

Pleio/Good Start

– Calling on patients to make sure they are following their health programs/prescriptions.

Have you ever worked as a telephone interviewer from home? Keep reading…

I need your help to make this a better resource page. If you currently work as a telephone interviewer or have in the past – please share your experience below in the comments section. Or if you know of other companies offering this type of work – please share. I know other readers that come to this page would appreciate it and so would I. Feel free to ask questions below too. Thank you.

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  1. JesusSaves says:

    about the phone number. Google voice is great. And you can block people who keep calling you.

  2. @Katie
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I don’t know if it would be worth the investment to get one of those little track phones or pre-paid phones to use? I know you can get them pretty cheap — but that way you could have a phone JUST for this type of work.

  3. I would be careful when considering Call Center QA. I worked for them for a day and wound up regretting it. What you do is call various companies as a “secret shopper” and review the service you received. It was easy, but the problem is, they insist that you give the company your real phone number. I should have known then it wasn’t totally on the up and up. Over a year later and I still receive solicitation calls and emails from these companies that I was supposed to just “shop and review.”
    I did, however, have great success with another company interviewing. I worked for this company for over a year and was very happy. The work ran out for the time being so that is why I have returned to this site. The one piece of advice I can offer is this. Yes, you can do this at home with your children, but they have to be old enough to be in another room alone. You will not be successful at this type of work if there are distractions and noise around you.

  4. I have an elderly mother that i have to stay with so i need a job where i dont have to leave her.

  5. danielle boughton says:

    Im very interested in getting a job working at home its hard having children and being a single mother its hard enough to balance one job id rather have my second at home so i can be.with my boys otherwise they will never see there mom and new york is very expensive tonlive in please help

  6. Stacey Schwerin says:

    I currently work for Maritz. I just started last week but so far it’s a very enjoyable job. There are no sales and I like that. So far I do recommend this company.

  7. @Collette
    You’ll need to go tot he link on the page and apply there. I am not affiliated with these companies, nor do I do any hiring.

  8. collette nlemchi says:

    I am interested in the telephone interviewer job. **number removed for privacy**

  9. Rhonda Graham says:

    I enjoy talking over the phone with people. The medical field fascinates me.


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