Online Chat Jobs That You Can Do From Home (No Phone!)

Online Chat Jobs

There are many, many of my readers that love the idea of doing customer service — but well, the idea of taking phone calls isn't so appealing. I understand this because I did a customer service job from home part-time for a small retail website. I didn't enjoy angry customers taking out their frustrations on me. But I can honestly say, that most calls and emails that I deal with are friendly, nice people.

Of course, there will always be angry customers in customer service type work — but online chat jobs allow you to not worry about background noise like kids, pets….etc.

If phones are out the question for you (for whatever reason), here is a list of customer service chat jobs and other types of jobs done using online chat that might appeal to you.

As always – I am on the lookout every day for new companies and websites that offer this type of work. So bookmark this page, and come back often. Also – please share it with friends and family that might find it helpful too.

Online Chat Jobs and Companies

Emerge BPO (Now itelBPO) – Chat Agents

– They won't always have openings for their “chat only” positions – but I urge those interested to check their job page frequently. They do offer other work at home positions as well, so it's a good resource for those looking for something they can do from their home. They also don't require much experience, but you do need to at least be a high school graduate. When searching their positions, be sure to select “US-Remote” so that you can see all of the work at home positions that they are currently trying to fill. The following states are where they hire in: • Florida • Georgia • Illinois • Michigan • Tennessee • Virginia. So keep that in mind as well.

Interested in applying? Click here to apply. Chat Positions

– Though most positions are phone-based support, they do occasionally have online chat positions available paying around $10 an hour. Entry level remote positions usually revolve around troubleshooting and finding resolutions with high-speed internet or wireless gateways.  They require a typing skill of at least 30-40 words per minute. But this is very minimal and most people can accomplish this easily. During training, the average pay is $9 per hour and then after training the average is $10.25 per hour. They do offer a benefits package for full-time employees, including those that work 100% from home. This includes Medical, Dental and Vision plans. As well, they offer a 401K plan.  They typically have overtime available too — so a chance to pick up extra hours for a bigger paycheck.

Interested in applying? Click here to apply.

Best Buy Customer Service Chat Jobs

– Sometimes they have chat support positions open. These cover most US states. These will mainly be tech support type jobs, though they could involve sales or upselling too. The sales and support can cover products or services related to gaming, home theaters or even home appliances. Recently, Best Buy has moved most of their support to Geek Squad, so this is probably the department most chat agents would work in. Though I'm not 100% sure. I do know that Geek Squad Consultation Agents make approximately $11.84 an hour according to Glassdoor. I advise doing regular searches via Best Buy's career page, as the chat jobs are few and far between and you'll want to make sure to apply quickly when one pops up.

Interested in applying? Click here to apply.

Live Chat Agent for The Chat Shop

– They are UK based but hire in the USA. $10hr is the average. Mostly hire full time. They offer world-class training, so you'll be prepared to do your job. They do require Native-level English. The typing requirement of 80+ words a minute is required as well. These positions are 35-40 hours per week. Be ready to multi-task and to stay focused when confronted with high-pressure situations. Reliable internet and a distraction-free place to work are needed to perform best.

You can read my post, Live Chat Agent Jobs at The Chat Shop for more information. To apply, go here.

(Metaverse) Mod Squad Chat Moderators

– Online live chat jobs and social media moderation. As a “Mod” you will be delving into digital engagement. This means a wide variety of support functions which an include moderating forums, chatting with customers, managing communities and social media efforts. You do need to have a secure, high-speed internet, or at least access to one. The great thing about working for them is that you get to pick projects based on what you like and what you're passionate about. Typically the schedule is flexible as well. This is an independent contractor position.

Ready to apply? Go here.

Wayfair (Home Decor/Lighting) Home Based Chat Agents

– This company has grown by leaps and bounds. Last I researched it, they had over 8 million items across home furnishings, decor and home improvement. In 2017, they generated 4.3 billion in sales. Their home-based chat jobs are for Utah residents only. Not always hiring. Look under their Customer Service section on hiring page. From the job listings I've seen, you do need to have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience. Chat support would be for email and chat. As well, I've seen openings for part-time and full-time positions.

Sound interesting? Apply here.

