Make Money Typing? How About $36 per AUDIO HR?! (NO Experience Needed)

“Beginners and the experienced have the opportunity to make money typing. Learn more about applying, being tested and how much you can earn.”

How Do I Make Money Typing at Home?

Oooohhh that question – I don't go a single week without a “how can I make money typing?” email or question. If I could — I'd hand out typing jobs every day to those that wanted to work at home. I really would! And I'd give extra special care to hand out those jobs to the beginners first. So many new typists or decent typists want to have a typing job, but then it seems every typing job employer wants years of experience. How do you get your foot in the door? That's the question. Well — the question was,

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I've suggested building a portfolio or showcasing your work by offering services online at websites like Gigbucks. There are other places as well to make money selling online — not just stuff, but services like typing, data entry and writing. For almost a year, I offered services to make Pinterest images on Fiverr. At one point, I didn't know if I could keep up. I eventually had to put my little shop in vacation mode because I couldn't keep up with it, my full-time job and my blog. So there IS money to be made opening a little “shop” on those types of sites.

But I REALLY Need a Typing Job I Can Do From Home – And I Have Zippo Experience

If I had a nickel for every time someone said this to me… Again, if I could — I'd pass these jobs out like candy. Now, don't get discouraged. There really are jobs out there for typists even if they don't have experience. Well — let me rephrase that. There are typist jobs out there for GOOD typists. You can't have errors and you do need to be relatively fast. So if you don't think you can type around 55 wpm with minimal mistakes — work on your typing skills first. Check your speed right now, just type “practice typing” into Bing and it should bring up a typing test.

1 888 Type It Up – No Experience Needed

So here's the typing company I want to focus on for this post. I had someone email me about this company the other day and she said she got hired and just wanted to share. So – that's what I want to do. They are looking for typists that are based in the United States. Now — I'm just going to be real honest here – they WANT and they PREFER experienced typists for their transcription work. BUT – they are willing to give anyone a shot. Meaning, you need to pass their test. AND ANYONE CAN TAKE THE TEST. And if you're rolling your eyes that a test is involved, guess what? MOST typing and transcription jobs require at MINIMUM, a typing test. Of course they would! You wouldn't hire a writer without asking for a few samples of their work. Most jobs require at least a resume. So yes, there is a test.

Don't freak out about a test. If you're good, you're good and you will be fine. But that's the beauty of this opportunity and why I'm sharing it. Sometimes nobody knows how awesome you are without you being given the chance to shine. Shine on! This is your chance to make money typing (and from home too)!

**It's been brought to my attention that this company does require a $35 application fee. I was not aware of this at the time of writing the article. They explain why they charge it — but it doesn't mean that I agree or advocate charging an application fee.

So, About This Typing Test…

Now let's get a little more into this test. I'm a decent test taker. My daughter is not. I know everyone has their own feelings on how well they test. But knowing what's expected on a test ahead of time can help. No pop quiz here. 1-888TypeItUp is upfront about what the test is all about and what they expect. They've got AFR Standards they want and NEED to be met. What's are AFR Standards? According to their site:

“All that said, if you can pass our transcription test and you can meet our “AFR” standards (accuracy, formatting, reliability), we are always happy to bring you on board our team of dedicated transcriptionists. We completely understand the conundrum of needing the experience to land a contract while needing to gain experience at the same time. After all, our first clients had to give us a chance too. As long as you can deliver good work and prove to be reliable while working from home, we are happy to work with you as one of our transcriptionists.” – 1888TypeItUp

Do They REALLY Pay $36 an Hour? Come On!?

Indeed – they do. Not just that… but $36 an hour is the LOWEST pay rate they offer. Mmmmhmmm… the lowest. What's the highest… check it out for yourself:

“We are one of the highest-paying transcription companies on the Internet. Our lowest pay rate is $36 per audio hour, and this only applies in cases where clients will only agree to pay $1 per audio minute or $60 per audio hour. We understand this is far too low, but due to competitors' predatory pricing, we do allow clients to submit files with reasonable audio quality and slower turnaround times for only $1 per audio minute. We strive as much as possible to pay our transcriptionists $1 to $2 per audio minute and up depending on audio quality and special features. Our full pay scale ranges from $0.60 per audio minute ($36 per audio hour) to $3/min ($180 per audio hour).” – 1888TypeItUp

Holy smokes! Or uh… holy typewriter! That's a lot if you want to make money typing, eh?

Important Note: This is per AUDIO hour. Meaning – it could take you 2-3 hours to type up one hour of audio because you're stopping and starting to re-listen to something being said. BUT — that being said, it's still well paying.

They pay TWICE a month and they pay using PayPal. I personally love PayPal and use my PayPal Debit card all the time. It's easy and convenient.

Final Thoughts

So, yes — many might fail the test. Maybe it's nerves, maybe more practice is needed… BUT — the awesome part is that any of us… me, you… and Joe Blow can all have the opportunity to land a really significant typing job with no experience working for another typing employer. I think that says a lot about 1888TypeItUp. Obviously, they want their employees to be stellar — but they are giving everyone the chance to prove they are stellar. And not just that — you have the opportunity to work at home too! So the next time you're asking yourself, how do I make money typing? THIS is one of those ways! And even if this isn't your cup of tea – share this post with others that might really benefit from it.

Make Money Typing- Even Without Experience

Oh, and just a side note that I noticed when checking out their website. The Facebook link on their site links to a facebook VerbalFusion business page. I am assuming that was their former name or maybe they took the site over and re-branded it. But I thought I would just throw that in there. If I can get 1888TypeItUp to clarify in comments or if they want to add anything additionally, I'll certainly make that update.

Check it out here:


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