TELUS AI Offering Flexible Entry Level Work at Home

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What is TELUS AI?

TELUS AI has been around since 2005. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, but as their name indicates — they are certainly international with locations in Ireland, the United States, Germany, China and many other countries.

Though TELUS AI has many brick and mortar offices, they are a huge proponent of work from home and are currently seeking to fill many remote positions.

What Remote Position is TELUS Hiring For?

If you've been searching for work at home for quite some time, you've probably come across an article about or job openings for “search engine evaluators”, but you probably weren't really sure what that even meant. To clarify, search engines are always wanting to improve the end-user experience and create search results that are the most helpful and informative.

Along those lines, TELUS AI is hoping to fill positions for Online Data Analysts. These are independent contractor positions. They offer a lot of flexibility in scheduling. And the best part, there are no degrees or special certifications required to apply. There is testing involved though. But applicants are given study materials and a generous amount of time to complete the testing.

Schedules for work are completely up to you, as long as you meet the minimum requirement of 20 hours per week. If working at 3am in the morning is what you like to do — you have that control over your schedule! Talk about work/life balance!

According to TELUS AI, an Online Data Analyst will be:

“…determining the relevance and accuracy of information by performing online research and referring to
guidelines provided to you. You will be rating tasks to validate data. You will be helping to authenticate
data that will be used in live online search tools and applications by millions of users across the world…”

How Much Does TELUS AI Pay for Remote Positions?

Pay will vary. According to Glassdoor, It averages between $11 and $15 an hour. You'll be responsible for your own income taxes. Be sure to consult your accountant for how to go about this or how much you should be withholding.

You'll have no commuting expenses or other work related expenses that typically come with having to go to a job outside the home. That alone is priceless for many.

Requirements Needed:

According to their job description posted, these are the following requirements needed:

Ideal Candidate:
Candidates for this position will need to have good research skills and a strong understanding of local
and national information. Cultural, geographical, social media and current affairs knowledge are
important in this role.

Job Requirements:
• Fluency in English essential.
• You must be living in the United States for the last 2 consecutive years
• Working knowledge of local and national geographical areas
• You must pass an open book online evaluation to demonstrate capability of reading and
applying the guidelines
• Experience/know-how of using online maps, search engines and website research
• You must have familiarity with current and historical business, media, sport, news, social media
and cultural affairs in the United States
• Access to and use of a broadband internet connection and associated computer and software to
perform the work, all provided at your own expense

How to Get Started with TELUS AI

Applying can be done 100% online, which makes it very easy to get started. Just go to the following link to get started. Feel free t reach out via email as well if you have issues with the application process or questions. [email protected]

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