Apple @ Home Chat Advisor Jobs

-Though the majority of positions require phone support, they do offer Apple chat jobs too. Apple also pays you to learn their technologies. So while you're training, you earn a paycheck. They want you to feel familiar and comfortable before you leave training. But you are never actually alone because you've got a full network of co-workers.  You will have team meetings and chats with your manager using their chat tools and at times video conversations.  Even part-time workers can receive nice benefits.  Some consider the employee discount on Apple products one of the coolest benefits of all. Full-timers can expect an amazing benefits package that includes paid time off,  career growth, product discounts, competitive pay and eligibility to participate in the company stock plan.

Feel free to read my post, Apple Hiring At-Home Advisors for more information on working for Apple. If you'd like to apply, click here.

The Social Element (formerly eModeration) Chat/Moderator Jobs

– Forum and chat moderation, as well as social media monitoring. A very diverse company, where employee age can range from 20-somethings to 70-somethings. From what I could find regarding pay for moderators, Glassdoor reports an average of $14.85 an hour. Though the pay is very good, the benefits seem to be non-existent. The healthcare is employee funded and there is no paid time off or vacation time. That could change in the future — but for many, the perk of decent pay and no commute might prove to be well worth forgoing the other benefits that are missing.

I wrote a company profile post on the company back when it was eModeration, eModeration Review – Making Money at Home as a Moderator. I'm sure it still has valuable insight into the company even though it's under a new name. If you'd like to apply, click here.

ICUC – Chat and Content Specialists

– Their work at home force for chat jobs mainly consist of social media content moderators and community managers. However, they are looking for candidates that can speak fluently not only English, but another language or two. They list German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Polish, French and Spanish — but are open to other languages as well. They do receive a high volume of applicants, so they will only reach out to those that they feel qualify. From the information I could find, it looks like moderators make around $10-$11 an hour.

I wrote a post about this company, Like the Idea of Working at Home as a Moderator? that you can read for more in-depth info. If you feel you're qualified, you can apply here.

Arise – Customer Support Chat Agents

– Arise is well known in the “work at home” community for offering phone-based customer support jobs. What many don't realize, is that occasionally they are hiring for non-phone, chat support positions. Though these little gems aren't the majority or norm, they do exist. These positions are typically flexible, so you can craft your own schedule somewhat. As well — they offer customer support for many companies. So you can choose which company appeals to you if there are openings and if they have chat opening for that specific company. The downside is that Arise will make you pay for training, your background check and incorporation fees if you need them. That for some will be a huge turn-off. They average 4 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor in reviews. As well, Glassdoor puts the salary for customer service reps at anywhere from $9.12 an hour to $14.09 an hour.

You can read my review, Arise – Work at Home | Full Review, but it focuses on the phone support positions. For applying, you can click here.

Sedgwick CMS Chat Support

– They are mainly phone support, but check their search often for any chat jobs that might come available. What exactly would you be doing? Sedgwick handles insurance claims for LOTS of clients. More than likely, you would be the first point of contact for many of these clients customers. Looking at Glassdoor, the Service Center Reps – Hourly make around $13.84 an hour. Sedgwick provides it's remote workers with the equipment needed to do their job, including the computer they'll be using, monitors, keyboard and mouse.

Though my post focuses on phone customer support positions, Sedgwick CMS Review | At Home Customer Service Jobs. You can search their current opening Sedgwick Job Search

Weebly Email/Chat Customer Support

– Weebly has been around for quite some time — founded in 2007. I worked for them for awhile before I picked up a better paying position. Typical pay averages between $14.00 an hour and $16.00 an hour. They strive for a team atmosphere even though everyone works virtually. Chat positions have transitioned to more of an email customer support position. Weebly's focus is on helping people like entrepreneurs, business owners, teachers, artists and more get their work “online”. They don't hire often for their customer support positions, so if you see an opening when doing a search, I suggest applying right then and there. Most chat support employees are very happy with their positions so there isn't a lot of turn over.

I wrote a post back in the day when I was working for them, you are welcome to read it, Customer Service Work at Home Jobs Available at Weebly for a better look at working for them. To see what openings there are at Weebly currently, you can look at their careers page here.

