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Leapforce Review – Pay, Exam and Job Information

With all the recent changes to search engine algorithms, the whole Internet seems to be changing shape in regards to search engine capabilities and rankings. A lot of people wonder what determines which websites show up when they enter a term in the search box on Google. Ultimately, it’s partially a matter of algorithms (a programmed formula to automatically evaluate a website) and partially a matter of human evaluation.  Most major search engines hire outside employees to rate search results so they can weed out sites that are spammy or irrelevant. If surfing the Internet all sounds like a dream come true, you might really enjoy working at home for Leapforce.

Leapforce has been online since 2008, hiring remote contractors to rank search engine results. It is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which is always something we like to see when evaluating a work at home job. There is a lot of information out there about Leapforce and the reviews are mostly positive. With that being said, let’s dive in and learn a little more about Leapforce and the jobs they offer.

What Kind of Work Do You Do At Leapforce?

As a contractor for Leapforce, you evaluate search engine results. By identifying low-quality websites that come up in search results, it improves the overall search engine and helps rid the Internet of a lot of spam. By reviewing search results, you help ensure that top ranking sites are always relevant to the phrase entered in the search box. Basically, you are like the “search engine police” and you flag down any search result that is out of place or suspicious.

Who Can Get A Job Working At Home for Leapforce?

There are only a few basic requirements for this job. You have to be at least 18 years old and you will need to be really comfortable using the Internet. You should have some basic web research skills and good reading comprehension.  Individuals can work for Leapforce from anywhere in the world. It is not limited based on your geographic location.

As far as equipment goes, you only need the bare minimum. You have to have high-speed Internet and a computer that runs Mozilla Firefox as the web browser. You should also have anti-virus software installed and updated on your computer. It’s important to keep that in place at all times when you doing search engine evaluations. (See my post, Search Engine Evaluator Jobs and Quality Rater Companies for more jobs like this one.)

There are a few tasks available to Leapforce agents that require you to be fluent in a foreign language. Most assignments only require you to be fluent in English, but if you want to take on extra bi-lingual assignments, they are out there. You just have to take a language proficiency exam to qualify for these jobs.

How Much Does Leapforce Pay?

Leapforce seems to want to keep their pay rates a secret! There is no specific information on this when you visit the website, but after combing several forums and blogs, it seems that pretty much everyone is paid around $13-14 per hour.  Payments are sent each month via check and agents are responsible to submit a monthly invoice to Leapforce to lock in payment.  All employees work as independent contractors, which means you are responsible for paying taxes on your earnings.

How to Get a Job With Leapforce

Working for Leapforce requires a few simple steps. First, you fill out a basic application to become an agent. Once that is submitted, you will receive directions to take an exam. This test is broken into two-parts and if you read what other agents are saying online, it sounds hard!

The first test consists of 24 essay questions and the second part includes 150 search results that you will have to evaluate to show that you understand the process and can accurately perform the ratings. Luckily, Leapforce provides you with study materials you can use as you take the exam.  If you pass the test, a representative from Leapforce will contact you by email to interview you or offer you a contract.

Pros of Working for Leapforce

•    Work from home
•    Flexible schedule
•    No expensive equipment
•    Monthly pay and good hourly rates
•    Accredited by the Better Business Bureau

Cons of Working for Leapforce

•    You can only take the exam once.
•    Some agents report that they must do at least 200 tasks per month to stay current with the contract they were offered
•    Jobs can be terminated at any time if your quality suffers

The Bottom Line on Leapforce

So the big question remains: Is Leapforce a scam? After reading tons of information and checking out the information available on their website, it seems that Leapforce is not a scam. This is a legitimate company offering work at home jobs to search engine evaluators.  While this kind of job won’t be the right fit for everyone, there are hundreds of reviews posted online by people who work for Leapforce and enjoy a nice, steady income.

Do you have experience with Leapforce? I’d like to hear from you! Did this company offer you a positive experience or did you decide to move towards other home based job opportunities? You can learn more about the jobs they currently have open by going here.
**Leapforce is now owned by Appen, but the link above will take you to the current openings.

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  1. Kelly Land says:

    Thank you for letting me know!

  2. Leapforce was bought by Appen so they no longer exist which is too bad as i like Leapforce better than Appen & work is identical.

  3. @Rose
    Thanks for the info on Leapforce! I did something similar with Appen Butler Hill. I loved the flexible schedule… but the work was, meh.. at least for me. I only did it for about 6 months – but the paycheck was such a blessing and like I said… it was nice to pick my own hours.

  4. I am a freelance WAHM web developer and occasionally I like to do other work at home deals when business is slow (although in the last two years it has not been slow at all thankfully!) and I worked for Leapforce for about 8 months. I actually really enjoyed it. I guess I made about $800/month off of it. I found the test to be a lot more challenging than the work itself honestly, so those who are daunted by the test, don`t worry too much, you can do it!

  5. @mommyduwal
    VERY Hard. I agree. I took both theirs and Appen Butler Hill and I passed Appen Butler. They were very similar though. I enjoyed the work – but it’s extremely face passed and somewhat stressful with the quality guidelines. However – the pay and flexibility are awesome!!

  6. mommyduwal says:

    Boy are you right about Leapforce Kelly. Their testing is hard. There’s 3 test parts. And they give you a week to study and take the test. But I never could get past the first test. I thought I understood their tests. But they are very nice about it. Good luck to all who try them. You really earn that 13 and hour if you pass…lol.

  7. Just noticing…not that they require it, (not sure on that yet), but they do ask a lot in the app process if you have a gmail account. They seem to prefer it.

  8. Im looking for a real work at home job. Can you help me.

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