28 Translation Jobs From Home – Many Hiring Now!

Translation Jobs

Earn at Home – Translation Jobs to Consider

If you speak more than one language and want to work from home, here is a list of 28 companies that hire remote translators

I wish I spoke more than one language. I always tell myself… one day. Then I never move toward that goal. I did buy a CD once a few years ago to learn French. It was all songs and my daughter and I would sing them in the car. We learned basic things like “Hello”, “How are you”, “Nice to meet you” and colors. But then we just stopped listening to it. Not sure why. Maybe I will dig that thing out again.

But for those that are fluent in more than one language – the possibility of working from home is good! After reading this post on Forbes website, How to Become a Translator, it's certainly a worthwhile. I've also spoken to a few subscribers that speak English as their main language and speak, write and read fluent Spanish that have amazing at home gigs. So it's something to consider for sure. 

Home Translator Jobs List Kept Current

I work on this list all the time, so please bookmark it and come back often for more leads for freelance translation jobs. If you would please share it with friends and family too – I am sure they would appreciate it, and so would I.

I am noticing more and more companies offering translator work – so the opportunities are there. It's just finding one that fits your interests, skills and other criteria.

Current List of Work From Home Jobs for Translators and Linguists 

1. Accurapid

– No testing is required and no bachelor's degree needed — but you can send samples of your translation work. These can help you, as they are evaluated for employment. Great for beginners.

2. Tarjemly

– This app is taking off and hiring translators from all different languages, but urgently need Turkish translators. You can pick your own schedule.

3. 101 Translations

– Hires freelance translators and editors full time and part time.

4. Cyracom

– They hire independent contractors ongoing, so worth checking out and applying for.

5. 1-800-Translate

– Translation jobs working with hospitals. At least a year of experience.

6. ABC Translation

– Multilingual content creation, translation, internationalization, and quality assurance services in over 160 language.

7. Academic World

– Hiring editors and translators with experience in academic writing.

8. Airbnb

– Occasionally hires translators for online content.

9. American Journal Experts

– Check their job board for current opening for professional translators and/or editors. Have your resume ready, and they typically require a university degree / bachelor's degree.

10. Andovar

– Tasks available (in all languages): Transcription, Subtitle translation, Voice recording (by phone) 

11. Appen

–  They hire translators for transcription services, captioning, micro tasks and more. Easy online application.

12. Certified Languages

– Often hiring traditional translators.

13. Language Line

– They are often hiring. These are contract positions. They are typically looking for more interpreters than translators, but it's a good one to keep bookmarked to check often.

14. Gengo

–  They hire freelancers from all over the world. The pay through Paypal or Payoneer.

15. Proz

– This is a forum board platform filled with translation jobs and tasks. This would allow for a flexible schedule, because you could choose the a deadline that works for you.

16. Ubiqus (formerly Verbal Ink)

– They hire for over 200 languages. So, lots of online translation jobs, no matter your expertise.

17. World Lingo

– They hire for many different freelance positions, even voice overs! 

18. Acclaro

– They hire experienced translators for freelance work.

19. ITI

– They offer flexible hours. Fluency in English and one other language required. Background checks are required as well.

20. Interpbridge

– This is Lionbridge's translation department. Translation and localization services. They cover telecommunications to medical, pharmaceutical, financial, gaming and more.

21. Multilingual Connections

–  Freelance linguists can work remotely and are paid per project. You choose what you want to work on and the hours you want to work. Doesn't matter if you love mornings, or like working the night shift. 

22. Stepes

– On-demand platform to put your translation experience to work and earn money. Create your profile and build your familiarity with their platform for top earnings. Micro tasks and more.

23. REV

– They pay weekly and you create your own schedule. Translation of captions and subtitles. Create a profile and you'll have access to their database of jobs available.

24. Textmaster

– The offer a wide range of translation tasks 24/7. Translation and copywriting.

25. Transperfect

– Join their freelance family or check their internal open positions, which can include customer service openings.

26. Smartling

– Formerly known as VerbalizeIt. They are always looking for qualified linguists. 

27. Verilogue

– Join their professional community and offer up your translation skills for freelance work.

28. Working Solutions

– These are independent contractor positions. But They are knowing to hire those fluent in another language for their call center jobs and data entry jobs. Check their job openings page.

Also, don't forget you can always offer translation services on Fiverr and create your own business. Or, if you're still looking and none of these companies are a fit — remember Flexjobs offers TONS of remote and virtual jobs. They do charge a fee, but as someone that has signed up for Flexjobs in the past — I 100% recommend it for those looking for work at home.

Do you work at home as a translator or doing translation type work? Keep reading…

Being fluent in more than one language is wonderful. I applaud anyone that has mastered this. If you currently work in a translation position, please share your experience below in the comments section. If you know of any companies hiring translators and allow them to work from home, please share that as well. And feel free to ask questions below too.

The goal of this page is to help as many readers or visitors possible with the dream of working at home doing this type work. So with your help, we can make a wonderful and engaging resource. I thank you so much in advance.

If you’re still looking for work at home, please be sure to check out the entire Work at Home Directory for more job ideas. And speaking more than one language could possibly be a boon for someone that wanted to be their own boss by researching direct sales companies and finding one that they love.


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    I have been translating documents in different companies for over 12 years. I have my translation business just myself. It has been really hard to get work.

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    I would like to work at home part time as a translator (Spanish and English) please send me information.

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