PostLoop Forum Posting

– Not technically a chat job, but you will be online, you will be working for clients and you will be typing. Postloop pays people like you and me to post comments in forums and on blogs. This is a way for someone to make extra cash, but it's doubtful you could rack enough work to create a full-time income. Basically, you sign up and then pick and choose what you want to do. You work at your own pace and can get paid for the work you do today as soon as tomorrow. But – the catch… they have very high-quality standards and stringent requirements. Having excellent English grammar is a must. I have easily made $80 in a week. So it's certainly worth the effort if you'd like to snag some mad money for a new outfit, your coffee fixes for the month or getting your nails, hair done. I stash this cash away for car repairs or emergencies. They pay via PayPal.

I wrote an in-depth post on Postloop and the sign up process, PostLoop – Making Money Online Forum Posting that gives more details. If you'd like to jump over to the sign up page, you can do so here. App Coaches/Chat

– This is a very small company with around 50 employees. Founded in 2011. Geared toward emotional well-being and mental health. Agents will converse with those dealing with issues like depression and anxiety. Most positions are going to be for licensed therapists, psychiatrists and clinicians. From the company site, “ provides care for anyone who is stressed, anxious or just feeling down. We are transforming mental health by combining a consumer-friendly mobile product, world-class clinicians and machine learning to deliver better care, at lower costs.” I find this remarkable and felt compelled to mention it on my online chat jobs page because people from all walks visit my site and this might be the perfect position for someone that's qualified. According to Glassdoor, Health Coaches pay rate is $17-$12 an hour.

To find out more about careers at, click here.

Bananas for Bingo Host

It might be something that's never crossed your mind, but there are some websites like Bananas for Bingo that need online hosts for their bingo games. I am sure they get inundated with potential candidates, but it might be something worth looking into.

You can read more about it in my review, Online Bingo Jobs: Bananas for Bingo Online Chat Host.

TIP: If all else fails and you're not really seeing any online chat jobs above that resonate with you — be sure to check out chat/customer support type jobs at

Online Chat Jobs

Do you currently have a chat job or know of whose hiring? Have questions about chat jobs? Keep reading…

So many are interested in non-phone work at home jobs, just like the online chat jobs above. I am sure there are more out there that I haven't come across yet. Please feel free to post information below and your questions about chat jobs. Sharing information and asking questions is the best way to make this page better and better. So please let others know about this page. I appreciate it. Thank you.

If you’re still looking for work at home, please be sure to check out the entire Work at Home Directory for more job ideas.


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  1. I have been been trying so hard to find a chat job. I have experience working from home. I just wanted to shift gears to non phone work. Anyone that can help point me in a good direction?

  2. Susan Smith says:

    My husband works on the road doing shutdowns and I have recently decided to start traveling with him. I would love to find something that I could do from my laptop and cellphone if you can find anything.

  3. @Ann
    Thank you. I tried to see if the page moved or changed and it looks like they’ve just taken it down. Probably overwhelmed with responses.

  4. Hi Just letting you know, the chat job link for Quick schools doesn’t work.

  5. Sandra Scanlan says:

    I found my perfect job, I got kids and dogs so this will be great to start doing.

  6. Chat jobs would be perfect for those who can’t hear on the phone. I’m gonna check this out. Thanks Kelly!!

  7. @Stacey
    Yes — sounds similar to places like ContractWorld. I think they just can’t afford to absorb the hiring and training costs either due to turn over or just the high expense — so they pass some of those costs on to applicants. Not the best way to do things… but I have seen it other places.

  8. @Stacey
    Correct — but it’s good to keep an eye on them in case they do hire.

  9. Stacey Lynn says:

    Talk2Rep will require you to be WAH certified and direct you to take steps to become WAH certified. You will have to pay to become certified before they will look at your application.

  10. Stacey Lynn says:

    My Live Pro is not hiring at this time.

  11. I have seen opening for chat position for Site Staff and when I do, I get an immediate response that there is positions available, so why do I see these openings when there is none?

  12. Hi!
    I don’t think all of their support has been sent over there. I used to work for them and I have several friends still working for them in customer support that live here in the USA. Many are trained on all tiers though.

  13. Unamonymous says:

    Uber has outsourced all of the community support representatives (email/chat) overseas to Manila.

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