US Department of Agriculture: Offers Work at Home Jobs

US Agriculture Jobs That Offer Work at Home

Number of Telecommuting Jobs GROW in the US Dept. of Agriculture

With more and more companies moving towards a digital workplace, it’s no surprise that even the United States government is starting to see the beauty of telecommuting. Now you can find work at home jobs through the US Department of Agriculture, a federal agency that hires people across a variety of fields. The USDA acts as the nation’s guide for all rules and standards related to food, agriculture, and natural resources. From food safety protocols to farming and rural development guidelines, it all starts at the USDA. Each year, this department of the federal government operates on a $130 billion budget, spread across around 30 separate agencies. An estimated 100,000 people work for the US Department of Agriculture in over 4,000 locations worldwide. In recent years, the USDA has started offering full-time telecommuting jobs. (See the Work at Home Directory for more opportunities and ideas for working from home.

Flexible Workplace Program That Offers Work at Home Jobs

The USDA’s new flexible workplace program has made it a goal to move a large percentage of employees to home-based job positions. Authorities estimate that nearly three-fourth of USDA positions could be reasonably completed in a flexible workplace program. This new “telework” approach has opened up job opportunities for some individuals that could not otherwise work for the USDA due to location restraints.

What Kind of Jobs Are Available?

The US Department of Agriculture has a variety of jobs posted on a daily basis. There are several departments that are specifically looking for telecommuters and that offers work at home jobs specifically. First, the agriculture research department often hires remote employees. These jobs could include roles like data entry or analysis, clerical work, or even travel based positions. Another potential home-based USDA job is with the Forest Service. This department oversees fire and aviation information, educational materials, and forestry recreation. The Forest Service has offered a number of flexible jobs that offer telecommuting options in the past.

Here is a small sampling of available jobs marked as eligible for telecommuting on FlexJobs:

• Forestry Technician
• Research Engineer
• Biological Scientist
• Procurement Technician
• Research Microbiologist
• Information Technology Specialist

How Much Will I Get Paid?

The USDA offers work at home jobs with varied salaries. Pay is generally based on your education and experience. You’ll find rates may also vary depending on if your job is temporary or permanent. As with most government jobs, there is always room to advance your career through internal promotions once you get your foot in the door.

Browse Work at Home Jobs at the USDA

If you’re looking for a full time job you can do from home, check out the current USDA job listings here.

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